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Sisyphus: 0.95.8-alt2
p8: 0.95.8-alt1.M80P.1
p7: 0.95.6-alt0.M70T.1
t7: 0.95.6-alt0.M70T.1
Platform6: 0.95.3-alt0.M60P.1
t6: 0.95.3-alt0.M60P.1
Platform5: 0.92.0-alt6
5.1: 0.92.0-alt6

Group :: Graphical desktop/Window Maker
Source RPM: WindowMaker

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2017-03-17 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.95.8-alt2

    - Revert upstream commits changing fullscreen window handling
    (use case that broke reported to bjorn@).

2017-03-12 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.8-alt1

    - Update to a new version. Corrected Makefile patch.

2015-08-18 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.95.7-alt1

    - Built for Sisyphus.

2015-08-18 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.7-alt0.1

    - Update to a new version. Corrected menu patch.

2014-09-09 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.95.6-alt1

    - 0.95.6

2014-07-16 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.5-alt2

    - Removed dependency on bitmap fonts.

2013-09-12 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.5-alt1

    - Update to a new version. Removed unnecessary patches.

2013-03-05 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.95.4-alt5

    - Adjusted font specification to cope with UTF-8 (closes: #28592).
    - Updated wallpaper image path to branding.git one (closes: #28624).
    - Created /usr/bin/WPrefs symlink and fixed patches (closes: #28593).

2013-02-18 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.4-alt4

    - Corrected configuration files in altlinux directory.

2013-01-18 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.4-alt3

    - Relocated GNUstep directory.

2013-01-18 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.4-alt2

    - Relocated GNUstep directory.

2013-01-18 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.4-alt1

    - Update to a new version.

2012-05-17 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.3-alt1

    - Update to a new version.

2012-05-17 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.2-alt3

    - Corrected frame border color.

2012-05-13 Andrey Bergman <vkni at> 0.95.2-alt2

    - Reimport to Sisyphus.

2012-03-17 Konstantin Kogan <kostyalamet at 0.95.2-alt1

    - WindowMaker 0.95.2 for branch 5.1

2012-01-24 Konstantin Kogan <kostyalamet at 0.95.0-alt1

    - First version for Alt Linux Users Club

2010-11-17 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 0.94.0-alt2

    - Apply forgotten title height patch

2010-10-31 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 0.94.0-alt1

    - [0.94.0-crm-292-g5ff0272]
    - Pixmaps and icons moved from /usr/share/pixmaps to Pixmaps and Icons
    WindowMaker data directories
    - Dropped and wm-oldmenu2new scripts
    - Added /usr/share/design/current/backgrounds and
    /usr/share/design/current/icons to default PixmapPath and IconPath

2009-06-23 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at> 0.92.0-alt6

    - Rebuilt with new libpng12

2009-03-29 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 0.92.0-alt5

    - Dropped useless use of alloca(3) [#18514]
    - Workaround for Composite problems.
    (patch from;h=e4800e84)
    - Ignore workspace change when chaning workspaces. [#7230]
    - Atomic saves for history and session. [#3394]
    - Turn anti-aliasing in libWINGs on by default.

2009-03-22 Sir Raorn <raorn at> 0.92.0-alt4

    - Fixed typos in WindowMaker-Terminal script. [#15693]
    - Slightly rewritten WindowMaker-Lock script. [#15694]
    - Updated URL. [#19126]
    - Fixed periodic focus bug. [#9520]
    (patch from;h=c91bb1ba)
    - Fixed segfault when sending messages to backgroung helper. [#18353]
    - Dropped obsolete menu/wms/ldconfig updates.
    - Sanitized icon search paths.
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2008-05-15 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.92.0-alt3

    - moved to /usr/libexec. [#8414]
    Don't forget to update your local settings!
    - Fixed fallback fonts when there's no ttf-fonts-ms installed [#13015]
    - Fixed hiding of app-switching panel [#7352]
    - Fixed environment corruption resulting in losing managed heads on restart [#9519]
    - Fixed autostart/exitscript scripts [#13904]
    - Shadowed window frames are raised on unhide now [#9237]
    (patch by Artem Delendik )
    - little spec cleanup

