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Sisyphus: 1.1-alt17
p8: 1.1-alt17
p7: 1.1-alt17
t7: 1.1-alt17

Group :: System/Configuration/Other
Source RPM: alterator-etcgit

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2012-10-25 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt17

    - Use the X-Alterator-VCS category.

2012-09-16 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt16

    - Fix: do not try to fetch profile if no URL is given.
    - Interpret #f as the null URL.
    - Fix: do not output local only branches in red.
    - Fix: do not require the current repo URL to be valid on the
    page load.

2012-09-13 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt15

    - Add update, add and publish scripts for etckeeper.
    - Improve the remote repo handling.

2012-09-07 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt14

    - Always list the local branches and thier publication status.
    - Do not try to calculate inter-service dependencies (buggy).
    - Restart the service when its runlevel settings changes.
    - Fix more: pass on the list-modified parameters.
    - Fix: try to filter out all non-service /etc/init.d files.
    - Fix forced branch publication.
    - Fix: commit changes using base and new branch parameter pair.
    - Fix error handling in the filter checkout/setup procs.
    - Fix: use `git ls-tree` instead of `git ls-files`.

2012-09-06 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt13

    - Check/ignore some errors during file checkouts.

2012-09-06 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt12

    - Add the 'checkout-meta' command for initial extract of the
    auxiliary and metadata files.

2012-09-06 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt11

    - Clean untracked not ignored files after the checkout.

2012-09-05 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt10

    - Fetch the remote branch before head comparison.

2012-09-05 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt9

    - Update/improve the independent service list.
    - Never select the 'alteratord' for restart by file.
    - Fix the async branch reload.

2012-09-04 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt8

    - Fix the head/branch parameter passing (affects 'etcgit fetch').

2012-09-03 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt7

    - Extract the `etcgit` tool to the subpackage.

2012-08-31 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt6

    - Use X-Alterator-Monitoring-Control category.

2012-08-29 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt5

    - Do not walk-up the paths to .gitignore and the other auxiliary
    files. Thus, do not restart extra services by accident.

2012-08-28 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt4

    - Implement asynchronous 'switch' command.

2012-08-24 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt3

    - Output the last (HEAD) commit message on plain `etcgit` call.
    - Fix undefined "in_head" parameter (functions).

2012-08-23 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt2

    - Fix/update readonly operations of the etcgit tool.

2012-08-22 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.1-alt1

    - Refactor the module for working with the local repo copy.

2012-07-20 Paul Wolneykien <manowar at> 1.0-alt1

    - Initial draft release.

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