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Sisyphus: 4:8.1.26-alt1
p8: 4:8.0.711-alt0.M80P.4
p7: 4:7.3.353-alt2
t7: 4:7.3.353-alt2
Platform6: 4:7.3.244-alt1
t6: 4:7.3.244-alt1
Platform5: 4:7.2.262-alt1
5.1: 4:7.2.262-alt1

Group :: Editors
Source RPM: vim

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2009-09-23 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.262-alt1

    - Official patches (262)
    - syntax/spec.vim: %undefine is directive, %nil is global macro
    (reported by thresh@)

2009-09-09 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.245-alt1

    - Official patches (245)
    - Packaged README_patches.txt from
    - syntax/spec.vim: add %check section

2009-07-17 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.234-alt1

    - Official patches (234)
    + cannot debug problems with being in a wrong directory
    + it is not possible to ignore file names without a suffix
    - syntax/spec.vim:
    + fixed -abc option syntax for %setup and %patch
    + do not highlight certain macros that starts with double underscore
    as Error

2009-07-12 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.228-alt1

    - Official patches (228)
    + (after 7.2.215) BufEnter "cd" autocommand causes problems
    + X cut_buffer0 text may be used in the wrong encoding
    + ":mksession" doesn't work properly with 'acd' set
    + a script run with ":silent" cannot give any messages
    + when using ":normal" a saved character may be executed
    + when using ":cd" in a script there is no way to track this
    + cscope is limited to 8 connections
    - syntax/spec.vim:
    + highlight "autoreconf" macro as specDirective
    + higlight Tab and trailing whitespaces as Error in %description and
    %changelog sections
    + highlight characters after column g:spec_textarea_width (defaults to 72)
    as Error in %description and %changelog sections

2009-06-26 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.218-alt1

    - Official patches (218)
    + if no ctags program found, "make tags" executes first C file
    + crash with specific use of function calls
    + possible hang for deleting auto-indent
    + the register executed by @@ isn't stored in viminfo
    + leaking memory for the command Vim was started with
    + cannot copy/paste HTML to/from Firefox via the clipboard
    + BufWipeout autocmd that edits another buffer causes problems
    + using current window to work on hidden buffer has side effects
    + "set novice" gives an error message, it should be ignored
    + warning for file changed outside of vim even after :checktime
    + memory leak when expanding a series of file names
    - syntax/spec.vim: rewritten from scratch
    - syntax/perl.vim: support for s||| and s,,, (closes: #19708)

2009-05-03 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.166-alt1

    - Official patches (166)
    + ":hist a" doesn't work like ":hist all" as the docs suggest
    + "silent echo x" inside ":redir" leaves cursor halfway the line
    + (after 7.2.132) can still do ":cd" in SwapExists autocmd
    + no completion for :scscope and :lcscope commands
    + folds messed up in other tab page
    + the quickfix window may get the wrong filetype
    + the command line window may get folding
    + when 'showbreak' is set wrong Visual block size reported
    + FuncUndefined autocmd event argument is expanded like filename
    + no completion for ":sign" command

2009-04-13 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 4:7.2.148-alt2

    - Fix filetrigger interpreter

2009-04-05 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.148-alt1

    - Official patches (148)
    + using wrong cursor highlighting after clearing 'keymap'
    + accessing freed memory when changing dir in SwapExists autocmd
    + ":diffoff!" changes settings in windows not in diff mode
    + memory leak when redefining user command with complete arg
    + (after 7.2.132) ":cd" still possible in SwapExists autocmd
    + wrong left shift of blockwise selection in tab when 've' set
    + crash when 'virtualedit' is "all"
    + diff highlighting missing if Visual area starts at cursor pos
    + fixing bold spill redraws too many characters
    + no command line completion for ":cscope" command
    + colorscheme is reloaded when 't_Co' is set to the same value
    + v:warningmsg isn't used for all warnings
    + cursor in wrong position after Tab for small version
    + highlighting a character after the line doesn't always work
    - Set 'is_posix' for syntax/sh.vim (closes: #19296)
    - xxd utility moved to separate package
    - vim-common package made noarch

2009-03-04 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.130-alt1

    - Official patches (130)
    + 'langmap' does not work for multi-byte characters
    + selection unclear for Visual block mode with 'cursorcolumn'
    + cursor invisible in first col in Visual mode if 'number' set
    + crash when using submatch() in substitute()
    + location list incorrectly labelled "Quickfix List"
    + at the more prompt only does half a page
    + status line is redrawn too often
    + location list is copied and then deleted when opening window
    + can't stop output of "!grep a *.c" in gvim with CTRL-C
    + invalid mem access if VimResized autocmd changes screen size
    + ":map" output continues after typing 'q' at more prompt
    + ":tselect" output continues after typing 'q' at more prompt
    + leaking memory when reading XPM bitmap for a sign
    + get another more prompt after typing 'q'
    + (after 7.2.055) ":lcd" causes invalid session file
    + opening command window from input() uses the search history
    + Vim may haing until CTRL-C is typed when using CTRL-Z
    - Dropped multibyte langmap patch (implemented in upstream)

2009-02-18 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.108-alt1

    - Official patches (108)
    + using "r" and then CTRL-C Visual highlighting is not removed
    + after ":number" "Press Enter" msg may be on the wrong screen
    + "!xterm&" doesn't work when 'shell' is "bash"
    + unnecessary redraw when changing GUI options in terminal
    + missing first three bytes on sourced FIFO
    + tab page line isn't always updated, e.g. when 'bomb' is set
    + after ":saveas foo" the tab label isn't updated right away
    + modeline setting for 'foldmethod' overrules diff options
    + endless loop for "]s" in HTML when there are no misspellings
    + After a GUI dialog ":echo" messages are deleted

2009-02-01 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.093-alt1

    - Official patches (093)
    + problems with deleting folds
    + "killed" netbeans events are not handled correctly
    + accessing wrong memory with completion and composing char
    + if 'ff' is "mac" then "ga" on a ^J shows 0x0d instead of 0x0a
    + ":tag" doesn't return to the right tag entry in the tag stack
    + Python: vim.eval() is wrong for recursive structures
    + ":set =b" does not work when 'encoding' is utf-8
    + using ":diffget 1" in buffer 1 corrupts the text
    + adding URL to 'path' doesn't work to edit a file
    + user command containing 0x80 does not work properly
    + ":cs help" output is not aligned for some languages
    + some error messages are not translated
    + (extra) dialogs can't always handle multi-byte text
    - Fix python search path on x86_64 (closes: #18377)

