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Sisyphus: 14.7-alt1.svn9619
p8: 14.7-alt1.svn9619
p7: 14.7-alt1.svn9619
t7: 14.7-alt1.svn9619
Platform6: 14.4-alt1.svn9137
t6: 14.4-alt1.svn9137
Platform5: 13.6-alt1.svn7713
5.1: 13.6-alt1.svn7713

Group :: Games/Adventure
Source RPM: KoLmafia

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2011-07-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.7-alt1.svn9619

    - Updated to KoLmafia-14.7 (sv9619)
    + Too many changes to pin point

2011-03-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.4-alt1.svn9137

    - Updated to KoLmafia-14.4 (svn9137)
    + You can now use chat commands from CLI (like /command1 && /command2)
    + Pandamonium
    + February IOTM support
    + Revamped Cobb's Knob
    + March IOTM support
    + Tons of other bugfixes

2011-01-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.3-alt1.svn8923

    - Updated to svn8923
    + More CRIMBCO support
    + January IOTM support
    + Traveling Trader Disco Bandit skill
    + Lots of other fixes

2010-12-23 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.3-alt1.svn8845

    - Updated to KoLmafia-14.3 (svn8845)
    + Automated closeting of worthless items if using chewing gum on a string
    + New Typical Tavern support
    + Skeleton invasion
    + Major Rays are now effects, remove counters
    + Pumpkins!
    + New bat hole
    + Robot Reindeer
    + Elf Alley support
    + Lots of other fixes

2010-10-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.2-alt1.svn8690

    - Updated to KoLmafia-14.2 (svn8690)
    + Hippo Ballerina (KoL Con fam) support
    + Sewer change (yay!)
    + Quantum Taco
    + FOTY
    + Lots of other fixes

2010-09-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.1-alt1.svn8618

    - Updated to svn6818
    + New food/drink changes
    + August/September IOTMs
    + Skill purchase changes
    + Pottery items/skills
    + New Friars items
    + Lots of other bugfixes

2010-07-20 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.1-alt1.svn8549

    - Updated to KoLmafia-14.1 (svn8549)
    + Add hints to Game Grid Arcade games (enable it in preferences)
    + Vanya's Castle
    + June IOTM
    + Traveling Trader item
    + Trace sugar items counters
    + Magic Commune
    + Lots of other bugfixes

2010-06-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.0-alt1.svn8479

    - Updated to svn8479
    + Custom Combat Scripts now use KoL combat scripts
    + Traveling Trader items
    + May and June IOTM support
    + Track slimeling's fullness
    + Underworld familiar
    + Uncle P Antiques paintings content
    + Many other fixes

2010-04-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.0-alt1.svn8393

    - Updated to svn8393
    + Traveling trader item
    + Tweaks in louvre prediction
    + Few bugfixes

2010-04-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 14.0-alt1.svn8373

    - Updated to KoLmafia-14.0 (svn8373)
    + Bugged bugbear support
    + Revamped Greater Than Sign
    + French guard turtles are now distiguised in CSS
    + "hatter" command which tells what effects are available for your hats
    + New TT skill
    + Legendary Beat quest items
    + Various other fixes

2010-03-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.9-alt1.svn8268

    - Updated to svn8268
    + More IOTM support (incl. chess autosolver, hat switcher and tweedleporium)
    + New Uncle P's antiques
    + Various other fixes

2010-03-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.9-alt1.svn8233

    - Updated to svn8233
    + More nemesis quest
    + March IOTM support
    + Fix manual choice from O Cap'm
    + Show Disco Combos in combat - turn it on in Preferences-Relay (say hi to raorn@)
    + Quick switch of familiars from KoL GUI
    + Solve the lava
    + Go to Goal button for Louvre & Fog
    + Other bugfixes

2010-02-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.9-alt1.svn8153

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.9
    + Fix choice conditions counted twice
    + KoLmafia now automatically learns new items and writes overrides
    + Travelling trader
    + BRICKOs!!!
    + ballpit CLI command
    + "Use another dance card" option on Rotting Matilda adv
    + pool CLI command (i.e pool mys, mus, mox)
    + Nemesis quest items (not complete)
    + Tons of other bugfixes and minor features

2010-01-23 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.8-alt1.svn7998

    - Updated to svn7998
    + Travelling trader item & skill
    + Color monster name based on the element
    + Support for Stinky Cheese counter
    + Various bugfixes

2010-01-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.8-alt1.svn7952

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.8 (svn7952)
    + Rest of Crimbo support (including Tree)
    + January IOTM support
    + When you visit the shore, add a 35-turn counter to let you space out shore trips
    + Many other fixes

2009-12-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.7-alt1.svn7890

    - Updated to svn7890
    + Some support for Crimbo town
    + Deduct crimbux when play 11 or slots
    + Some minor fixes