2006-02-19 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.92.0-alt2

    - weird change to changelog... ^( ( % -> %%)
    - chrismas bug fixed [#3480]
    - rebuilt with new xorg
    - sowings patch updated, 'undefined symbol' warnings removed
    - all configs and paths updated (/usr/X11R6 -> /usr)

2005-09-03 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.92.0-alt1

    - new version (0.92.0, cvs snapshot 20050903)
    - fixed menu file [#6951]
    - autostart script fixed (thanks thresh@ :) ) [#7337]
    - swpanel-customization patch added (by Gleb Stiblo )
    - ukrainian po added (by Victor Forsyuk )

2005-05-21 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.91.0-alt1

    - new version (0.91.0, cvs snapshot 20050517)
    - xinerama support enabled [#5649]
    - dockhotkeys patch updated and combined with dockhotkeys-fix patch,
    settings window positioning fixed
    - sowings, singleclick, session, restartscrpt, menutrans, trance, newbuttons
    titlebar, clipnotext, mmx, adialog, minimizeall, swmenu_rclick, moving-add,
    focus patches were updated
    - ancient fonts, ac25, nousrscripts, appsdir, nimbus, transopt
    patches were removed
    - peter's patches: newappicon, mouse-placement, appicon-bouncer2
    were updated
    - peter's patches: wmmisc, xinerama_arrangeicons, virtual-desktop,
    nomovable, action-fullscreen, netwm2, info-panel-update, netwm-skip-taskbar,
    netwm-focus-fix, placement-fixes were removed
    - system autostart and exitscript scripts were updated
    - convertfonts utility was added
    - default configs were updated
    - README.ALT updated
    - using default .po file (temporarily :) )
    - buildreqs updated

2004-10-22 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt24

    - fixed bug in dockhotkeys patch

2004-09-17 ALT QA Team Robot <qa-robot at> 0.80.2-alt23.1

    - Rebuilt with

2004-08-03 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt23

    - call ldconfig in proper subpackages [fix for #4926]

2004-06-09 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt22

    - peter's appicon bouncer patch added
    - peter's netwm focus fix patch added
    - adialog patch updated [thanks to dfo]
    - changed default font for WindowMaker-Terminal [fix for #3949]

2004-03-24 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt21

    - peter's patches updated (netwm)

2003-12-29 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt20

    - fixed dependency on libWINGs
    - removed *.la
    - fixed compilation of WINGs examples [.sowings patch updated]

2003-10-16 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt19

    - updated to cvs snapshot 06-Aug-2003
    - peter's netwm patches updated
    - textfield patch added [WMGetTextFieldCursorPosition function]
    - adialog now supports completion
    - sga-moving-add updated

2003-07-14 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt18

    - adialog patch added. adds history to some dialogs.
    replace %a with %A to activate it.
    - default WMRootMenu changed to use dialogs with history.
    - sowings patch updated [libWMaker is also shared library]
    - moving-add patch that uses home/end/pgup/pgdn keys to move/resize
    windows to various parts of the screen
    [by Gleb Stiblo ]

2003-07-10 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt17

    - fixed deps for libWINGs* on libwraster*
    - virtual_desktop disabled by default.
    set VirtualEdgeThickness to 1 to enable it.

2003-07-07 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt16

    - new cvs snapshot (07-Jul-2003)
    - dynamic libWINGs and libWUtil (sowings patch)
    - repackaging.
    - virtual desktop patch updated [by peter]
    - netwm patch updated [by peter]
    - fixes patch replaced xinerama-usablearea-fix and xinerama-arrange-icons
    patches [by peter]
    - no-movable patch updated [by peter]
    - mouse-placement patch updated [by peter]
    - mouse-placement-wprefs patch added [by peter]
    - newappicon patch updated but still disabled (it still doesn't support
    alt-tab switching) [by peter]
    - buildreqs fixed

2003-07-03 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt15

    - titlebar patch. Adds WindowTitleMinHeight, WindowTitleMaxHeight,
    MenuTitleMinHeight and MenuTitleMaxHeight options, that provides
    more control over titlebar look.
    - clipnotext patch. Adds ShowClipTitle that allows hiding
    workspace name in clip
    - --enable-kde removed form configure. This fixes bug with omnipresent
    windows, that eats cpu.
    - LeetWM theme removed. It is provided by largo-themes package.