2009-01-06 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.077-alt1

    - Official patches (077)
    + (after 7.2.076) rename() fails if names differ only in case
    + problems with deleting folds

2008-12-25 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.075-alt1

    - Official patches (075)
    + the Python interface has an empty entry in sys.path
    + wrong check for filling buffer with encoding
    + using -nb while it is not supported makes other side hang
    + v:count and v:prevcount are not set correctly
    + can't avoid 'wig' and 'suffixes' for glob() and globpath()
    + synIDattr() doesn't support "sp" for special color
    + crash when using WorkShop command ":ws foo"
    + diff is not always displayed properly
    + spell checking doesn't work well for compound words
    + creating funcref requires loading the autoload script first
    + "[Scratch]" is not translated
    + repeating "~" on a Visual block doesn't always update screen
    + GTK GUI: cursor disappears doing ":vsp" when maximized
    + not easy to check if 'encoding' is a multi-byte encoding
    + can't load sesison extra file when it contains special chars
    + error when Emacs tags file line is too long
    + crash when a function returns a:000
    + ":set " has the same output as ":set "
    - Don't update help index when $RPM_INSTALL_NAME is set
    - Macros moved to %_rpmmacrosdir
    - Eliminated %__macro abuse

2008-12-13 Kirill A. Shutemov <kas at> 4:7.2.042-alt1.1

    - NMU:
    + Compile vim-enhanced with X11 support (closes: #18055)
    + Drop unneeded triggers and post/preun

2008-11-16 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.042-alt1

    - Official patches (042)
    + can use cscope commands in the sandbox, might not be safe
    + no completion for ":doautoall" like for ":doautocmd"
    + file names from viminfo are not available to the user
    + using "ucs-2le" for two-byte BOM, but text might be "utf-16le"
    + memory leak in spell info when deleting a buffer
    + ":e ++ff=dos foo" gets "unix" 'ff' when CR before NL missing
    + diff messed up when editing a diff buffer in another tab page
    + restoring view in autocmd sometimes doesn't work completely
    - Removed obsolete update_menus calls
    - Packaged filetrigger for updating help indicies
    - %update_vimhelp/%clean_vimhelp macros made obsolete
    - Pacgaged files.req.list with common subdirs

2008-11-01 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.026-alt1

    - Official patches (026)
    + (after 7.2.010) 'K' uses the rest of the line (closes: #17660)

2008-10-03 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.025-alt1

    - Official patches (025)
    + wrong window count when using :bunload in a BufHidden autocmd
    + "K" in Visual mode does not properly escape all characters
    + error when inserting a float value from expression register
    + hang when waiting for X selection, consuming lots of CPU time
    + synstack() doesn't work in an emptly line
    + X11: strlen() used wrongly, pasting very big selection fails
    + completion and exists() don't work for ":noautocmd"
    + getting full file name when executing autocmds may be slow
    + 'cursorcolumn' wrong in a closed fold when display is shifted
    + 'history' can be made negative, causes out-of-memory error
    + a CursorHold event that invokes system() is retriggered

2008-08-27 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2.006-alt1

    - Official patches (006)
    + leaking memory when displaying menus
    + typo in translated message, message not translated
    + Cscope help message is not translated
    + HTML files are not recognized by contents
    - Removed non-non-latin symbols from langmaps (closes: #16907)

2008-08-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2-alt2

    - Added missing Serial to rpm-build-vim Privides/Obsoletes

2008-08-12 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.2-alt1

    - [7.2]
    - vim-devel renamed to rpm-build-vim
    - Applied langmapmb patch by Konstantin Korikov ('langmap' support
    in UTF-8 locales)
    - Added Ukrainian langmaps (led@)
    - Added "/media" to list of removable locations in 'viminfo'

2008-07-10 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.330-alt1

    - Official patches (330)
    + when 'cscopetag' is set ":tag" gives an error message
    + illegal memory access when pasting illegal utf-8 on cmd line
    + can't get start of Visual area in an mapping
    + editing a command line that doesn't fit reverses char order
    + ":smagic!from!to!" doesn't work, it sees the "!" as a flag
    + right halve of double-wide char under popup menu not redrawn
    + reading uninitialized memory when using Del in replace mode

2008-06-18 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.315-alt1

    - Fixed handling of special characters in file names which could
    lead to arbitrary VimL code execution
    - Official patches (315)
    + leaking memory when executing a shell command
    + vimtutor only works with vim, not gvim
    + wrong parenmatch highlighting after search/replace dialog
    + filetype detection fails for file name with special characters
    + value of asmsyntax argument isn't checked for valid characters
    + "File/Save" menu in Insert mode doesn't update tab page label
    + shortpath_for_invalid_fname() is too complex and wrong
    + can't edit compressed file with special characters in the name
    + some Unicode symbol chars are handled like word chars
    + when in readonly mode ":options" produces an error
    + incomplete utf-8 byte sequence at end of the file not detected
    + status and tile not updated when using netbeans setModified
    + 'pastetoggle' is written to the session file without escaping
    + crash with specific search pattern using look-behind match
    - Updated plugins:
    + vimball (27)
    + netrw (125)
    + tar (17a)
    + getscript (31a)
    - Documented -p option in russian man (closes: #11987)

2008-04-14 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.293-alt1

    - Official patches (293)
    + (after 7.1.103) "w" at end of buffer moves cursor too far
    + crash when reversing a list after using it
    + reading unwritten bytes when spell checking with large indent
    + when using a pattern with "\@<=" the submatches can be wrong
    + spell checking considers super/subscript chars as word chars
    - Call %clean_menus in %postun, not %preun

2008-03-31 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.285-alt1

    - Official patches (285)
    + always shows "+" at end of screen line with 'cursurline'
    + matchparen plugin has an arbitrary line number limit
    + ":?foo?" matches in current line since patch 7.1.025
    + in tiny version ":!touch %" causes curbuf to be wrong
    + buffer name [Location List] not used for buffer in other tab
    + "gw" uses 'formatexpr', even though the docs say it doesn't
    + default for 'paragraphs' misses some items
    + when using cscope temporary files are left behind
    + (after 7.1.279) Vim hangs when cscope doesn't exit