2009-12-16 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.7-alt1.svn7880

    - Updated to KoLmafia 13.7 (svn7880)
    + Many chat fixes
    + December IOTM support
    + Crimbo support
    + Arena params for FOTYs
    + Many other fixes

2009-11-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.6-alt1.svn7788

    - Updated to svn7788
    + More Skate Park support
    + Familiar support in effect maximizer
    + Familiars of the year
    + Special Badmoon adventures support
    + Mr. Familiars are free pulls
    + When semirare is encountered, add "semirare window begin/end counters"
    + Dolphin whistle support
    + Sea familiars are now marked as such
    + Halloween items support
    + November IOTM support
    + Ajaxify outfit switching and NPC purchases
    + Many other fixes

2009-10-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.6-alt1.svn7713

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.6 (svn7713)
    + October IOTM support
    + New Bathroom choice support
    + Skate Park support
    + Tons of other fixes

2009-09-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.5-alt1.svn7674

    - Updated to svn7674
    + Fix quest item recognition
    + Autosort button in Trophy Arranger
    + Many other bugfixes

2009-09-21 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.5-alt1.svn7642

    - Updated to svn7642
    + Show Hero possibility on battlefield
    + User-added counters now can use location (loc=N)
    + More efficient mana burning
    + Many other fixes

2009-09-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.5-alt1.svn7608

    - Updated to svn7608
    + Sugar tome preliminary shupport
    + Heartbreaker's hotel support
    + Counter for Harold's bell
    + Various other fixes

2009-09-01 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.5-alt1.svn7589

    - Updated to svn7589
    + Chrys Rock items
    + Wumpinator fix (inline image)
    + Various other fixes

2009-08-24 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.5-alt1.svn7564

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.5 (svn 7564)
    + MMG support
    + Improved support of He-Builder
    + Added "filter by autosell price" option in Item Manager (type "$ > 100")
    + Support for new Nemesis quest (auto password guessing)
    + 4-d camera
    + Refactor Wumpus Manager (tie it with Wumpinator)
    + Many other fixes

2009-08-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.4-alt1.svn7523

    - Updated to svn7523
    + IOTM
    + Floaty content
    + Added "whatif" command, which tells what happens if you do a CLI command
    + Tons of Minor bugfixes

2009-07-27 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.4-alt1.svn7489

    - Updated to svn7489
    + Added Modifer Maximizer feature (super hot!)
    + Wumpus hunt improvements
    + Many bugfixes

2009-07-13 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.4-alt1.svn7459

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.4 (svn7459)
    + Slimeling support
    + Fix gear-tags (closes #20759)
    + Minor bugfixes

2009-07-10 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3.1-alt1.svn7452

    - Updated to svn7452
    + Mer-kin digpick
    + July IOTM support
    + added CLI command "modifies " that lists all the known source of param modification
    + Many bugfixes

2009-06-29 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3.1-alt1.svn7429

    - Updated to svn7429
    + July IOTM preliminary support
    + Hobopolis Market spoilers
    + Some minor fixes and ASH improvements

2009-06-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3.1-alt1.svn7401

    - Updated to svn7401
    + More Wumpus support
    + Slime monster stats
    + Minor bugfixes

2009-06-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3.1-alt1.svn7392

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.3.1 (svn7392)
    + Fix usage of items which gives choice or combat advs
    + More slime content
    + Update combat items count from item dropdown list each round in combat
    + Some bugfixes

2009-06-09 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3-alt2.svn7380

    - Updated to svn7380
    + Fix multi-use of restoratives
    + Wumpus hunt improvements

2009-06-09 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3-alt2.svn7378

    - Updated to svn7378
    + Emergency patch for server-side restorative changes
    + Added Sandworm to list of Basement familiars (replacing Sombrero)
    + Some helps in 6th element quest
    + New options to "burn" CLI command - "burn extra" (like previous),
    "burn *" - burning all mana, "burn " - no more than specified
    amount of MP, "burn -" - burn all but num MP.
    + Mafia now can be more intelligent about burning, during "nuns" CLI
    command or when eating Dr. Lucifer, it will first burn the excess
    mana, then restore.
    + Many other Slime and agua de vida items updates

2009-06-05 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.3-alt2.svn7362

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.3 (svn7362)
    + Preliminary June IOTM support
    + Added choice spoilers for the Wumpus Hunt.
    + Fix quest items recongnition due to server-side change
    + More Slimy updates
    + Some bugfixes

2009-06-03 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.2-alt2.svn7342

    - Fix building

2009-06-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.2-alt1.svn7342

    - Updated to svn7342
    + Added "hottub" or "soak" command to visit VIP hot tub
    + Support for infernal Seals
    + Disturbing fanfic update
    + Preliminary support of Slime Tube
    + Many other fixes

2009-05-25 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.2-alt1.svn7308

    - Updated to svn7308
    + Fix solving dwarf code
    + Aria effect cap on +60 ML
    + Kmail can now be sent from the CLI (send to || )
    + Many other minor fixes

