Package rpm-build-docs: Information

Source package: rpm-build-docs
Version: 0.4.5-alt11
Build time:  May 18, 2007, 04:35 PM
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License: GPL
Summary: RPM helper macros to rebuild documentation packages
These helper macros provide possibility to rebuild documentation
modules by some Alt Docs Team Policy compatible way.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
rpm-build-docs (noarch)

Maintainer: Kirill Maslinsky

    1. perl-Archive-Tar
    2. perl-Compress-Zlib
    3. perl-HTML-Parser
    4. perl-HTML-Tagset
    5. perl-HTML-Tree
    6. perl-IO-String
    7. perl-IO-Zlib
    8. perl-Template
    9. sgml-tools
    10. xsltproc

Last changed

May 17, 2007 Vitaly A. Ostanin 0.4.5-alt11
- Added dirty hack for build m-k files in utf-8 encoding
April 26, 2007 Vitaly A. Ostanin 0.4.5-alt10
- Construct requires from adt links, rpmquery not used
Dec. 20, 2006 Kirill Maslinsky 0.4.5-alt9
- alttune.xsl removed, use tuning.xsl from alt-docs-xsl-common instead 
  (closes #10459, thanks vyt@)
- tighten requirements (alt-docs-xsl-{common,html} instead of alt-docs-xsl)
- Url updated