2008-03-07 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.267-alt1

    - Official patches (267)
    + (after 7.1.240) "U" doesn't work on all text in Visual mode
    + GUI may have part of the command line cut off
    + pressing CTRL-\ three times causes Vim to quit
    + Netbeans: backspacing in Insert mode may skip a character
    + can't set the '" mark; can't know if setpos() was successful
    + after "U" the cursor can be past end of line
    + error for ":setglobal fenc=anything" when 'modifiable' is off
    + ":sort" doesn't work in a one line file
    + Vim doesn't support utf-32
    + findfile() also returns directories
    + crash when doing "d/\n/e" and 'virtualedit' is "all"
    + cursor in wrong place with 'rl', "utf-8" and illegal byte
    + cursor position wrong after ^@ wrapping halfway if using utf-8
    + for a 2 byte BOM UCS-2 is used, which doesn't work for UTF-16
    + can't get the process ID of Vim
    + filetype with dot doesn't work for indent plugins
    + crash when C-indenting
    + hang when completing file name and space in 'isfname'
    + version string returned by terminal may be used as typed input
    + when changing folds cursor may be positioned in a wrong place

2008-01-31 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.242-alt1

    - Official patches (242)
    + can't get the operator in an ":omap"
    + netbeans: "remove" cannot delete one line
    + GTK GUI: when using the netrw plugin ":gui" causes a hang
    + listing mapping for 0xdb fails when 'encoding' is utf-8
    + matchparen plugin may take so long it looks like Vim hangs
    + aborting ":tabedit" from the ATTENTION dialog leaves tab open
    + ":1s/g\n\zs1//" deletes characters from the first line
    + it's difficult to figure out the nesting of syntax items
    + variants of --remote-tab are not mentioned for "vim --help"
    + syntax region without "keepend" could be truncated
    + (after 7.1.215) synstack() doesn't work for one char region
    + cursor may end up on trail byte after ")"
    + when inserting a "(" the following highlighting may be wrong
    + (after 7.1.217) wildcards of ":helptags" are not expanded
    + glob() doesn't handle "'" when 'shell' is "sh" or "bash"
    + "vim -F -o one two" sets 'rightleft' in one window only
    + command line completion fails for a file name with a '&' char
    + hang in syntax HL when moving over a ")"
    + with 'foldmethod' "indent" fold can't be closed after "3>>"
    + a fold is closed when backspacing in Insert mode
    + memory leak when executing SourceCmd autocommands
    + when shifting lines the change is acted upon multiple times
    + crash with Insert mode completion for a user defined command
    + display problems when diff'ing three files
    + pattern matching is slow when using a lot of simple patterns
    + hang when using complicated pattern and 'hlsearch' or ":match"
    + searchpair() may fail when using 'c' or 'r' flag
    + "gUe" may stop before the end of the word
    + focus change events not always ignored
    + "cib" doesn't work properly on "(x)"
    - vimtutor manpage moved to vimtutor package (closes: #13915)
    - %lang'ified non-english tutors

2008-01-05 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.203-alt1

    - Official patches (203)
    + "%" doesn't work on "/* comment *//* comment */"
    + regexp patterns are not sufficiently tested
    + with tab pages and an argument list session file may be wrong
    + Internal error for ":echo matchstr('a', 'a\%[\&]')"
    + crash when deleting backwards over a line break in Insert mode
    + "gR" and then BS doesn't work properly with multi-byte chars
    + "expand('')" returns a bogus value after ":cd dir"
    + cursor after end-of-line: "iA sentence.)"
    + CTRL-C doesn't stop duplicating text for "s" in Visual block
    + some of the Vim 5.x digraphs could be supported
    + Unix: ":echo glob('~/{}')" results in "/home/user//"
    + '0 mark doesn't work for "~/foo ~ foo"
    + hang when using ":s/\n//gn"
    + can't do command line completion for a file name extension
    + when reading stdin 'fenc' and 'ff' are not set
    + incomplete utf-8 byte sequence is not checked for validity
    + if 'virtualedit' is "onemore" then ":normal 99|" is not right

2007-12-23 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.175-alt1

    - Official patches (175)
    + :" in Ex mode at end of file results in an error message
    + getting/losing focus may cause hit-enter prompt to be redrawn
    + crash when using a modifier before "while" or "for"
    + warning for the unknown option 'bufsecret'
    + crash related to getting X window ID
    + memory leak when using "gp" in Visual mode
    + xxd crashes when using "xxd -b -c 110"
    + if 'buftype' is "acwrite" Vim still does overwrite check
    + accessing freed memory when using "\%^" pattern
    + doesn't work with some combination of option settings
    - Fixed linking with libtcl on 64-bit architectures (sbolshakov@)

2007-11-11 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.155-alt1

    - Official patches (155)
    + GTK: can't use negative offset with -geom argument
    + ":redir @A>" doesn't work
    + uninitialized memory read when diffing three files
    + after ":diffup" cursor can be in the wrong position
    + stay in Insert completion mode depending on the char typed
    + (after 7.1.127) freeing memory twice completing user name
    + completion menu messed up when using the scroll bar
    + Visual mode "p" doesn't work when 'clipboard' has "unnamed"
    + lalloc(0) error for line completion with 'ic' and 'inf' set
    + display problem when 'hls' and 'cursorcolumn' are set
    + crash when 'undolevels' is 0 and repeating "udd"

2007-10-15 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.140-alt1

    - Official patches (140)
    + Perl: Msg() doesn't stop when "q" is typed at the more prompt
    + fold truncated when ending Insert mode with CTRL-C
    + v:count can't be used in an expression mapping
    - Enable largefile support in -minimal and -console (don't depend
    on Perl and TCL interps)

2007-10-08 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.137-alt1

    - Official patches (137)
    + ":mksession" always adds ":setlocal autoread"
    + getpos("'>") may return < 0 for a Linewise selection
    + memory leak when using Ruby syntax highlighting

2007-10-02 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.130-alt1

    - Official patches (130)
    + (extra) ":vimgrep */*" doesn't work if autocmd changes dir
    + memory leak when doing completing
    + crash with some combination of undo and redo

2007-09-30 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.125-alt1

    - Official patches (125)
    + can't check wether Vim was compiled with Gnome
    + crash after setting 'cmdheight' to huge value
    + ":cd %:h" fails when editing file in current directory
    + the TermResponse autocommand event is not always triggered
    - Filter out non-UNIX and compile-time entries from changelog