2009-05-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.2-alt1.svn7273

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.2 (svn7273)
    + Support for the Vacuum Chamber (factory vacuum )
    + Seal Clubber and Turtle Tamer updates support
    + Dwarf code solver
    + Many bugfixes

2009-05-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.1-alt1.svn7235

    - Updated to svn7235
    + Added "factory setdigits" and "factory report" CLI commands
    + Fix combat action bar detection
    + New Seal Clubber update
    + Minor fixes

2009-05-03 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.1-alt1.svn7226

    - Updated to svn7226
    + Add "factory check" and "factory report" CLI commands
    + More Deluxe Mr. Klaw items
    + Fix breakfast with Deluxe Mr. Klaw

2009-05-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.1-alt1.svn7221

    - Updated to svn7221
    + New dwarven quest support
    + Clan VIP Lounge support
    + New CLI command "factory report CIJFDGB"
    + New Deluxe Mr. Klaw items
    + Many other fixes

2009-04-21 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.1-alt1.svn7190

    - Updated to svn7190
    + Change name of super-spikey hair gel
    + Add a preference for stealth login
    + Ronin ends as you free the king
    + Spaded formulas for mutant Raffle familiars
    + Implement 'nonstackable watch' boolean modifier for watches
    + Fix boss warnings
    + Many other fixes

2009-04-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.1-alt1.svn7155

    - Updated to svn7155
    + Fix hedge puzzle processing
    + Fix rampaging adding machine in Birdform
    + Massive changes with the way how GET/POST request are processed in relay
    + Various other fixes

2009-04-03 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.1-alt1.svn7132

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.1 (svn7132)
    + April IOTM/IOTD
    + More new items
    + Few bugfixes

2009-03-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.0-alt1.svn7125

    - Updated to svn7125
    + Add switch support for ASH
    + Typical Tavern swill and its byproducts
    + New ranged weapons (with mariachi support)
    + Fix dusty wines auto-identification
    + Many other fixes

2009-03-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.0-alt1.svn7092

    - Updated to svn7092
    + New items, recipes and familiars
    + When deciding whenever to buy or create an item, consider the price of ingredients recursively
    + Initial support for new pastamancers combat ghosts
    + Many other fixes

2009-03-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 13.0-alt1.svn7045

    - Updated to KoLmafia-13.0 (svn7045)
    + Added plurals (fixing buying from mall)
    + Add "quark" CLI command for pasting with quarks
    + Sushi can be created and consumed with "create" command
    + March IOTM
    + Vampire pearl
    + Various other fixes

2009-02-26 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.9-alt1.svn7011

    - Updated to svn7011
    + Massive Mall changes
    + Cache mall requests
    + New commands (cheapest and expensive), in addition to special word "it" (cheapest hi mein; eat 3 it)
    + Delete relay/basement.js due to change in basementing interface
    + Fix in hobo gristles bounty
    + Many other fixes

2009-02-21 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.9-alt1.svn6985

    - Updated to svn6985
    + New pickpocket items, recipes and such
    + More updates to effects
    + Add automatic sheet/olfaction/extractors usage with conditions
    + Tons of other bugfixes

2009-02-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.9-alt1.svn6904

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.9 (svn6904)
    + New CLI command (fold ) which folds items like Putty or Origami until it gets the desired item
    + Limit item price with buy command (buy N item @ limit)
    + Sea content (mine and bar)
    + Identify dusty bottles as soon as you get spectacles (without equipping)
    + After ascension, perform complete session refresh
    + February IOTM support
    + Custom outfits can now execute actions when equipped, if you add special strings to name
    + F= - change familiar
    + E= - equip fam item
    + M= - change mood
    + C= - CLI command
    + New pickpocket-only items
    + Added more control over "automatic actions in combat", like pickpocketing, entangling or using MP restorers in combat
    + Many other fixes

2009-01-27 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.8-alt1.svn6839

    - Updated to svn6839
    + Warn about unpurchased trophies before ascension
    + When item drops during combat, accomodate them and append to final combat page
    + New sea content
    + 10-turn counters after use of PADL phones or windchimes
    + Disable HTTP timeout in valhalla (better ascension logging)
    + Various bugfixes

2009-01-19 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.8-alt1.svn6792

    - Updated to svn6792
    + New underwater content: deep sauce, tempuramancy, sea salt pulverization
    + +ML no longer has an effect on combat rate
    + Various other improvements

2009-01-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.8-alt1.svn6748

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.8 (svn6748)
    + Sushi rolling fixes
    + Support for summoning Pastamancer's ghost in CCS (summon ghost)
    + January IOTM and its derivatives
    + Rage gland support
    + Detect Black Cat's prevention of skill and item use during combat
    + Keep track of the number of uses of each Birdfrom skill that counts towards getting feathers
    + Mining interface update (better view), like in tavern
    + Manage free pulls
    + Added "gong" CLI command for controlling gong choices
    + Various other fixes