2003-06-27 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt14

    - typo in fixed.
    - transopt patch added (translation of strings in %a());
    - menutrans patch fixed (translation of submenu titles)
    - README.ALT updated

2003-06-14 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt13

    - new cvs snapshot (14-Jun-2003)
    - xft2 patch no longer needed.
    - patches reordered
    - netwm patches updated
    - virtual-desktop patch added and enabled.
    - newappicon patch removed. (too many bugs.)
    - buildreqs updated

2003-06-06 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt12

    - added swmenu_rclick patch (by "Pavel S. Khmelinsky" )
    - README.ALT updated

2003-06-02 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt11

    - newappicon patch (by Peter Zijlstra )
    - xft2 patch fixed, now it builds correctly even with latest XFree86.

2003-05-14 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt10

    - new cvs snapshot (11-May-2003)
    - fixed bug in Peter's patch [gimp2 crashes wmaker to segfault]
    - fixed problem with lost focus by single window with iconify/deiconify
    - pkgconfig files added to -devel
    - fake items added to menu file to prevent translation disappear from
    .mo in menu package

2003-03-08 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt9

    - netwm patch added (by Peter Zijlstra )
    [this should add kde3.1 and gnome2 support]
    - sloppyback patch added (by Peter Zijlstra )

2003-03-02 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt8

    - new cvs snapshot (01-Mar-2003)
    - wmsetbg and swmsetbg patches no longer needed.
    - trance patch by vlaad updated.
    - mmx patch updated. --disable-mmx added to configure.
    - minimizeall patch added (by "Pavel S. Khmelinsky" )

2003-02-28 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt7

    - swmsetbg patch added.
    - default theme fixed (uses design-graphics)

2003-02-06 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt6

    - BuildRequires fixed

2003-01-29 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt5

    - translations spellchecked (bug #2101)
    - Default focus mode set to manual (it's better for GNUstep)
    - s/_x11prefix/_x11dir/

2003-01-23 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 0.80.2-alt4

    - remove deps on mandrake_desk

2002-12-29 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt3

    - new cvs snapshot (29-Dec-2002)
    - "--enable debug" option added (build with debug info)
    - ALTLinux theme ( added and made default
    for new users.
    - fixed bug in wmsetbg with tpixmap (#1794)

2002-12-07 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt2

    - new cvs snapshot (02-Dec-2002)
    - wfrabebug patch no longer needed
    - listview patch no longer needed
    - aafont patch no longer needed
    - nimbus patch updated
    - gettext patch no longer needed
    - singleclick patch updated
    - russian translation updated
    - patches renumbered

2002-11-20 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.2-alt1

    - cvs snapshot (17-Nov-2002)
    - bas tarball changed to 0.80.2 (libwraster buffer overrun fixed)
    - more accurate xft2 patch.
    - nimbus patch updated.
    - wframebug patch added (fixes bug in WINGs/wframe.c)
    - listview patch added (adds method to access bg color of WMList
    [needed to fix synaptic and])

2002-11-04 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt10

    - fallback fonts changed from arial to nimbus sans l (nimbus patch)
    - default WMGLOBAL updated (Antialiasing by default is turned off)
    - README.ALT updated
    - global exitscript fixed
    - removed directory /usr/share/icons/mini from filelist