2007-09-22 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.116-alt1

    - Official patches (116)
    + autocmmand for focus events may cause problems
    + reading past end of a string when resizing Vim
    + "setlocal stl=%!expr" doesn't work
    + ":call s:var()" doesn't work if "s:var" is a Funcref
    + ":mkvimrc" doesn't work properly when 'paste' or 'keymap' set
    + Ruby: The Buffer.line= method does not work
    + Perl interface doesn't compile with new version of Perl
    + "dw" past end of last line deletes a character
    + (after 7.1.095) when 'lazyredraw' set redraw may be postponed
    + internal error when using "0 ? {'a': 1} : {}"
    + ":messages" doesn't quit listing on ":"
    + Visual block mode "s" that auto-indents fails in other lines
    + GTK GUI: click on arrow left of tab
    + after ":vimgrep /pat/j *" folds can be wrong
    + using input() with a wrong argument may crash Vim
    + map() on an empty list causes memory to be freed twice
    + memory leak in getmatches()
    + can't display characters above 0x10000

2007-09-04 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.094-alt1

    - Official patches (094)
    + (extra) window position wrong when using ":winpos"
    + when listing variables text of command is not cleared
    + read past end of screen line when checking for double width
    + using wrong buffer to check if syntax HL is present
    - Recognize ash and dash scripts as shell-script

2007-08-22 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.087-alt1

    - Official patches (087)
    + GTK GUI: confirm() dialog has a default button when not wanted
    + (after 7.1.062) crash when 'preserveindent' is set
    + crash when using string() on a recursively nested List
    + ":let v:statusmsg" reads memory already freed
    + a couple more strcpy() with overlapping arguments
    + dropping file name on gvim containing CSI byte doesn't work
    + "@" character in 'isfname' doesn't pick up umlauts for latin1
    + completion doesn't work after ":!cat

2007-08-12 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.068-alt1

    - Official patches (068)
    + using strcpy() with arguments that overlap
    + scrolling back at more prompt doesn't work properly
    + CursorHold causes problems for Normal and Visual mode commands
    + completion menu doesn't work properly when 'righleft' is set
    + in Ex mode "g/^/vi" and pressing CTRL-C: Vim hangs and beeps
    + splitting quickfix window messes up window layout
    + with latin1 'ignorecase' doesn't work for umlauts
    + (after 7.0.038) C comment indent can be wrong
    + when 'bomb' is changed the file should be considered modified
    + 'infercase' doesn't work for thesaurus completion
    + 'equalalways' equalizes windows too often

2007-08-06 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.054-alt1

    - Official patches (054)
    + accessing uninitialized memory when finding spell suggestions
    + when creating a new match not all fields are initialized
    + reading uninitialized memory when updating command line
    + accessing uninitialized memory when displaying the fold column

2007-08-04 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.050-alt1

    - Official patches (050)
    + buffer marked modified after ":bdel" and ":next"
    + after ":s/./&/#" all listed lines have a line number
    + add "none" to completion of ":echohl" and ":match"
    + using strcpy() for an overlapping string
    + 'preseveindent' doesn't always work when 'et' is set
    + weird help-tags tag in docs file may make cause a crash
    + ":match" only supports three matches
    + in Ex mode using CTRL-D twice may cause a crash
    + in Insert mode 0 CTRL-T deletes all indent
    + double screen redraw in some situations
    + ":s/.*/&/" deletes composing characters
    + wrong argument for vim_regcomp()
    + paren highlighting is not updated after scrolling
    + can't compile with GTK2 when using hangul input feature
    + possible crash in C++ indenting

2007-07-23 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.032-alt1

    - Official patches (032)
    + when setting 'keymap' twice b:keymap_name variable isn't set
    + "dw" in a line with one character deletes the line
    + using a pointer that may have become invalid
    + search('pat', 'bc) doesn't find word under cursor at BOL
    + "[p" doesn't work in Visual mode
    + ":sort" does nothing special with empty search pattern
    + (after 7.1.019) can't compile when all interfaces are used
    + vimtutor shell script checks for "vim6" but not for "vim7"
    + virtcol([123, '$']) doesn't work
    + possible crash when doing completion on the command line

2007-07-05 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.020-alt1

    - Official patches (020)
    + ":syn include" only loads the first file
    + crash in C-indenting
    + MzScheme interface doesn't build on Mac; init problem
    + (after 7.1.012) error message when using ":cwindow"
    + ":confirm w" does not give a prompt when file is read-only
    + "p" at end of line doesn't work right when 've' is set
    + ":python" doesn't mention the command is not implemented
    + reading uninitialized memory when using a dialog

2007-06-26 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.012-alt1

    - Official patches (012)
    + crash when editing a directory
    + "cit" used on deletes
    + when reading from stdin 'modified' can't be reset in autocmd
    + getfsize() returns an invalid number for very big files
    + diff mode: tab to spaces change not highlighted correctly
    + Gnome: tab pages are not included in the saved session
    + buffer overflow when $VIMRUNTIME is very long
    + ":let &tw = 'asdf'" does not give an error message

2007-05-16 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.002-alt1

    - Official patches (002)
    + can't build with Gnome GUI
    + Oracle Pro*C/C++ files are not detected

2007-05-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1-alt1

    - [7.1]

2007-05-10 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.1.000.a.001-alt1

    - [7.1a.001]

2007-04-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.224-alt2

    - Removed Conflicts to vim-common in vim-mininal due to apt dry-run breakage

2007-04-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.224-alt1

    - Official patches (224), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20070416)

2007-03-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.218-alt1

    - Official patches (218), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20070317)
    - Fixed crash in dictionary function, patch from OpenSUSE (closes: #10911)

2007-02-22 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.201-alt1

    - Official patches (201), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20070220)
    - Allow quoted arguments in lilo.conf for root=, image=, etc...
    - Exclude-patterns for 'bsk' and 'wig' options, prefix pattern
    with '!' and get false match

2007-01-23 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.188-alt1

    - Official patches (188), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20070118)
    - Prevent "make install" from running strip

2007-01-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.182-alt1

    - Official patches (182), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20070108)

2006-12-12 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.178-alt1

    - Official patches (178), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20061128)

2006-11-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.162-alt1

    - Official patches (162), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20061112)

2006-10-21 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.146-alt1

    - Official patches (146), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20061018)
    - Patch for 'eightbitmeta' option. If unset, assume that Alt+Key
    sends "Key" sequence. Unset it by default.