2008-12-28 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.7-alt1.svn6684

    - Updated to svn6684
    + Add "grow" link to familiar hatchlings in relay
    + Use "consume some" feature to eat/drink multiple at once
    + In Hidden City, add spoilers for billiard balls
    + Add spoiler for all consumable items in Item Manager (like "5/15 Fishy")
    + Experimental upgrade to Mr. Skills in breakfast - see preferences

2008-12-25 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.7-alt1.svn6661

    - Updated to svn6661 Crimbo Edition
    + Maki rolling support
    + The rest of Crimbo items/effect
    + Show counters in relay browser
    + Minor bugfixes
    + Merry Crimbo!

2008-12-19 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.7-alt1.svn6636

    - Updated to svn6636
    + Added Crimbo zones for auto-adventuring
    + Recognize item usage from Relay Browser
    + Extended "recent location history" to 5 locations
    + Support for locking fam items via CLI (familiar lock/unlock)
    + Detects "eat some/drink some" in relay browser
    + Sushi can be created from Item Manager now
    + New Crimbo effects, items, monsters etc

2008-12-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.7-alt1.svn6621

    - Updated to svn6621
    + If the character has spectacles equipped, identify dusty wine if needed
    + Fix auto-adventuring in non-bounty zones
    + Blob-shaped Crimbo Cookie

2008-12-13 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.7-alt1.svn6616

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.7 svn6616
    + Crimbo content
    + Fix various problems due to server-side lag-fighting changes
    + Many other fixes

2008-12-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6586

    - Updated to svn6586
    + Added properties of depleted grimacite equip
    + Toaster and Feng-shui are no longer campground items
    + Added Pulverize panel to Equipment Manager
    + December IOTM, Sneaky Pete's day items, Advent Calendar items
    + Protection from accidental dance card usage
    + New underwater items, effects and a familiar
    + Add Big Brother to the Coin Masters
    + Various other fixes

2008-11-27 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6538

    - Updated to svn6538
    + More underwater content
    + Decorate wheel choice in pyramid
    + Tirevalanche calculator in BB
    + 3 turns counter for dance card
    + Initial support for "Summon Stickers" skill
    + GMoB and ballroom state shown on the second floor of Spookyraven's
    + Various other fixes

2008-11-10 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6488

    - Updated to svn6488
    + Add 'gnaw through' choice
    + Add choice spoilers for all llama lama gong choice adventures
    + Underwater content
    + November IOTM support
    + Add Clownosity as a tracked modifier
    + Add moon sign spoilers to the resurrect screen
    + Halloween items
    + Add hatrack spoilers to Gear Changer
    + Add Daily Deeds list
    + Restore "galaktik" CLI command to fully or partially cure HP or MP
    + Give choice spoilers to Orcish Frat House Blueprints

2008-10-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6402

    - Updated to svn6402
    + Fixed exceptions when mallselling item you don't have in inventory
    + Disambiguate monsters with same name
    + Fix certain frames not closing properly
    + Fix wand of nagamar warning before NS fight
    + In the bird form, plump juicy grubs and delicious moths are now options for HP/MP restore.
    + Various other minor fixes

2008-10-12 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6378

    - Updated to svn6378
    + Preliminary support for underwater content
    + Autoequip gatorskin umbrella when lose one in the sewers
    + Track monsters tagged by Olfaction or odor
    + Added drop location spoilers to the Spookyraven wine cellar
    + New annual familiars
    + Consumption helpers like divine champagne flute, now can be "used" before consuming
    + Fix pirate {brochure, pamphlet, tract} buying in the Barrrtlesby's

2008-10-04 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6334

    - Updated to svn6334
    + Add meat/item drop bonuses when wearing multiple brimstone
    + Disembodied Hand support
    + Added decorator for Barrel Full of Barrels
    + Various other fixes

2008-09-26 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6316

    - Updated to svn6316
    + Fix crafting
    + Fullness/inebrity for Hobo Food Court food & booze
    + New sauceror recipes

2008-09-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.6-alt1.svn6298

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.6 (svn6298)
    + More support for llama automation
    + Added "Collect Garbage" fun button right near memory monitor
    + Haiku State of Mind support
    + Support fo tallying hobo parts
    + Long skinny balloons update
    + Spice melange support
    + Various other fixes

2008-09-03 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.5-alt1.svn6275

    - Updated to svn6275
    + Configure Hobopolis semirare advs
    + Server 8 doesn't exist anymore
    + New Haiku dungeon
    + September IOTM
    + Fix Goblin King detection
    + Various other fixes

2008-08-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.5-alt1.svn6232

    - Updated to svn6232
    + Rainbow gravitation support
    + New halloween candies
    + Zapping hobopolis outfits
    + Multi-use bird-form consumables
    + Support for August IOTM
    + Hobo nickel count shows on the marketplace choice adventure
    + Hobopolis choice adventures support

