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  • 1.4.0-alt0.1.pre1.132626.13.M51.46
  • 1.4.0-alt0.1.pre1.132626.11
Group :: System/Kernel and hardware
Source RPM: kernel-modules-kqemu-ovz-rhel

2016-10-31 Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy 1.4.0-alt0.1.pre1.132626.13.M51.46

    - Build for kernel-image-ovz-rhel-2.6.18-alt13.M51.46.

2008-10-06 Michail Yakushin 1.4.0-alt0.1.pre1


2007-02-25 Sergey Vlasov 1.3.0-alt0.1.pre11

    - 1.3.0pre11.
    - Fixed Version/Release format (Epoch not added - broken versions never were
      in Sisyphus).
    - Source to set GCC_VERSION appropriately.
    - Removed "-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fno-stack-protector" workarounds (not needed
      for 1.3.0pre11).
    - Removed %configure macro usage (the kqemu configure script does not come
      from GNU autoconf).
    - Added Requires: kqemu-common (this package contains documentation and
      support files to handle module loading and /dev/kqemu permissions).

2007-02-06 Michael Shigorin 1.3.0pre10-alt0.1

    - NMU: 1.3.0pre10 for 2.6.18-std-smp-alt3
    - License: changed to GPL
    - fix build fix
    - fix build with gcc4.1 (-fno-stack-protector, see also #10178)
    - spec macro abuse and ancient kernel related cleanups

2007-01-29 Sergey Vlasov 0.7.2-alt5

    - Removed unneeded "Prereq: modutils".

2007-01-01 Michael Shigorin 1.3.0pre9-alt2

    - built for 2.6.18-std-smp-alt3

2006-10-10 Andrey Khavryuchenko 1.3.0pre9-alt1

    - Updated version

2006-03-12 Sergey Vlasov 0.7.2-alt4

    - Added:
      + kqemu-0.7.2-alt-page_to_pfn.patch: fix compilation with 2.6.16 on x86_64
        (page_to_pfn() macro was converted to a function, which broke the #ifndef
        test for it).

2005-12-25 Sergey Vlasov 0.7.2-alt3

    - Added Provides and Requires needed for correct upgrades.
    - Added support for 2.4.x kernels.

2005-09-22 Kachalov Anton 0.7.2-alt2

    - 0.7.2

2005-08-04 Kachalov Anton

    - 0.7.1
    - added x86_64 support

2005-07-26 Sergey Vlasov 0.6.2-alt2

    - fixed packager (workaround for stupid sisyphus_check)

2005-07-14 Kachalov Anton 0.6.2-alt1

    - added to kernel-cvs

2005-05-20 Kachalov Anton 0.6.2-alt1

    - first build
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.