2006-10-10 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.122-alt1

    - Official patches (122), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20061009)

2006-10-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.121-alt1

    - Official patches (121), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20060927)

2006-09-16 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.109-alt1

    - Official patches (109), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Updated vim-devel build-dep recomendation for use with gear(1)

2006-09-11 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.099-alt1

    - Official patches (099), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - Runtime files updated from (20060910)
    - Build -console with "big" features instead of "huge"
    - Disabled GUIs:
    + athena
    + gtk1
    + motif

2006-09-02 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.081-alt1

    - Official patches (081), see README_patches.txt for more info
    - ALT-specific filetypes moved to ftdetect/00-altlinux.vim (also
    call ftdetect/*.vim before falling back to "conf" filetype):
    + mutt tempfile
    + postfix aliases
    + bind configuration and zones
    + apache/apache2 configuration
    + tcb's shadow
    - Removed patches:
    + alt-mutt-tempfile-filetype, alt-named-filetype - moved to
    + alt-perl56 - obsolete
    + alt-tmpdir - obsolete
    + man-path - obsolete
    + langfont, vim_gvimrc, vim_vimrc - already in /etc/vim/*rc
    - Runtime files updated from (20060824)
    - Updated Provides/Obsoletes for bundled plugins
    - Do not edit feature.h, add -D... to CFLAGS
    - Removed obsolete tcl/python/gcc h4x0r substs
    - Versioned tcl and python builddeps

2006-08-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.051-alt1

    - Official patches (051)
    + "%!" at start of 'statusline' didn't work
    + Perl: changing a line in a non-current buffer may not work
    + (extra) Win32: MSVC 2005 compiler warnings for OLE version
    + the matchparen plugin didn't handle parens in single quotes
    + the exit status of the configure script can be wrong
    + the gzip plugin can't handle file names that have a paren
    + some Tcl scripts are not recognized
    + can't properly close a buffer through the NetBeans interface
    + (after 7.0.44) compile and/or run problem with Perl interface

2006-07-26 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.042-alt1

    - Official patches (042)
    + mouse selection with "z=" and inputlist() gets wrong entry
    + cursor([1, 2]) failed, required third item in the list
    + crash or hang when pasting a block in Insert mode

2006-07-22 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.039-alt1

    - Official patches (039)
    + can't compile with small features and syntax HL
    + crash when resizing Vim window when a line doesn't fit
    + complete() can be used from expr. mapping after inserting text
    + third argument for inputdialog() doesn't work in the console
    - Runtime files updated from (20060716)

2006-06-29 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.035-alt1

    - Official patches (035)
    + VMS: plugins are not loaded on startup
    + crash for "VjA789" and repeating
    + GUI: crash when using 'mousefocus'
    + crash when using "\\[" and "\\]" in 'errorformat
    + Ruby: buffer.append() could append to the wrong buffer
    + crash after Insert mode completion without matches
    + it is possible to set arbitrary v: variables
    + crash when deleting an item from a:000
    + Unix: when using libcall() and old error may be shown
    + (extra) Win32: hang on exit when compiled with SNiFF+
    + (extra) OS/2: compilation problem
    + cursor position may be wrong when using getchar()
    + the ":compiler" command can't be used in a FileChangedRO event
    + after deleting a buffer its Select mode mappings remain
    + (extra, after 7.0.027) missing semicolon
    + pasting after autoindent removes the indent
    + repeating completion was wrong after typing text or using BS
    + repeating Insert mode completion doesn't work properly
    - Runtime files updated from (20060627)
    - Removed vi.1 and rvi.1 manpages (conflicts with tr00 vee klonez)
    - Added gvim-UI -> vim-UI links for all versions with GUI

2006-05-14 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.017-alt1

    - Official patches (017)
    + Insert mode completion: CTRL-L jumped back to original text
    + Motif: doesn't compile with Motif 1.2 and earlier
    + Athena: type casts for lvalues
    + recognize encodings "mac-roman", "dec-mcs" and "hp-roman8"
    + Motif: doesn't link with Motif 1.2 and earlier

2006-05-12 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.012-alt1

    - Official patches (012)
    + can't compile with eval feature without folding feature
    + matchparen plugin changed cursor column in Insert mode
    - gcc 4.1 fixes

2006-05-10 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.010-alt1

    - Official patches (010)
    + C omni complete has problem with % and # in tags file path
    + GUI: click in tab pages label may warp mouse pointer
    + Compiler warning for debug_saved used before set
    + (extra) Win32: uninstall didn't delete spell and autoload dirs
    + Mac: "make shadow" didn't link infplist.xml
    + AIX: compiling failed for message.c
    + Can't call a function that uses both and {expr}
    + ml_get errors when 'spell' is set
    + spellfile plugin required typing login name and password

2006-05-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0.001-alt1

    - Official patches (001)
    + 'spellsuggest' could not be added to

2006-05-07 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0-alt1

    - [7.0]

2006-05-01 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0-alt0.1.g

    - [7.0g]
    - Set 'named' filetype for /var/lib/bind/etc/* (closes: #9496)

2006-04-25 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0-alt0.1.f

    - [7.0f]

2006-04-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0-alt0.1.e

    - [7.0e]

2006-04-12 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0-alt0.1.d

    - [7.0d]

2006-03-29 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:7.0-alt0.1.c01.cvs20060327

    - CVS snapshot 20060327 (7.0c01)
    - GNOME2 GUI support
    - New alternatives weights:
    + vim:
    - X11: 50
    - enhanced: 40
    - console: 35
    + vim-X11:
    - gtk2: 50
    - gtk: 40
    - motif: 30
    - neXtaw: 25
    - athena: 20
    - gnome2: 10
    - Added desktop file to vim-X11 package
    - Removed menu-file from -X11 (menu >= 2.1.25-alt4 can use desktop files)
    - Moved vimtutor to separate package
    - New package -spell-source - Vim patches for creating dictionaries
    - vim-common now provides vimspell-interface with internal vimspell version
    - Changed Requires to Conflicts in vim-devel to vim-common
    - Updated rpm macros:
    + Added %vim_spell_dir
    + Added %vim_spell_source_dir
    + Added %mkvispell
    + Added %vimspell_version
    + Removed %vim_bitmaps_dir
    - README.ALT updated:
    + /colors recomended type changed to "colorscheme"
    + Added note about buldrequres to vim-console/enhanced
    + Documented new macros and vim-spell-?? packaging
    - Fix %_*iconsdir mess
    - Sanitized filelist in %_datadir/vim
    - Added more icons to vim-X11 package
    - Buildreqs updated for Xorg7

2006-02-20 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.4.007-alt1

    - Official patches (007)
    + truncating message may write before buffer
    + ":argedit", "argdel" and ":argadd" used count argument
    + Unix: crash when expanding backticks
    - Buildreqs updated for Xorg7

2005-12-02 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.4.004-alt1

    - Official patches (004)
    + (extra) Win32: can't compile the global IME code
    + Unix: may change owner of wrong file in rare cases
    + (after 6.4.002) build problem on non-Unix system
    + "go" doesn't work correctly when 'virtualedit' is set