2002-10-19 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt9.1

    - cvs snapshot (19-Oct-2002) [Xft support]
    - singleclick patch updated and renamed
    - nousrscrpt patch updated and renamed
    - menutrans patch updated and renamed
    - trance patch updated and renamed
    - newbuttons patch updated and renamed
    - mmx patch added (dirty hack to disable mmx inline asm)
    - xft2 patch added (dirty hack from aen to allow WM use Xft2)

2002-10-08 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt9

    - fixed bug #1366 (change in WindoMaker-alt.tar.bz2/usr/X11R6/bin/startwindowmaker)

2002-09-16 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt8.1

    - newbuttons patch fixed, so it have all used buttons
    (including xkb group indicators)
    - (inger) update buildreq(XFree86-static-libs)

2002-09-14 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt7

    - cvs snapshot (20020914)
    - wtblbug patch no longer needed
    - trance patch (transparent menus by Carlos Torres
    [sent to me by Axel ])
    - newbuttons patch (buttons in window titles by Carlos Torres )

2002-09-03 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt6

    - WindowMaker-Lock added to filelist
    - /usr/share/locale/*/ added to filelist

2002-08-31 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt5

    - WMRootMenu added.
    - WindowMaker-Lock script added (called from menu to lock screen)
    - WindowMaker-Terminal now runs xvt by default
    - Requires xvt instead of aterm
    - Better patch to support .../Gs/Applications directory
    (thanks to Sir Raorn )
    - /usr/lib/menu/WindowMaker updated. most users should delete their
    ~/Gs/D/WMRootMenu to get full functionality now.
    - /etc/menu-methods/WindowMaker doesn't do translation, it is performed by
    WindowMaker itself
    - patches renamed according to policy
    - menutrans patch added (translate root menu on-the-fly)
    - README.ALT updated
    - ru.po updated

2002-07-31 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt4

    - reverted back to .../Gs/Apps, helper scripts is not installed
    - README.ALT downdated :)

2002-07-25 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt3 (unpublished)

    - restartscrpt patch added. It allows wmaker to run exit script when
    - nousrscrpt patch added. It starts systemwide init/exit script before
    user defined scripts. Additionally it adds two options in ~/G/D/WindowMaker:
    ExecuteUserScript & ExecuteSystemScript, to finetune running of scripts.
    - apps patch added. It provides ability to load resources from .../Apps and from
    .../Applications directory. Needed for compatibility.
    - changed .../GNUstep/Apps to .../GNUstep/Appliactions as Sir Raorn suggested.
    - README.ALT added
    - startup script added, which informs user about possible "bad" links
    to application in ~/Gs/D/
    - fixgsapps script added, which tries to fix "bad" links in ~/Gs/D/

2002-07-11 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt2

    - fixed bug in WINGs/Extra/wtableview.c
    - fixed bug #1061

2002-07-05 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.1-alt1

    - new release (+ cvs snapshot)
    - updated -session patch.
    - ac25 patch. now uses autoconf_2.5 directly
    - ru.po updated

2002-06-19 Konstantin Volckov <goldhead at> 0.80.0-alt0.9

    - Removed requires to glibc-locales (removed wmchlocale)

2002-06-01 Alexey Voinov <vns at> 0.80.0-alt0.8

    - '--enable-gnome' option re-enabled
    - cpp added to required packages (BUG#0000968)
    - spec cleanup

2002-05-31 Konstantin Volckov <goldhead at> 0.80.0-alt0.7

    - Removed requires for binutils (moved some scripts to devel package)

2002-03-31 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.0-alt0.6

    - session patch added (fix a bug with not saving all windows in session
    when SharedAppIcon is enabled)

2002-01-21 AEN <aen at> 0.80.0-alt0.5

    - s/Mandrake/ALT Linux/g menu-methods

2002-01-09 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 0.80.0-alt0.4

    - Updated wmsession.d and startup scripts.

