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Last updated at Sat, 10 Apr 2021 17:40:50 +0000 | SRPMs: 9785
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Maintainer: Sergey Y. Afonin

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [89]

package versions age Url Summary
alt-gpgkeys 0.7.35-alt1 about 10 years ago ALT GnuPG keys
apcupsd 3.14.9-alt0.M51.1 over 9 years ago Power management software for APC UPS hardware
c-icap 20080706-alt1.1 over 11 years ago ICAP server
clamav 0.98.6-alt0.M51.1 about 6 years ago Clam Antivirus scanner
clusterssh 3.24-alt2 about 12 years ago Run commands on multiple servers over ssh
collectd 4.10.2-alt3.M51.2 about 10 years ago (Multi-)System statistics collection
cyrus-imapd 2.4.12-alt0.M51.1 over 9 years ago A high-performance mail store with IMAP and POP3 support
cyrus-sasl2 2.1.24-alt2.cvs.20090508 over 11 years ago SASL2 is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer
dansguardian over 11 years ago Content filter
etcnet 0.9.10-alt4.M51.1 about 10 years ago /etc/net network configuration system
fping 2.4b2-alt4 about 13 years ago fping - A tool to quickly ping N number of hosts to determine their reachability
ganglia 3.1.7-alt0.M51.1 over 10 years ago Ganglia Distributed Monitoring System
gpsd 2.37-alt1 almost 13 years ago Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS
guile18 1:1.8.7-alt2.1.M51.1 about 10 years ago A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
hal 0.5.13-alt3.M51.1 about 11 years ago Hardware Abstraction Layer
havp 0.91-alt1 over 11 years ago (HTTP Antivirus Proxy) is a proxy with anti-virus scanner
inn 2.4.5-alt2 almost 12 years ago The InterNetNews (INN) system, an Usenet news server
iperf 2.0.4-alt1 over 12 years ago Iperf was developed as a modern alternative for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance
kdebase 3.5.10-alt20.M51.2 over 10 years ago K Desktop Environment - Core files
kdepim 1:3.5.10-alt3 almost 12 years ago K Desktop Environment - Personal Information Management
klamav 0.46-alt1 over 11 years ago KDE frontend for the Clam AntiVirus virus scanner
libeventlog 0.2.9-alt1 about 12 years ago The EventLog library implements a set of functions for handle event records.
libqwt 1:5.2.0-alt5 over 11 years ago 2D plotting widget extension to the Qt GUI
libssh 0.4.2-alt0.M51.1 about 11 years ago C library to authenticate in a simple manner to one or more SSH servers
licq 1.3.9-alt0.M51.1 almost 11 years ago ICQ clone written in C++
lm_sensors3 3.1.1-alt1 almost 12 years ago Hardware Health Monitoring Tools
mailfromd 5.9.91-alt0.20091119.0.M51.7 over 10 years ago Universal flexible smtp data supervisor for Sendmail, MeTA1 and Postfix
mailutils 2.1-alt0.20091105.0.M51.2 about 11 years ago GNU Mailutils
man-pages-ru 0.98-alt19.M50P.1 over 10 years ago Russian translations of OS GNU/*/Linux manpages
mc 4.8.11-alt0.M51.1 over 7 years ago An user-friendly file manager and visual shell
mutt1.5 3:1.5.20-alt2 almost 12 years ago A text mode mail and news user agent
mysql-workbench-gpl 5.2.29-alt0.M51.1 over 10 years ago A MySQL visual database modeling tool
ntop 3.3.8-alt3 over 12 years ago A network traffic probe similar to the UNIX top command
ntp 4.2.4-alt5.p7 almost 12 years ago The Network Time Protocol (NTP)
openldap 2.3.43-alt2.3 over 11 years ago LDAP libraries and sample clients
osec 1.2.4-alt2 over 11 years ago Lightweight file permission checker
otrs 2.4.11-alt1.2 about 9 years ago Open source Ticket Request System
perl-Net-Pcap 0.16-alt2 over 12 years ago A Perl module for libpcap implementation.
python-module-wx over 11 years ago Cross platform GUI toolkit for Python using wxGTK
rpm-build-licenses 2.0.4-alt1 about 10 years ago RPM macros for well-known licenses
rrd 1.2.30-alt1 about 12 years ago RRD - round robin database
sendmail 8.14.4-alt0.M51.1 about 11 years ago A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA)
slang2 2.1.4-alt2 almost 12 years ago The shared library for the S-Lang extension language
syslog-ng 2.1.4-alt0.M51.1 about 10 years ago syslog-ng daemon
usb-modeswitch 1.1.8-alt0.M50P.1 almost 9 years ago usb-modeswitch is a mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" (multiple device) USB gear.
usb-modeswitch-data 20110619-alt2 over 9 years ago Data and udev-rules for usb-modeswitch
viking 0.9.8-alt1 almost 12 years ago GPS data editor and analyzer
wxGTK 2:2.8.10-alt4 over 11 years ago The GTK+ port of the wxWidgets library
xymon 4.3.16-alt0.M51.1 about 7 years ago A system for monitoring servers and networks

The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.