2005-10-18 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.4-alt1

    - [6.4] (bugfix release)

2005-07-30 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.086-alt1

    - Official patches (086)
    + syntax highlighting wrong after unloading another buffer
    + crash when using Cscope interface with very long result
    + (extra) VMS: character after ESC not handled correctly
    + (extra, after 6.3.077) VMS: performance issue
    + crash after executing a command in the command-line window
    + (extra) Win32: edit fails when 'enc' is utf-8 and Chinese cp
    + glob() may execute shell command unexpectedly
    + (after 6.3.081) more generic solution to avoid shell commands
    + VMS: add function keys to vt320 termcap entry
    + (extra) Cygwin: update src makefile and add src/po makefile
    + crash in syntax highlighting
    + (extra) Russian translation has a few mistakes

2005-05-25 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.074-alt1

    - Official patches (074)
    + when converting text with illegal characters Vim may crash
    + crash when 'number' set and with a vertical split
    + CTRL-X message sticks after error for completion
    + crash for substitute message when using UTF-8 and Chinese
    + Win32 GUI: display errors when scrolling up/down
    + with 'insertmode' CTRL-V after Select mode doesn't work

2005-04-04 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.068-alt1.1

    - Fixed vim-console post-sripts

2005-03-30 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.068-alt1

    - Official patches (068)
    - Fixed vim-console alternatives

2005-03-23 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.067-alt1

    - Official patches (067)
    - New package -console - full version without interpreters (closes: #6270)

2005-03-14 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.064-alt1.1

    - Really removed summary/description translations

2005-03-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.064-alt1

    - Official patches (064)
    - Rebuilt with python 2.4
    - Removed summary and description translations (use specspo :-)

2005-01-15 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.057-alt1

    - Official patches (057)

2004-12-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.045-alt1

    - Official patches (045)

2004-12-07 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.042-alt1

    - Official patches (042)

2004-11-18 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.031-alt1.1

    - Removed libelf from build requires

2004-11-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.031-alt1

    - Official patches (031)
    - Added FAQ in vimhelp format (closes: #5515)

2004-10-05 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.028-alt2

    - Enabled python, dynamic link

2004-09-19 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.028-alt1

    - Official patches (028)
    - Do not put online docs in %_docdir (closes: #5226)
    - Keep "tags" file as-is

2004-09-06 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.025-alt1

    - Official patches (025)
    - Updated spec syntax from conectiva (closes: #5015) with some changes:
    + Added ALT-specific macros
    + Escaped macros are not hilited
    + Escaped environment variables are not hilited
    + Recognize multiline strings
    - Default font for gtk+2 version set to "Fixed 10" (closes: #5063)

2004-08-30 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.019-alt1

    - Official patches (019)
    - Converted alternatives to new format
    - Updates requires

2004-08-03 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.015-alt1

    - Official patches (015)
    - Always update help tags - do not test help files presence

2004-07-12 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.013-alt1

    - Official patches (013)

2004-06-24 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.3.007-alt1

    - [6.3]
    - Official patches (007)
    - MzVim (0.560)
    - Removed patches (merged upstream):
    + alt-spec-filetype-fixes.patch
    + alt-cp1251-tutor.patch
    + ruvim
    - Fixed requires (mktemp >= 1:1.3.1 should be in vim-common)
    - Changed global runtime dir from %_sysconfdir/vim to
    %_datadir/vim/vimfiles (this does not affect $VIMRUNTIME)
    - Enabled +xterm_save
    - Removed std_c syntax (now in vim-plugin-std_c-syntax)
    - Removed vim-ruby plugin (now in vim-plugin-vimruby)
    - Added README.ALT

2004-06-07 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.532-alt1.1

    - Fix gvim's menu entry (re-closes #3979)
    - Disabled pythoninterp (*evil grin*)

2004-05-06 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.532-alt1

    - Official patches (532)
    - MzVim (0.540)
    - Always apply MzVim patch (scheme ftplugin and syntax updates)

2004-04-27 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.506-alt1

    - Official patches (506)
    - MzVim temporary disabled due to glibc 2.3 migration
    - Patch16 removed (fixed in upstream)

2004-04-22 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.490-alt1

    - Official patches (490)
    - MzVim (0.530)
    - eview, evim, gview, gvim, gvimdiff, rgview and rgvim are now
    symlinks to vim-X11, /usr/X11R6/bin/* removed (closes #3979)

2004-04-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.461-alt1

    - Official patches (461)
    - MzVim (0.520)

2004-04-04 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.442-alt1

    - Official patches (442)
    - Enabled perlinterp (due to official patch 233)

2004-03-11 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.339-alt1

    - Official patches (339)
    - MzVim disabled (out of sync with upstream)

2004-03-05 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.318-alt1

    - Official patches (318)
    - MzVim 0.201

2004-03-03 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.311-alt1

    - Official patches (311)
    - MzVim 0.200 (disabled for now)

2004-02-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.246-alt1

    - Official patches (246)
    - Fixed spec filetype plugin
    - Added MzScheme support (Daedalus build only)

2003-11-21 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.154-alt2

    - Added russian translations (thanx to drF_ckoff)

2003-11-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.154-alt1

    - Official patches (154)

2003-11-10 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.144-alt2

    - Rebuild with openmotif (vim-X11-motif)

2003-11-02 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.144-alt1

    - Official patches (144)
    - Fixed macros highlight in spec syntax
    - %update_vimhelp/%clean_vimhelp reviewed:
    update-vimhelp is started:
    + after new package installation (not upgrade)
    + after old package removal (upgrade or remove)
    - Updated patches:
    + alt-perl56 (due to official patch 139)

2003-10-28 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.135-alt2

    - vim-ruby's doc already in syntax.txt

2003-10-27 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.135-alt1

    - Official patches (135)
    - Updated ruby compiler/ftplugin/indent/syntax (tarball from was repacked by raorn - DOS-like
    EOLs and +x attrs on scripts)
    - Updated spec syntax
    - enable/disable'd gpm support

2003-10-13 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.117-alt1

    - Official patches (117)
    - Bring back mappings to system gvimrc (recloses #2283)
    mswin.vim users should unmap it in their .gvimrc
    - Removed patches:
    + alt-cp1251-support (merged upstream)
    - enable/disable logic for gui variants (still always build minimal and enhanced)
    - Treat %global as %define in spec syntax

2003-09-30 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.106-alt1

    - Official patches (106)
    - Fixed typo in cp1251-tutor patch
    - Recognize cp1251 encoding (closes #3077)
    - Mappings to removed from system gvimrc due to
    conflict with mswin.vim (closes #2283)