2002-01-06 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.0-alt0.3

    - cvs version
    - gettext patch added (zh_TW.Big5.po corrupted, make it at least compile)

2001-12-28 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.0-alt0.2

    - directories rearranged
    - removed all references to '/home/voins' from default config files
    - default configuration files updated to 0.80.0
    - ru.po updated to 0.80.0 and fixed a little

2001-12-23 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.80.0-alt0.1

    - 0.80.0

2001-10-27 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt6

    - cvs version

2001-10-22 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt6

    - dockhotkeys patch updated (fixed BUG#103)

2001-10-18 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt5

    - WindowMaker-devel removed from BuildRequires

2001-10-15 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 0.70.0-alt4

    - Rebuilt with

2001-10-11 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt3

    - uncollapse patch added
    - dockhotkeys patch added (now we can setup docked appicons to launch
    on keypress(not only mouse click))

2001-10-07 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt2

    - forget to mention: wm now compiled with gcc instead of kgcc(!)
    - fixed BuildRequires

2001-10-07 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt1

    - .po files updated (but not finished :( )

2001-10-05 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.70.0-alt0.1

    - new version
    - spec cleanup
    - WindowMaker-Terminal now passess all commandline options to underlying term.
    - all extra files put into WindowMaker-alt.tar.bz2

2001-09-13 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.66.0-alt0.3

    - 2001-09-13 cvs version

2001-08-14 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.66.0-alt0.2

    - 2001-08-14 cvs version
    - cyrenter patch removed
    - BuildRequires corrected

2001-07-05 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.66.0-alt0.1

    - cvs version
    - plmenu.ja added (Kojima marks wrong files as release-0_65_0 in cvs)

2001-06-08 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.65.0-alt2

    - corrected dependance on wmsetbg
    - better WindowMaker-Terminal
    - menu rearranged
    - now BuildRequires gettext > 0.38.1 because it'll not compile
    with earlier versions

2001-05-12 Alexey Voinov <voins at> 0.65.0-alt1

    - 0.65.0
    - patches reordered

2001-04-29 Alexey Voinov <voins at>

    - fixed problems with new gettext
    - conditional NoSource. use --define 'nosource 1' to build nosrc.rpm

2001-04-17 Alexey Voinov <voins at>

    - WPrefs's menu section fixed, no more SIGSEGV

2001-04-16 Alexey Voinov <voins at>

    - WPrefs translations updated

2001-04-14 Alexey Voinov <voins at>

    - translation updated
    - configuration updated
    - utils/wm-oldmenu2new fixed

2001-04-12 Alexey Voinov <voins at>

    - fixed problem with WPrefs translations
    - fixed problem with menu
    - all files in /usr/X11R6/bin added
    - wsfont patch (display cyrillic workspcae name correctly)
    - extras now included
    - wmCalClock and now in separate packages
    - single_click patch adapted and applied

2001-02-17 AEN <aen at>

    - patches from Alexey Voinov

2001-02-15 AEN <aen at>

    - 0.64

2001-02-01 AEN <aen at>

    - build from cvs

2001-01-11 AEN <aen at>

    - new version
    - small spec cleanup

2000-12-24 AEN <aen at>

    - correct packager name :-)

2000-12-05 AEN <aen at>

    - rebuild for RE
    - fonts & kbdlock patches
    - moved wmsetbg & libwraster in separate package
    - ru.po patch
    - mo files -> /usr/share/locale

2000-11-10 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-19mdk

    - Build with glibc-2.2 & gcc-2.96

2000-09-19 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-18mdk

    - Make auto-login happy

2000-08-31 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-17mdk

    - Fix wmsession

2000-08-30 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-16mdk

    - Fix "I kill the X server"

2000-08-13 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-15mdk

    - New clock (wmCalClock)
    - New config files
    - Modify Window Maker specific menu entries
    - Spec clean up
    - Patch for wmsetbg
    - Add Packager tag
    - New wmsession support

2000-08-07 Frederic Lepied <flepied at> 0.62.1-14mdk

    - automatically added BuildRequires

2000-05-12 dam's <damien at> 0.62.1-13mdk

    - corrected workspace menus.

2000-05-10 dam's <damien at> 0.62.1-12mdk

    - corrected wmaker.inst text script

2000-05-09 dam's <damien at> 0.62.1-11mdk

    - corrected wmaker test script.