2008-07-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.5-alt1.svn6207

    - Updated to svn6207
    + New chefstaves
    + Junkyard update
    + Log progress of war in CLI an session log
    + Rainbow's Gravity initial support
    + Many other fixes

2008-07-03 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.5-alt1.svn6184

    - Updated to svn6184
    + Hobopolis support
    + July IOTM support
    + Reset counters if people ascend outside KoLmafia
    + Arrrbor day items
    + Many additional fixes

2008-06-21 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.5-alt1.svn6158

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.5 (+patches to svn6158)
    + Fix use class of bird items
    + Auto-create badass belt
    + Still no hobopolis support!
    + Added hobo/ghost feeding links in item manager
    + Fix Haunted Wine Cellar zones
    + Various other fixes

2008-06-09 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6124

    - Updated to svn6124
    + Fix item recognition
    + Restore old clover protection
    + Fix basement outfits
    + Fix purchasing of identified bang potions in mall

2008-06-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6114

    - Updated to svn6115
    + Fix backup outfit
    + Added some more bird skills from IOTM

2008-06-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6109

    - Updated to svn6109
    + Fix some form handling
    + Fix candy hearts summoning with mana burning
    + Haunted Wine Cellar is now 4 zones.

2008-06-05 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6100

    - Updated to svn6100
    + New SSPD day items
    + During mana burning, alternate libram casts between divine & hearts
    + Initial support for June IOTM

2008-05-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6087

    - Updated to svn6087
    + More monsters info
    + Initial support for the May IOTM
    + Estimate current fullness/spleen based on failure to consume messages
    + Fix incorrect counters decrementing when pulverizing

2008-04-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6075

    - Updated to svn6075
    + Metallic foil cat ears: you can has dem!
    + New puppy formula for item drops
    + Ignore skills you can't use in the current ascension

2008-04-15 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6069

    - Updated to svn6069
    + New PM skills & content
    + Fix delicious salad fullness
    + Add zap wand exploding to ascension reminders
    + Fix outfit checkpointing

2008-04-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6028

    - Updated to svn6028
    + Fixed battlefield counting with action bar
    + Added PRESSIE as possible sombrero replacement for basement
    + Initial support for April IOTM

2008-03-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6021

    - Updated to svn6021
    + New hilarious items and effects
    + Arrrbor day items
    + Some minor fixes

2008-03-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn6011

    - Updated to svn6011
    + New Elemental Resistance formala
    + Fix Insult Beer Pong first round matching
    + Fix resistances for elemental powders

2008-03-20 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1.svn5999

    - Updated to svn5999
    + First pass on new elemental resistances
    + Crossbow Fever skill
    + Added checks for headless DISPLAY
    + Some minor fixes

2008-03-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.4-alt1

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.4
    + Applied style to relay buttons (raorn@)
    + Saint Sneaky Pete Day content
    + Added NotBot buffbot support
    + More combat bar support
    + Other fixes

2008-03-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.3-alt1.svn5957

    - Updated to svn5957
    + Fix handling of *
    + Generic Summer Holiday
    + More reliable end-of-combat detection with new combat bar
    + Other fixes

2008-03-10 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.3-alt1.svn5922

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.3 (svn5922)
    + Fix bang potion at three gates puzzle
    + Improved DoD ring enchantments
    + Additional hatrack support
    + Other bugfixes

2008-03-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5872

    - Updated to svn5872
    + Fix recent equipment page update
    + Fuzzy matching enhancements
    + Experimental item aliasing
    + Other minor fixes

2008-03-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5854

    - Updated to svn5854
    + Experimental Spleen panel
    + Preliminary support for March IOTM
    + Fix shadow fight
    + Other fixes

2008-02-28 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5843

    - Updated to svn5843
    + Various fuzzy matching improvements
    + Fix "*" meaning in CLI
    + Auto-switch to attack when using dictionary on an adding machine
    + Increase timeout wait time to 16 seconds
    + Various bugfixes
    + Detect when shore trip will overrun the fortune counter

2008-02-26 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5822

    - Updated to svn5822
    + Updated monsters-info patch (Hey Deze monster drops)
    + Restore fuzzy matching
    + Lo meins dewokified
    + Restore relay browser links from bounty items
    + Minor bugfixes

2008-02-24 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5811

    - Updated to svn5811
    + Fixed worthless item acquisition
    + Fix cheese counting in relay
    + Fly-By-Knight Heraldy support
    + Minor bugfixes

2008-02-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5798

    - Updated to svn5798
    + Update monsters-info patch (Pre-war Hippy/Frat monsters)
    + Before you ascend, use up any 31337 scrolls
    + Refactor use/create/navigate/eat link decorations
    + Fix auto attack setting/unsetting
    + Set price ceiling of 20k on automated purchases
    + Some ASH enhancements
    + Fix El Vibrato helmet card insertions
    + Remove fuzzy matching for CLI commands
    + Relay browser clover protection always active