2003-09-28 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.098-alt1

    - Official patches (098)
    - More updates to spec syntax
    - Fix tutor in CP1251 locale (closes #0001810)

2003-09-06 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.072-alt1

    - Official patches (072)
    - Fixed triggers
    - Updates spec syntax

2003-08-05 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 4:6.2.021-alt2

    - Rebuild against Ruby 1.8.0

2003-07-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.021-alt1

    - Official patches (021)
    - Removed patches (merged upstream):
    + alt-WANT_X11
    - More README's to %doc
    - Cleanup $VIMRUNTIME (removed unneeded README's and Amiga icons)
    - Removed all plugins (except std_c, script #234)
    - Added update-vimhelp script to update help tags.
    Works both, for user updates ~/.vim/doc, for superuser
    updates $VIMRUNTIME/doc
    - Reversed dependencies for common -> {enhanced,X11 -> X11-gui}
    to be sure that %_bindir/vim exists in common's postinstall
    script (needed for update_vimhelp)
    - devel subpackage
    - Set guifont to "Andale Mono 11" for gtk+2 version (voins)
    - Detect right filetype for mutt >= 1.4i temporary files

2003-06-08 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.014-alt2

    - Added some fold markers to specfile ;-)
    - XSMP enabled (once again!)
    - Do not blindly copy runtime/doc to docdir, but use make
    install'ed files
    - Added some useful plugins from
    + Align (script #294)
    + bufexplorer (script #42)
    + cvcommand (script #90)
    + genutils.vim (script #197)
    + matchit (script #39)
    + multvals.vim (script #171)
    + SearchComplete (script #147)
    + selectbuf (script #107)
    + showmarks (script #152)
    + std_c (script #234) (add "let c_use_stdc=1" in your .vimrc to enable)
    + taglist (script #273)
    + winmanager (script #95)

2003-06-06 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.014-alt1

    - Official patches (014)
    - XSMP temporary disabled

2003-06-04 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2.011-alt1

    - [6.2]
    - Official patches (011)
    - Updated rpmspec syntax
    - Enabled XSMP (autodetection was b0rken in upstream)

2003-05-27 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2-alt0.4.f

    - [6.2f]

2003-05-19 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2-alt0.3.e

    - [6.2e]
    - Force cscope (it is enabled in unix+feat_big, but who knows?)

2003-05-08 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2-alt0.2.c

    - [6.2c]

2003-04-28 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.2-alt0.1.b

    - [6.2b]
    - BuildRequires update
    - GTK+2 target
    - Disabled perlinterp (threaded perl disabled in upstream)
    - vim-minimal provides /bin/vi

2003-04-26 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.1.474-alt18.1

    - Fix uk translation

2003-04-25 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.1.474-alt18

    - Official-patches (474)
    - Removed version from vim-X11-gui Requires (looks like it confuses apt)
    - Reenabled libacl in vim-minimal (suggested by ab)
    - Changed "set modelines=0" to "set nomodeline" in system vimrc
    Removed "set modelines=0" from system gvimrc (already disabled in vimrc)
    - Fixed (and applied ;-) Patch13

2003-04-10 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 4:6.1.280-alt17.1

    - new alternatives config format

2003-03-14 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 4:6.1.280-alt17

    - PreReq fixes

2003-03-12 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 4:6.1.280-alt16

    - moved to new alternatives scheme
    - warning to maintainer: added missing PreReq on update-alternatives

2003-01-08 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 4:6.1.280-alt15

    - Disabled modelines again.
    - Reenabled perlinterp.
    - Fixed interpackage dependencies again.
    - Avoid autodependencies for files in /usr/share/vim/.

2003-01-08 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.1.280-alt14

    - Official patches (280)
    - modeline's are back due to official patch 265

2002-12-21 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 4:6.1.263-alt13

    - Official patches (263)
    - Fix vim-X11's obsoletes
    - Remove libacl from vim-minimal's requires (closes #0001586)
    - All interp's are now configurable via rpmbuild --enable/--disable
    - Fixed provides for alternatives
    - Buildrequires updated (honor --enable/--disable args to rpmbuld)

2002-11-27 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 4:6.1.178-alt12

    - temporary removed perlinterp (ldv request)
    - disable modelines
    - remove deps on csh
    - fix tmpdir creation
    - remove deps on ispell

2002-10-31 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 3:6.1.178-alt11

    - Rebuilt with perl-5.8.

2002-10-05 Sergey Bolshakov <s.bolshakov at> 3:6.1.178-alt10

    - rebuilt with tcl 8.4

2002-09-17 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 3:6.1.178-alt9

    - Official patches (178)
    - Fixed build with new rpm (thanx to inger)
    - System-wide configs are back again ("light" version, thanx to SA)
    Now located in /etc/vim/*vimrc and made %config(noreplace)
    - All %__perl's replaced with %__subst's
    - Added (experimental) ru_RU.UTF-8 langrc

2002-09-09 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 3:6.1.174-alt8

    - Official patches (174)
    - Fixed %preun X11 script
    Fixed %triggerpostun X11 script (closes #0001073)
    - neXtaw GUI support
    - Build all vesions of GUI (gtk+, motif, athena, neXtaw)
    - Built with tcl and ruby (closes #0000395)
    - Removed default g?vimrc from $VIMRUNTIME
    (they're still available as g?vimrc_example.vim)
    - Fixed .m-files sysntax autodetection (closes #0000702)
    - Spec cleanup

2002-07-02 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 3:6.1.82-alt7

    - Fixed %triggerpostun scripts again.

2002-07-01 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 3:6.1.82-alt6

    - Linked with libtinfo.
    - Updated buildrequires and interpackage dependencies.
    - Fixed %post/%preun/%postun/%triggerpostun scripts.

2002-06-03 SA <sa at> 6.1.82-alt5/3

    - pathces
    - removed triggerpostun
    - removed vim from files section (will be a link, produced by alternatives)

2002-03-25 SA <sa at> 6.1.0-alt5/3

    - new release
    - removed clipboard patch (use $ vim -X instead)
    - evim included in distribution (practically useless thing...)

