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Sisyphus: 0.8.9-alt6.qa3
p8: 0.8.9-alt6.qa3
p7: 0.8.9-alt6.qa3
t7: 0.8.9-alt6.qa3
Platform6: 0.8.9-alt6.qa3
t6: 0.8.9-alt6.qa3
Platform5: 0.8.9-alt6.qa1
5.1: 0.8.9-alt6.qa1

Group :: Networking/Instant messaging
Source RPM: alicq

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2011-04-09 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0.8.9-alt6.qa3

    - NMU: menu converted to .desktop file

2010-02-03 Repocop Q. A. Robot <repocop at> 0.8.9-alt6.qa2

    - NMU (by repocop): the following fixes applied:
    * update_menus for alicq
    * postclean-05-filetriggers for spec file

2008-04-10 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 0.8.9-alt6.qa1

    - NMU (by repocop): the following fixes applied:
    * update_menus for alicq

2007-11-12 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.9-alt6

    - fix build requires

2006-02-15 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.9-alt5

    - new CVS version 2006.15.02

2005-08-04 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.9-alt4

    - fix Makefile

2005-05-04 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.9-alt3

    - cvs update

2004-12-07 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.9-alt2

    - Tree performance fixes

2004-10-18 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.9-alt1

    - Rebuild for ALT Linux

2004-10-12 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.9-alt1

    - RC

2004-10-06 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.8-alt9

    - Release candidate for 0.8.9

2004-09-23 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.8-alt8

    - rebuild for ALT Linux

2004-09-20 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.8-alt7

    - Dialogs fixes

2004-08-16 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.8-alt6

    - Shows status of authorized contacts when server blocks old status requests

2004-07-14 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.8-alt5

    - Direct connections

2004-04-27 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.8-alt4

    - added module emoticons for drawing graphic smiles

2004-04-15 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.8-alt3

    - fix build requires

2004-04-14 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.8-alt2

    - Final build for 0.8.8 release. See changes in /usr/share/alicq/doc/changelog
    after installation.

2004-03-31 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.8-alt1

    - change alicq lib dir

2003-12-22 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.7-alt10

    - rebuild for ALT Linux

2003-12-22 Igor Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt9

    - automatical rebuild

2003-12-22 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt8

    - build dependance on tcllib added

2003-12-22 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt7

    - build dependance on tcl added

2003-12-22 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt6

    - test build in BTE

2003-12-22 Igor Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt5

    - automatical rebuild

2003-12-19 Igor Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt4

    - automatical rebuild

2003-12-19 Igor Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt3

    - automatical rebuild

2003-12-18 Igor Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt2

    - automatical rebuild.

2003-12-18 Igor Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.7-alt1

    - New upstream release 0.8.7

2003-12-04 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.6-alt4

    - new prerelease version 0.8.6-17
    - Cd into base directory to make modules life easier.
    - Server-side roster support
    - Some fixes for service-sie roster support, still incomplete.

2003-11-13 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.6-alt3

    - new prerelease version 0.8.6-14 released

2003-11-05 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.6-alt2

    - new version released

2003-09-16 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.6-alt1

    - new version released
    - icq libs moved to separated package and may use with out alicq

2003-07-09 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.5-alt8

    - modules/tray.tcl: statup popup in tray module on right click
    - modules/: autooffline.tcl, geometry.tcl: autooffline module added

2003-05-14 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.5-alt7

    - Fix for GAIM compatibility

2003-04-08 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.4-alt3

    - cvs snapshot (fixed some bugs with contacts)

2003-04-04 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.4-alt2

    - added Xmenu

2003-04-04 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.4-alt1

    - New version 0.8.4, which includes all changes since 0.8.3-3
    - Added saving of proportions in splitted message windows
    - Silent "unknonwn host" error handling

2003-03-20 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.3-alt4

    - Fixed minor bug when sending empty contact list to server
    - Fixed bug in protocol error handling

2003-03-20 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.3-alt2

    - Fixed bug with encoding in history

2003-03-20 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.3-alt1

    - This release intended to test new unicode support and protocol
    handling code cleanup.
    - Implicit unicode usage when sending messages to unicode-capable
    - Great ICQ protocol handling library code cleanup.
    - Fixed bug with losing messages from Miranda IM.
    - Automatical recovery from protocol handling errors.
    - Automated (not automatical) sendin bug reports to author.
    - Key and mouse binding replaced with bindings to virtual events
    for better customization
    - Geometry module reworked to store windows geomery in Xdefaults format
    - Added sending keepalive packets (option -keepalive)
    - Sending pings to detect network problems added
    - Fixed small bug when whitepages info showed UIN and status of
    local user, not remote one.
    - Fixed reconnect when used proxy - more automatic and reliable now.
    - Fixed bug when grouping rule was not saved to startup file on exit.

2003-01-31 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.2-alt1

    - Fixes for starange selection handling in some versions of BWidget
    - New resource timeFormat added to allow configure format of time displayed
    in message and history windows
    - Small fixes in UI: pack changed to grid in some windows.
    - Some code cleanup

2003-01-27 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.1-alt7

    - Fix for BWidget bug with selection on removed node
    - Pack method changed to grid method in main window

2003-01-24 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.1-alt6

    - Grouping and sorting subsystems in tree.tcl reworked
    - Fixed bug when 'Node already exists' error appears sometimes when contact
    changes status
    - Separate sorting rules for groups and contacts

2002-11-12 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.8.0-alt3

    - Baloons, remote client discovery

2002-11-08 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.8.0-alt1

    - new version released

2002-11-06 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.7.9-alt5

    - Stable release

2002-10-31 Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg at> 0.7.9-alt5

    - Configurator added. Now most important Alicq parameters can be
    configured in configurator window.
    - Repair package for converting config file to new format on-the-fly. Can
    also be used for automatical repairing of damaged config in future
    - Fix in proxy code
    - Fixed bug when selection is on deleted node in main tree
    - Check added for selectiong needed version of BWidget
    - Candidate for upstream release 0.8
    - Firmat of startup file changed
    - New modules infrastructure, based on properties and metadata allows create
    independant modules easier, and add new transports
    - Almost all modules rewritten according to new modules creation rules
    - Dynamic menu, allowing new items addition without restart
    - Alicq now can save changes in startup file
    - Support of subgroups (groups can include other groups)
    - Membership in several groups
    - Multicast messages to groups
    - Alicq saves state of groups on exit (open or closed)
    - Transport encoding can be specified for each contact besides global one
    - Setup wizard added

2002-07-17 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6.5-alt4

    - added requires
    - move icq libs to alicq share dir

2002-07-17 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6.5-alt3

    - added requires

2002-07-17 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6.5-alt2

    - changed libs and shares path

2002-06-07 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6.5-alt1

    - bugs fixes
    - new modules

2002-04-18 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6.1-alt1

    - new version released

2002-04-02 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6-alt2

    - new cvs snapshot 02.04.2002

2002-03-15 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.6-alt1

    - new version released

2002-02-20 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.5-alt2

    - fix requires
    - many bugfixses in alicq (0.6 pre version)

2002-02-07 Grigory Milev <week at> 0.5-alt1

    - Initial build for ALT Linux distribution.

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