2008-02-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.2-alt1.svn5778

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.2 (svn5778)
    + More El Vibrato support (use power spheres)
    + Store Manager now handles items with parenthesis
    + Fix various item renames
    + More aggressive clover protection
    + Never reset user-defined autoattack
    + Other fixes

2008-02-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5734

    - Updated to svn5734
    + Updated price-limit patch from raorn@
    + Sync monsters-info patch with upstream
    + rename "visit" to "check" in Coin Masters window

2008-02-13 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5733

    - Updated to svn5733
    + El Vibrato support
    + Some more monster drops fixes
    + More refactorization
    + Some bugfixes

2008-02-09 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5711

    - Updated to svn5711
    + More Friday update items
    + Evil Golden Arches excluded from breakfast
    + Add "ghost" command to feed GGG with food
    + Clean inventory before update
    + More ASH fixes

2008-02-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5703

    - Updated to svn5703
    + Fix inventory identification
    + Fix type in monsters-info patch
    + More ASH refactorization

2008-02-05 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5685

    - Updated to svn5685
    + Fix infinite recurse bug (by refactoring)
    + Automatic pirate insult collection
    + "insults" CLI command to display collected insults
    + Calculate and display odds of winning Insult Beer Pong Match
    + Massive code reorganization continued, now ASH is refactored

2008-02-03 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5667

    - Updated to svn5667
    + Updated equipment-fixes patch from raorn@
    + Rename Post-war Frat/Hippy houses to Stone Age ones to avoid confusion
    + Minor bugfixes

2008-02-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.1-alt1.svn5660

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.1 (svn5660)
    + More code reorganization -> more regressions to be expected
    + February IOTM
    + Log Daily Dungeon adventures
    + Allow connections to time out
    + New, faster Display Case access
    + KoL now requires confirmation to change housing type
    + Yuletide items and effects
    + Many other fixes

2008-01-19 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.0-alt1.svn5583

    - Updated to svn5583
    + Silly divine can was renamed
    + Massive code reorganization, some regressions can be expected
    + "counters" command lists last turn where a semirare was found
    + New halloween candies
    + Auto-select correct stone sphere
    + New (old) bookshelf behaviour
    + new command "raffle [inventory|storage]" for buying raffle tickets

2008-01-15 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 12.0-alt1.svn5549

    - Updated to KoLmafia-12.0
    + More Cyborger patterns
    + Going Postal quest fixes
    + More Coin Masters: now BHH
    + Recognize bookshelf summons in relay
    + Updated adv/stats for some food
    + Recognize zapping
    + Add "Go back to Island" link for "no more ducks" page
    + Collect farmer products/bombs during in-war breakfast
    + Attempt to enable access to Hangk in BadMoon after freeing the king
    + Various other fixes

2008-01-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.9-alt1.svn5505

    - Updated to svn5505
    + quest-fixes patch has gone upstream
    + Add muscle, mysticality, and moxie as standard ocean destinations
    + Fix Ronin detection in casual runs
    + Crimbo town (unfortunately, it's gone)
    + Enable crimbo toy usage at breakfast
    + Bookshelf support
    + IOTM items
    + Show adventures used in creation queue
    + Log fortune cookie Lucky Numbers to gCLI and session

2007-12-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.9-alt1.svn5468

    - Updated to svn5468
    + Updated familiar training info
    + "concert " command to get desired status effect
    + More coin master stuff
    + Fix "worthless item" condition
    + Usual fixes

2007-12-26 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.9-alt1.svn5450

    - Updated to svn5450
    + Almost all Crimbo content
    + Crimbo and Cursed outfits
    + Fix relay browser overrides
    + Various fixes

2007-12-19 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.9-alt1.svn5413

    - Updated to svn5413
    + More Crimbo content
    + Bulk purchases when running moods
    + Increase timeout to 30 seconds
    + Smarter handling of relay combat actions

2007-12-16 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.9-alt1.svn5387

    - Updated to svn5387
    + More Crimbo content
    + Better cafe support
    + Various other bugfixes

2007-12-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.9-alt1.svn5370

    - Updated to 11.9 (svn5370)
    + More Pirate content
    + Log unexpected monsters
    + Sidequest marking is optional
    + Count nuns meat
    + Clingfilm recipes

2007-12-05 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.8-alt1.svn5333

    - Updated to svn5333
    + Auto-select best "papaya war" choice (by raorn@)
    + Completely normal Advent treats
    + Crimbo P.R.E.S.S.I.E.
    + Some customized images for big islands sidequests
    + Preliminary Pirate content support

2007-12-01 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.8-alt1.svn5318

    - Updated to svn5318
    + Battlefield casualty counters
    + New holiday drinks
    + Highlight molybdenium tools usage
    + Guy Made Of Bees counter and defeat
    + Other minor fixes
    + Zim Merman guitar fix from raorn@