2002-03-11 SA <sa at> 6.1b

    - new pre-release 6.1b

2002-02-27 SA <sa at> 6.1a.008

    - new pre-release

2002-01-03 SA <sa at> 6.0.101-alt3

    - triggerpostun

2001-12-23 SA <sa at> 6.0.101-alt2

    - patchlevel 101
    - incorporated many ideas by Alexey Morozov
    (the most important are treating official patches as 'source' and
    use of 'alternatives')
    - gui font loading is now based on $LANG (new directory
    runtime/langrc is introduced for this).
    - changed numbering of package
    - removed vi from /usr/bin, since we have it in /bin anyway

2001-11-30 SA <sa at> 6.0-alt1.93

    - patchlevel 93

2001-10-28 SA <sa at> 6.0-alt1.26

    - patchlevel 26

2001-09-19 SA <sa at>

    - 6.0aw

2001-09-04 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at>

    - 6.0au

2001-08-21 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at>

    - 6.0as

2001-08-16 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at>

    - 6.0ar

2001-08-06 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at>

    - 6.0aq
    - Rebuilt with new perl.

2001-07-03 SA <sa at>

    - 6.0am
    - removed unnecessary patches

2001-06-16 SA <sa at> 6.0-alt0.4.ah

    - Fixed slow startup of /usr/bin/vim from X11 package when
    run from remote xterm or if $DISPLAY is broken:
    1. FEAT_XCLIPBOARD (used in terminal vim) is switched off
    (in feature.h)
    2. 'title' and 'icon' features are switched off in vimrc and
    switched on back in gvimrc.
    - spec.vim fixed again

2001-06-09 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 6.0-alt0.3.ah

    - Fixed errors in %post/%preun introduced in alt0.1.ah.
    - Specfile cleanup again (policy enforcement).

2001-06-09 SA <sermar at> 6.0-alt0.2ah

    - fixed langmap call in vimrc
    - removed link to /usr/bin/view
    - spec-syntax changed to highlight ALT macros

2001-05-29 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 6.0-alt0.1.ah

    - 6.0ah
    - Changed release scheme; set serial to enable upgrading.
    - Minor specfile cleanup (hope nothing have been broken).
    - Regenerated spec-mode-update patch (requires checking).
    - Recompressed sources and pacthes.

2001-05-09 SA <sermar at>

    - 6.0ae
    - removed obsolete patches and patches that changed run-time options by
    changing source (system-wide vimrc is a better place)
    - changed installation procedure: now it uses VIM Makefile 'install' target
    - 'X11' (==gvim) if installed will be symlinked to {vi,vim, etc...}, so user
    will not need 'vim-enhanced' to use terminal-based VIM. 'enhanced' and 'X11'
    are made 'conflicting'

2000-12-23 AEN <aen at>

    - adopted for RE
    - 6.0q
    - perl include path fixed

2000-12-13 DindinX <odin at> 6.0-0.07mdk

    - 6.0p

2000-12-05 DindinX <odin at> 6.0-0.06mdk

    - 6.0o

2000-11-27 DindinX <odin at> 6.0-0.05mdk

    - really set CFLAGS to RPM_OPT_FLAGS (should make Dadou happier)
    (thanks to Guillaume)

2000-11-27 DindinX <odin at> 6.0-0.04mdk

    - fix ./configure call (--enable-max-feature is now --with-features=huge)
    - include some fix in spec.vim from Geoffrey Lee

2000-11-25 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at> 6.0-0.03mdk

    - 6.0n.

2000-11-08 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at> 6.0-0.02mdk

    - Upgrade spec.vim and mandrakizifications.

2000-11-07 DindinX <odin at> 6.0-0.01mdk

    - 6.0
    - remove ctags from this package

2000-09-19 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-7mdk

    - Added a patch to fix the paths in the man pages
    (Thx to Jerome Dumonteil for reporting this)

2000-08-31 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-6mdk

    - Rebuild on ke
    - Macrozifications
    - BM

2000-06-27 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-5mdk

    - really fix the help files
    - now vi is very spartiate (VI-like) and vim has syntax highlighting

2000-06-26 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-4mdk

    - make vim-minimal very, very minimal

2000-06-26 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-3mdk

    - fix a typo which prevent the help files to be found
    - remove syntax highlighting by default
    - remove all trace of indenting

2000-06-26 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-2mdk

    - Corrected the ctags version: 3.5.1

2000-06-26 DindinX <odin at> 5.7-1mdk

    - 5.7
    - use a more standard vimrc file

2000-05-25 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-19mdk

    - Upgrade to 5.6.072
    - remove autoindentation :(

2000-05-02 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-18mdk

    - wrap option now defaults to FALSE

2000-04-28 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-17mdk

    - remove menu icon path

2000-04-18 Pixel <pixel at> 5.6-16mdk

    - fix for perl 5.6
    - fix for ctags (i modified patch vim-typo)
    - rebuild on true compile box (*with* spec-helper)
    - remove abusive provides ctags (not needed)

2000-04-18 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-15mdk

    - Fix the online documentation

2000-04-18 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-14mdk

    - Make a separate rpm for ctags

2000-04-17 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-13mdk

    - fix the name of the menu entry
    - remove etags
    - move ctags from /bin to /usr/bin
    - Added the ctags man page

2000-03-28 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-12mdk

    - Do the Right Thing for the menus with the help of
    Guillaume Cottenceau

2000-03-28 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-11mdk

    - Fix the menu group once again (sic)
    Thanks to Guillaume Cottenceau

2000-03-27 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-10mdk

    - Added icons

2000-03-27 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-9mdk

    - fix menu

2000-03-24 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-8mdk

    - remove the RPM_ROOT_BUILD references in %post
    (thanks to Thierry Vignaud for pointing this)
    - some changes to the default vimrc

2000-03-22 Pixel <pixel at> 5.6-7mdk

    - add provides vim for X11 enhanced and minimal
    - changed license from freeware to OpenSource

2000-03-20 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-6mdk

    - Specs fixes
    - removed absolute links
    - Added menu entry
    - Remove the hlsearch by default (cause it might be puzzling)

2000-02-10 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-5mdk

    - Finally include ctags in vim-common :-/

2000-02-10 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-4mdk

    - fix a typo in the call to the ./configure script so more features
    are now enabled.

2000-02-06 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-3mdk

    - Added support for Chinese/Japanese/Corean support for gvim
    (Thanks to Pablo)
    - added a link for the default vimrc.

2000-01-31 DindinX <odin at> 5.6-2mdk

    - Added the doc/ subdirectory in /usr/doc/vim-common-5.6/doc
    - Correctly install vimrc_hebrew

2000-01-16 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at> 5.6-1mdk

    - 5.6.
    - Enable right to left mode.
    - Add vimrc_hebrew from Tzafrir Cohen

1999-10-26 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - Build release.

1999-09-21 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - 5.5.

1999-08-02 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - Reinserting old patch.

1999-07-29 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - First spec file for Mandrake distribution.

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