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Maintainer: Denis Smirnov

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [684]

package versions age Url Summary
MAKEDEV 3.3.1-alt20 about 13 years ago A program used for creating the device files in /dev
alterator-asterisk-gateway 0.0.2-alt1 over 11 years ago alterator module for E1<->SIP gateway setup
alterator-asterisk-limits 0.0.1-alt1 over 11 years ago Alterator module for control Asterisk limits
apanel 1.3-alt6 over 12 years ago Fujitsu Lifebook application panel support
appliance 3.0.59-alt0.M51.1 almost 11 years ago Virtual packages for more easy appliance build
apt-conf-mithraen 1.0-alt0.M51.1 almost 11 years ago arepo repository by Denis Smirnov
arepo 1-alt1.1 about 13 years ago biarch repackager for Sisyphus packages
asterisk-base 0.52-alt1 almost 11 years ago User and groups for asterisk-related packages
asterisk-build-hacks 0.0.1-alt2 over 11 years ago Some dirty hacks for Asterisk build
asterisk-op_panel 0.30-alt3 over 11 years ago Flash Operators Panel
asterisk-sounds 1.4.15-alt3 almost 12 years ago sounds for Asterisk
asterisk1.4 1.4.23-alt23.rc3 over 11 years ago Open source PBX
asterisk1.6.2 over 10 years ago Open source PBX
asterisk1.6.2-addons over 10 years ago Asterisk addons
asterisk1.6.2-app_konference 1.4-alt1.M51.2 over 10 years ago Conference module for Asterisk
asterisk1.6.2-chan_datacard 0.53-alt9.M51.10 over 10 years ago Channel driver for Asterisk to use Huawei 3G modem series.
asterisk1.6.2-chan_ss7 1.3.0-alt13.M51.14 over 10 years ago SS7 channel module for Asterisk
asterisk1.6.2-devel-doc 1.6.2-alt6.M51.7 over 10 years ago Asterisk API documentation
astmanproxy 20061015:1.22-alt4.pre.20061015 almost 12 years ago Asterisk manager proxy
backup-manager 0.7.9-alt1 almost 11 years ago Versatile Command Line Backup Tool
bontmia 0.14-alt3 over 12 years ago bontmia (Backup Over Network To Multiple Incremental Archives)
bridge-utils 1.4-alt2 over 12 years ago Utilities for configuring the linux ethernet bridge
cabal-install 0.6.0-alt1 over 12 years ago The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
callweaver 1.2-alt1.svn5593.1 about 11 years ago CallWeaver IP PBX
coldplug 1.5-alt2 over 11 years ago Automaticaly add new strings to /etc/modules
cpan2rpm 2.027-alt4 over 11 years ago cpan2rpm - A Perl module packager
cpio 2.10-alt3 over 11 years ago A GNU archiving program
cronyx 6.1.10-alt1 over 11 years ago Utilites for Cronyx hardware
daemontools 0.76-alt9 over 12 years ago Daemontools by DJB
daemontools-asterisk 0.3-alt1 over 11 years ago Daemontools script for Asterisk
daemontools-astmanproxy 0.1-alt6 almost 12 years ago Daemontools script for Asterisk manager proxy
daemontools-nginx 0.1-alt6 almost 12 years ago Daemontools script for nginx
dahdi-linux over 11 years ago DAHDI drivers for Digium hardware and Asterisk
dahdi-mithraen 0.2-alt1 over 11 years ago Utilites for dahdi drivers
dahdi-tools 2.3.0-alt2 almost 11 years ago DAHDI tools for Digium hardware and Asterisk
dante 1.1.19-alt3 over 12 years ago A free Socks v4/v5 client/server implementation
darcs 2.1.2-alt2 over 12 years ago darcs - David's Advanced Revision Control System
dropbear 0.50-alt3 over 12 years ago Embedded SSH server
dvgrab 3.4-alt2 almost 12 years ago A program to copy Digital Video data from a DV camcorder
etersoft-build-utils 1.9.6-alt0.M51.1 about 10 years ago A set of build rpm utilities
fbpanel 4.12-alt2 almost 12 years ago A lightweight X11 desktop panel
fftw 2.1.5-alt4 over 12 years ago Fast fourier transform library
flow2dot 0.3-alt2 over 12 years ago Generates sequence diagrams from textual descriptions
freehdl 0.0.7-alt3 over 11 years ago VHDL simulator
fstyp 0.1-alt6 over 12 years ago filesystem type identifier
fuse 2.8.2-alt1 about 11 years ago tool for creating virtual filesystems
fuse-encfs 1.5.2-alt7 over 11 years ago Encrypted pass-thru filesystem for Linux
fuse-smb 0.8.7-alt2.M51.1 over 9 years ago SMB filesystem using FUSE - mount network neighbourhood
geeqie 1.0-alt0.beta2 over 11 years ago Graphics file browser utility
