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Sisyphus: 0.8.6-alt1
p8: 0.8.6-alt1
p7: 0.8.4-alt1
t7: 0.8.4-alt1
Platform6: 0.7.3-alt1
t6: 0.7.3-alt1.M60T.1
Platform5: 0.3-alt2
5.1: 0.3-alt2

Group :: System/Configuration/Other
Source RPM: alterator-livecd

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2016-11-16 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.8.6-alt1

    - Better remount error message.

2015-11-03 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.8.5-alt1

    - Work around "Can't remove /mnt/destination" (see also #31435).

2014-03-04 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.8.4-alt1

    - Mount /sys/fs/cgroup/* to the newly installed system.

2013-07-08 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.8.3-alt1

    - Show error message if /mnt/destination is not empty.
    - Don't count size of mounted to the /mnt/destination directories.
    - Updated

2013-05-16 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.8.2-alt1

    - Replace rm-slideshow hook with slideshow hook.
    - Fix error message.

2013-01-30 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.8.1-alt1

    - Fix (un)mounting live root in the installed system directory,.
    - livecd-install: Set dotglob shell option.

2013-01-10 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.8.0-alt1

    - Don't use unsquashfs, just copy files (closes: #27786).

2012-12-27 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.7.7-alt1

    - drop notify sleep factor by a decimal order

2012-12-21 Michael Shigorin <mike at> 0.7.6-alt1

    - require installer-scripts-remount-stage2 for remount script
    - minor spec cleanup
    - added an Url:

2012-12-21 Anton V. Boyarshinov <boyarsh at> 0.7.5-alt1

    - don't stop old alteratod to prevent systemd from killing new one

2012-12-20 Anton V. Boyarshinov <boyarsh at> 0.7.4-alt2

    - fix install from systemd

2012-05-24 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.7.4-alt1

    - Mount /run to the newly installed system.

2011-08-04 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.7.3-alt1

    - Allow slideshow on 512Mb.
    - Changed start title.

2011-07-20 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.7.2-alt1

    - Don't use global variable in do_install()/.
    - Fix perms on root directory of installed system.
    - rm-slideshow hook: Don't remove slides, use slideshow.conf.
    - rm-slideshow hook: Change memory limit to 512Mb.

2011-07-14 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.7.1-alt1

    - Fix 'step' slideshow parameter.
    - Drop debug print.

2011-07-14 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.7-alt1

    - Fix requires.
    - Make slideshow configurable.

2011-06-30 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.6-alt2

    - Add rm-slideshow hook.
    - Add slideshow.

2011-06-21 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.6-alt1

    - Add Russian start/finish notes.
    - Use custom text at start and finish steps.

2011-06-06 Mikhail Efremov <sem at> 0.5-alt1

    - finish: Unmount mountpoints with dots in name too.
    - start: Don't unmount hidden directories in root.
    - finish: Run all on livecd root.
    - finish: Run postinstall scripts when loaded.
    - Install stages consistent with installer.
    - Don't exceed 100% in progress bar.

2011-04-20 Anton V. Boyarshinov <boyarsh at> 0.4-alt2

    - add $destdir setting in livecd-functions

2011-04-13 Anton V. Boyarshinov <boyarsh at> 0.4-alt1

    - Add chroot after install

2009-08-26 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at> 0.3-alt2

    - Fix absent icons for specific steps

2009-08-10 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 0.3-alt1

    - move profile data out from general framework package
    - livecd-start backend: reverse order of mount points
    - i18n
    - livecd-install ui: remove unused code

2009-06-19 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.2-alt1

    - Add hook, to save timezone, NTP settings.
    Go away from chroot

2009-06-17 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt18

    - Remove LiveCD user from sudoers file

2009-06-16 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt17

    - Add $target_dir to hook

2009-06-16 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt16

    - add hook to restore default rootfs RW remounter

2009-06-16 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt15

    - Correct pkg list for remove

2009-06-15 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt14

    - save Xkbmap
    Update pkg list for remove
    Start/Stop services in installed system.

2009-06-09 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt13

    - Revert "Revert "Leave alterator-livecd package in installed system.""
    Save locale settings
    Remove livecd-save-nfs package in installed system
    Revert "Leave alterator-livecd package in installed system."
    Fix rm -rf invocation for temporary directories

2009-06-09 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt12

    - Leave alterator-livecd package in installed system.
    Leave /etc/mtab for alterator-lilo
    Mount {proc,sys,dev} after installation has finished.
    Empty temporary directories

2009-06-08 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt11

    - Icons now auto removed with LiveCD user homedir
    Mount proc, sys, dev to target_dir
    Fix typo in remount_rw name

2009-06-05 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt10

    - Remove remout_rw package after installation
    Add antihooks
    Add hook remove icons from Desktop

2009-06-04 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt9

    - Remove livecd-specific packages. Add datetime. Copy xorg.conf.

2009-06-04 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt8

    - Add steps: users, root. Do chroot to /mnt/destination.

2009-06-02 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt7


2009-06-02 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt6

    - Add hook for restore /etc/fstab

2009-06-02 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt5

    - Add scripts dir

2009-06-01 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt4

    - Fixed:
    unpacked squashfs size
    destination dir

2009-05-29 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt3

    - Add dependency to rpm-macros-alterator

2009-05-29 Andriy Stepanov <stanv at> 0.1-alt2

    - Progressbar
    check free space
    update fstab

2009-05-22 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 0.1-alt1

    - Initial build

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