2000-05-08 Guillaume Cottenceau <gc at> 0.62.1-10mdk

    - remove asclock which conflicts with AfterStep-APPS
    - added url

2000-05-02 Frederic Lepied <flepied at> 0.62.1-9mdk

    - really add menu support

2000-04-28 Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud at> 0.62.1-8mdk

    - added fndSession call

2000-04-27 Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud at>

    - fix wmconfig crash

2000-04-21 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-6mdk

    - Requires mandrake_desk >= 1.0.3-9mdk

2000-04-21 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-5mdk

    - Add the binary :/ and put it in the right PATH

2000-04-21 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-4mdk

    - Relocate in /usr/X11R6
    - Menu support
    - Fix crazy obsoletes

2000-04-20 Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud at> 0.62.1-3mdk

    - fix a very old bug : when ~/GNUstep doesn't exists, exec wmaker.inst
    else the end user won't be able to launch WindowMaker

2000-04-04 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-2mdk

    - Split in 2 packages (devel & normal)
    - Fix Group

2000-04-04 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.1-1mdk

    - 0.62.1

2000-03-31 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 0.62.0-1mdk

    - 0.62.0
    - Release for impatients
    - Use new Groups
    - Use %{_tmppath} for BuildRoot

2000-03-05 David BAUDENS 0.61.1-17mdk

    - Fix duplicate screen saver
    - French translations and adapatations

2000-01-05 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - 0.61.1-16mdk: new icon
    - 0.61.1-15mdk: back to /usr for some directories
    - 0.61.1-14mdk: fix PATH in /etc/X11/WindowMaker
    - 0.61.1-13mdk: fix a typo in WMDrake
    - 0.61.1-12mdk: requires mandrake_desk >= 1.0.1-11mdk

2000-01-04 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - 0.61.1-11mdk: new icon
    - 0.61.1-10mdk: better MandrakeSoft customization

2000-01-03 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Enable WMDrake
    - Fix typos

1999-12-27 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Fix display version

1999-12-21 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Fix WMDrake

1999-12-15 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Cleanup spec
    - Back to original sources
    - (Re) Fix cpp problem

1999-12-09 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Build release

1999-12-08 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Add some apps in wmdrake

1999-12-04 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - Initial wmdrake

1999-11-20 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

    - 0.61
    - Add some patches from package of Ryan Weaver

1999-09-29 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - Various patch syncronised with package from Ryan Weaver
    - Added diff from cvs 'WindowMaker-0.61.0-19990922cvs.diff.bz2'
    - fixes seg fault at exit among other things including the following.
    - fixed problem with window shortcut assignment from the menu
    - fixed problem with fonts in WINGs (Masahide -mac- NODA
    - WindowMaker-0.61.0-po.patch.bz2

1999-09-21 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <bero at>

    - 0.61.0
    - fix compilation
    - redo Mandrake adaptions

1999-07-20 Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud at>

    - add french description from Gregus
    - fix a typo

1999-06-30 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - Update URL.

1999-05-17 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - Fix include problem with /usr/bin/cpp (need /lib/cpp).

1999-05-15 Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at>

    - Mandrake Adaptations.

1999-04-19 Preston Brown <pbrown at>

    - fixed up default config (dock was empty...)

1999-04-15 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

    - version 0.52.0

1999-04-14 Preston Brown <pbrown at>

    - fixed problem with running wmaker.inst in batch mode (forgot comma)

1999-04-12 Preston Brown <pbrown at>

    - fixed icon problems
    - run wmaker.inst in batch mode if no ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker dir exists

1999-04-05 Preston Brown <pbrown at>

    - strip binaries

1999-04-01 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

    - requires cpp

1999-03-21 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

    - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 4)

1999-03-17 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

    - make sure we get the full distribution
    - run ldconfig in the post script

1999-02-15 The Rasterman <raster at>

    - added gnome winhints areas support fix.

1999-02-02 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

    - version 0.51.0

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