graphviz 2.22.2-alt2.2 almost 12 years ago Graphs visualization tools
gsmlib 1.11-alt3.041028 over 12 years ago Library to access GSM mobile phones through GSM modems
gtg 0.1-alt1 about 12 years ago Getting Things Gnome - personal organizer for the GNOME desktop environment
gtk2hs 0.10.0-alt1 about 12 years ago Haskell binding for the GIMP Toolkit (GTK2), a GUI library
gtkwave 3.3.0-alt2 over 11 years ago gtkwave
httptunnel 3.0.5-alt2 over 12 years ago bidirectional virtual data over HTTP-proxy
hylafax 5.2.7-alt4 over 11 years ago HylaFAX(tm) is a sophisticated enterprise strength fax package
i586-glibc-locales 6:2.11.1-alt5 almost 11 years ago The GNU libc locales
iaxmodem 1.1.1-alt2 over 12 years ago IAX software fax modem
iksemel 1.3-alt4 almost 12 years ago iksemel Jabber Library
incron 0.5.9-alt1 over 11 years ago Inotify cron system
is_ve 0.0.1-alt1 over 11 years ago Return '0' if started from OpenVZ VE
junit 1:3.8.2-alt4_7jpp5 over 11 years ago Java regression test package
junit4 0:4.5-alt1_4jpp5 about 12 years ago Java regression test package
kdenlive 0.7.8-alt0.M51.1 over 10 years ago KDE Non Linear Video Editor
libev 3.43-alt1 over 12 years ago libev - an event notification library
libfcgi 2.4.0-alt5 over 11 years ago FastCGI library
libgsm 1.0.10-alt8 over 12 years ago GSM audio encoding/decoding library
libhoard 3.7.1-alt2 over 11 years ago The Hoard Multiprocessor Memory Allocator
libhw 0.2.26-alt1 over 11 years ago The Linux hardware detection and setup library
libilbc 0.6-alt4 over 12 years ago Internet Low Bitrate Codec (iLBC) library
libncursesxx 0.0.1-alt12 over 12 years ago C++ bindings for ncurses library
libopenh323_1.19 over 12 years ago OpenH323 Library
libopenr2 1.2.0-alt2 over 11 years ago MFC/R2 call setup library
libpri 20080502:1.4.8-alt3 over 12 years ago PRI library
libpw1.11 1.11.2-alt0.6cvs20061011 over 11 years ago Portable Windows Libary
libresample 0.1.3-alt2 over 11 years ago real-time resampling library
libs3 1.4-alt1 about 11 years ago C Library and Tools for Amazon S3 Access
libspandsp6 0.0.6-alt0.12.4 over 11 years ago DSP library for VoIP, FAX and T.38 support
libsrtp 1.4.2-alt1 almost 15 years ago Secure Real-time Transport Protocol implementation
libss7 1.0.2-alt2 over 11 years ago SS7 library for Asterisk
libtiff 3.9.5-alt1.M50P.1 over 9 years ago A library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files
lm_sensors3 3.1.1-alt1 almost 12 years ago Hardware Health Monitoring Tools
lynx 2.8.6-alt7.rel.2 almost 12 years ago Text based browser for the world wide web
mISDN 0.1-alt3.20070317 over 12 years ago mISDN library utilites
mathopd 1.5p6-alt1 almost 12 years ago Fast, lightweight, non-forking HTTP server for UN*X systems.
mbuni 1.4.0-alt4 almost 11 years ago Open Source MMS Gateway
mcabber 0.6.4-alt0.1.1.1 over 12 years ago console Jabber client
microcode_ctl 1.17-alt1 almost 14 years ago Intel P6 CPU Microcode Utility
mithraen-agi 0.0.3-alt1 almost 11 years ago Some Asterisk AGI scripts
mithraen-backup-utils 0.1-alt1 over 11 years ago Simple utilites for more easy backup used by Mithraen
mithraen-build-utils 0.1.6-alt1 almost 11 years ago Simple utilites that simplify development to me
mithraen-installer-busybox 1.10.1-alt2 over 11 years ago Busybox build for installer
mithraen-nanospt 0.1-alt2 over 11 years ago Simple script, that I used before spt was wrote
mithraen-pbx 0.2-alt3 over 11 years ago Asterisk fax support scripts
mithraen-scanutils 0.4-alt1 over 12 years ago Simple utility for easy scanning with ADF
mithraen-spt-utils 0.1-alt1 over 11 years ago Simple utilites that simplify distro building to me
mithraen-utils 0.0.4-alt1 over 13 years ago Utilites for SVN
mkimage-profiles-desktop 5.0.0-alt5 almost 12 years ago Profiles for build various distributions ISO images
mlt 0.5.10-alt0.M51.1 over 10 years ago Multimedia framework designed for television broadcasting
mpd 0.15.13-alt0.M51.1 over 10 years ago Music Player Daemon (MPD) allows remote access for playing music and managing playlists.

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.