2007-11-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.8-alt1.svn5287

    - Updated to svn5287
    + Jolly Roger charm
    + Many bugfixes
    + Blue glowstick
    + New KoL holidays

2007-11-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.8-alt1.svn5254

    - Updated to svn5254
    + Limit price of auto-purchased items to 2xminimal mall price
    + Added zap command to menu
    + Automatically filter out unzappable items from zap combo box
    + Add more info to snapshot at startup (printed to debug log)
    + Fix new events detection
    + Many other bugfixes

2007-11-01 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.8-alt1.svn5226

    - Updated to svn5226
    + Correct AT/DB skills
    + New wad transmutation recipes
    + New Ultra Rare item (Dallas Dynasty Falcon Crest shield)
    + Basic November IOTM support
    + Spooky Surpize Egg and Tiny Plastics series 2

2007-10-29 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.8-alt1.svn5220

    - Updated to 11.8 release (svn5220)
    + Festival of Jarlsberg holiday and an item
    + JEW hat buff duration change works from inventory

2007-10-23 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.7-alt1.svn5215

    - Updated to svn5215
    + Fix Swing's handling of
    tags for copy/paste
    + Support for bricks of sand
    + Fix some ASH bugs

2007-10-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.7-alt1.svn5209

    - Updated to svn5209
    + Fix inebrities
    + Add option for price limit for expensive items (from raorn@)
    + Updated monsters info for Oasis, Pyramid, Wine Racks, Orchard, Dooks,
    Themtar Hills, Black Forest, Palindome, and Bodyguard Bat (from damir@)

2007-10-16 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.7-alt1.svn5207

    - Updated to svn5207
    + Gnomad camp quest support
    + Friars blessing support
    + Fix forum links

2007-10-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.7-alt1.svn5202

    - Updated to svn5202
    + New Mr. Store familiars, new items and new effects
    + Fixes PvP vs. Devsters or defeated players

2007-10-06 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.7-alt1.svn5201

    - Updated to svn5201
    + New Penultimate choice adventure
    + Initial support for October FIOTM
    + Remove MCD boss reminder in BadMoon
    + Fix monster level in basement spoiler
    + Complete BadMoon status effects

2007-09-24 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.7-alt1.svn5191

    - Updated to svn5191
    + Lucrecore support
    + More BadMoon support
    + Usual bugfixes

2007-09-12 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.6-alt1.svn5124

    - Updated to svn5124
    + Fixed bug with mood editing
    + Demon summoning support (via CLI)
    + Black pudding and drum machine adventures
    + Lowered stat requirement for greater-than sign
    + Bounty hunting outfit
    + Fix goat cheese pizza tracking
    + Abort timeout retries when world peace is declared
    + Gauntlet fixes

2007-09-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.6-alt1.svn5030

    - Updated to 11.6 + new features (svn5030)
    + More BadMoon support
    + September IOTM skill support
    + Added BadMoon to ascension page
    + Usual bugfixing

2007-08-29 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.5-alt1.svn4965

    - Updated to svn4965
    + More BadMoon support
    + Telescope support
    + Many bugfixes

2007-08-28 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.5-alt1.svn4929

    - Updated to 11.5 + new features (svn4929)
    + Initial Bad Moon support (Store, Styx, some status effects, ash function in_bad_moon()
    + Usual bugfixing

2007-08-23 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.4-alt1.svn4891

    - Updated to svn4891
    + Jiggle stationary button
    + Fix session time-in
    + Add "auto" button for choice adventures
    + Allow "jiggle" as a Custom Combat command
    + Relay browser safety spoilers
    + New Haunted Kitchen items
    + Better estimate for Gauntlet Gauntlet

2007-08-20 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.4-alt1.svn4822

    - Updated to 11.4 + fixes (svn4822)
    + CLI login fixes and Daily Dungeon fixes gone upstream
    + Item drops from gremlins
    + Around the World miniquest support
    + Usual bugfixing

2007-08-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.3-alt1.svn4763

    - Updated to svn4763
    + Some fixes to Daily Dungeon treasure chests handling by raorn@
    + Fixes to allow CLI to run with empty DISPLAY environment variable by raorn@
    + Massive basement impoves and fixes
    + Show "Entangling noodles" button in battle
    + More spleentacular items
    + Usual bugfixing

2007-08-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.3-alt1.svn4727

    - Updated to svn4727
    + More default actions for moods
    + Fix "item not found" errors
    + Fix mood with skills handling
    + Update fullness/inebrity data for food/booze
    + Basement spoilers
    + Item drop data for Black Forest and Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
    + Other bugfixes

2007-08-10 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.3-alt1.svn4695

    - 11.3 version + 2 commits
    + Many bigfixes
    + More filters in item manager
    + Auto-disassembly of barrel clovers
    + Wizard Action Figure
    + Fix CLI mode login

