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Sisyphus: 8.1-alt4
p8: 8.1-alt4

Group :: Documentation
Source RPM: docs-alt-kworkstation

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2017-05-24 Elena Mishina <lepata at> 8.1-alt4

    - fix typo
    - update doc

2017-02-10 Elena Mishina <lepata at> 8.1-alt3

    - update Conflicts list

2017-01-19 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 8.1-alt2

    - updated to latest public distr

2017-01-13 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 8.1-alt1

    - renamed to alt-kworkstation

2016-09-24 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 8.0-alt1

    - initial kworkstation doc

2016-03-05 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 7.0.5-alt3

    - fix changelog

2016-03-05 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 7.0.5-alt2

    - rebuild with publclian4

2016-01-23 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 7.0.5-alt1

    - update to 7.0.5

2014-08-19 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 7.0.3-alt1

    - update doc
    - switch to publican

2013-07-13 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 7.0.0-alt2

    - Version fix

2013-07-10 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 7.0.0-alt1

    - Add info about support *.docx in app libreOffice
    (thx Nickolay Rogalskiy)
    - add 11 step to "install-guide" This step is about setting up
    password for LUKS partition(s) (thx Nickolay Rogalskiy)
    - desktop-software/internet/im: telepathy replaces kopete
    - desktop-software/multimedia/kde: remove Dragonplayer
    - install-guide: added section for RAID, LVM and LUSK setup
    - install-guide: update installation from USB flash
    - support/index.txt: add more Community/Company links
    (thx Artem Zolochevskiy)
    - whatis-alt: added text about platform (p7)
    - update screenshots
    - spellcheck

2013-06-25 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0.2-alt1

    - update dvd- usb-burn section

2012-03-19 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0.1-alt1

    - update for 6.0.1

2012-03-09 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0-alt14

    - fix some typos

2012-03-08 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0-alt13

    - improve sumode section
    - add docs-lxdesktop, docs-lxdesktop-lite to conflicts list

2011-10-21 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0-alt9

    - update documentation
    - closes bug: #26457

2011-08-29 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0-alt8

    - fix some typos

2011-08-26 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0-alt7

    - update

2011-08-19 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 6.0-alt6

    - fix previous changelog entry

2011-08-18 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 6.0-alt5

    - update

2011-08-18 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 6.0-alt4

    - update

2011-07-01 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 6.0-alt3

    - some rephrasings / typo fixes

2011-06-09 Alexandr Boltris <alex at> 6.0-alt2

    - system-management: add initial network section
    - kde-quickstart: update system-tray description
    - add packages section
    - desktop-software: update software descriptions
    - some rephrasings / typo fixes
    - update screenshots

2011-06-06 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 6.0-alt1

    - update for ALT Linux 6.0 KDesktop

2011-03-07 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt8

    - update Conflicts list

2010-02-26 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt7

    - install-guide: fix info on RAID creation during install
    - whatis-alt: fix 'Le Mythe de Sisyphe' link
    - add docs-school-terminal to Conflicts list

2010-02-22 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt6

    - simplify datetime section (#19084)
    - typo and punctuation fixes
    - small rephrasings

2010-01-29 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt5

    - typo fixes, small improvements

2009-12-23 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt4

    - update screenshots (thx Sergey V Turchin)

2009-12-18 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt3

    - add initial 'applications' section

2009-11-27 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt2

    - add dolphin section

2009-11-26 Artem Zolochevskiy <azol at> 5.0-alt1

    - initial build for Sisyphus
    + based on docs-desktop-5.0-alt8 package

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