2007-08-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt2.svn4605

    - Updated to svn4605
    + Couple of new monsters
    + Couple of new status effects
    + Usual bugfixing
    + Introduce relay ASH scripting

2007-07-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt2.svn4541

    - Updated to svn4541
    + Fix mood handling during auto adventure
    + Exotic Parrot
    + Add a couple of monsters

2007-07-29 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt2.svn4522

    - Fixed equipment manager patch

2007-07-29 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt1.svn4522

    - Updated to svn4522
    + New patch for better equipment manager useability
    + Option to show monster stats/drops in relay browser

2007-07-28 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt1.svn4505

    - Updated to svn4505
    + Many bugfixes
    + Rampaging Adding Machine support
    + Patch for hagnk-like equipment manager was obsoleted by upstream
    + Gallery and Spookyraven second floor automatic unlocking
    + Update Health and Mana restorers list
    + Boss reminders for all signs

2007-07-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt1.svn4402

    - Updated to svn4402
    + Dusty bottles support
    + Fix leprechaun equipment bug
    + Removed "login" command
    + Blackbird autoassembly
    + Auto-unlock goatlet
    + Added "pvp" command
    + Dvorak's revenge handling
    + Add multiplier to "mood execute"

2007-07-18 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.2-alt1.svn4327

    - 11.2 release (updated to r4327)
    + Patch for hagnk-like equipment manager gone upstream
    + Ronin duration fixed in upstream
    + Fix endless loop bug when parsing effects in charpane
    + Better NS13 support

2007-07-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4252

    - Updated to r4252
    + Update voleyball formula
    + Detect steel organ aquisition
    + Auto-auto-attack feature
    + Usual bugfixing

2007-07-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4213

    - Updated to r4213
    + Hagnk-like equipment manager (patch from raorn@)
    + Hedge maze solving
    + Pyramid choice adventure
    + Usual bugfixing

2007-07-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4174

    - Updated to r4174
    + Fix logout after closing all windows
    + Many other bugfixes

2007-07-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4148

    - Updated to r4148
    - Added patch for Ronin duration

2007-07-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4146

    - Updated to r4146
    + War Hippy camp
    + New Bounty Hunter Hunter support
    + Cupcake status effects (finally!)
    + Bang potion support (finally!!!)
    + July IOTM
    + New KoLMafia rule, kids: We Don't Attack Our Clanmates in PvP

2007-07-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4078

    - Updated to r4078
    + even more NS13 support

2007-06-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4056

    - Updated to r4056
    + More NS13 support

2007-06-27 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1.svn4000

    - Updated to r4000
    + NS13 preliminary support

2007-06-24 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.1-alt1

    - Updated to 11.1 release

2007-06-20 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3925

    - Updated to r3925
    + New Grimacite items and zone
    + Fix crafting tools autosell price

2007-06-14 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3911

    - Updated to r3911
    + New shirts
    + New shore items
    + MCD bossed fix
    + Doc Galactic's partial restorers
    + Reworked tab interface
    + Many bugfixes

2007-06-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3862

    - Updated to r3862
    + Green Pixie and absinth stuff
    + New holidays
    + Ram battering staff and icy-hot katana now are meatsmithing items
    + Corrected(doubled) antiques drop rate.
    + usual bugfixes

2007-05-30 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3836

    - Updated to r3876
    + New turtleslinger
    + New cookbooks
    + More clover protection
    + usual bugfixes

2007-05-17 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3796

    - Updated to r3796
    + Swamp gas
    + Automated flower hunter
    + many bugfixes

2007-05-09 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3738

    - Updated to r3738
    + Monday update: turtle totem

2007-05-07 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3734

    - Updated to r3734
    + More fixes to login/logout in CLI

2007-05-05 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1.svn3724

    - Updated to r3724
    + Female constellations
    + Update Palindome monsters
    - Obsoleted patch for ALT #11605

2007-05-02 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 11.0-alt1

    - 11.0 release

2007-04-28 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.9-alt4.svn3664

    - Updated to r3664

2007-04-25 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.9-alt4.svn3642

    - Updated to r3642:
    + jewelrymaking changes (24/04)
    + some UI changes and bugfixes - see git or svn changelogs for details

2007-04-23 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.9-alt4.svn3617

    - Remove unneeded login after "logout" command (ALT #11605)

2007-04-22 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.9-alt3.svn3617

    - Updated to 3617 svn revision, featuring following major changes:
    + new shirts
    + always logout on exit
    + usual bugfixing

2007-04-11 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.9-alt2

    - Added .desktop file and icon.
    - Pass command-line parameters to KoLmafia.

2007-04-08 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.9-alt1

    - New version.

2007-04-05 Damir Shayhutdinov <damir at> 10.8-alt1

    - Initial build for ALT Linux.

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