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Sisyphus: 2.41-alt1.gitf68d13d22a.1
p8: 2.41-alt1.gitf68d13d22a.1
p7: 2.41-alt1.gitf68d13d22a
t7: 2.41-alt1.gitf68d13d22a
Platform6: 2.40-alt3.cvs20100518
t6: 2.40-alt3.cvs20100518
Platform5: 2.32-alt5
5.1: 2.32-alt5

Group :: Editors
Source RPM: emacs-ecb

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2015-12-03 Igor Vlasenko <viy at> 2.41-alt1.gitf68d13d22a.1

    - NMU: added BR: texinfo

2013-04-18 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at> 2.41-alt1.gitf68d13d22a

    - Build ecb from alexott git: git://

2011-04-05 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.40-alt3.cvs20100518

    - Rebuild with cedet-1.0

2010-05-18 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.40-alt2.cvs20100518

    - Updated to 20100518 cvs snapshot
    - Rebuild with cedet-1.0pre7

2009-12-13 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.40-alt1

    - ECB 2.40
    - Removed deprecated post/postun install_info/uninstall_info calls
    - Cleanup %__ macro

2009-03-05 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.32-alt5

    - Rebuild with cedet-1.0pre6
    - Used any emacs-X11 program for build, removed build requires on
    - Removed strict requires on emacs-cedet

2007-06-16 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.32-alt4

    - Rebuild with cedet-1.0pre4
    - Used emacs22-X11 for build
    - Strict requires on version of emacs-cedet, used in build environment

2005-12-08 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.32-alt3

    - Removed requires on emacs-jdee

2005-09-27 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.32-alt2

    - Removed obsolete variable semantic-before-toplevel-bovination-hook
    - Corrected default value of path to info, html help, NEWS file
    - Modified ECB message dialogs look for emacs22

2005-09-13 Eugene Vlasov <eugvv at> 2.32-alt1

    - New version
    - Removed load-path modification from ecb-emacs.el
    - Added /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ecb/ecb-images/.nosearch (#7592)
    - Dir /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ecb now belongs to package

2004-11-01 Ivan Fedorov <ns at> 2.27-alt1

    - New release

2004-04-07 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.23-alt1

    - New release

2004-03-10 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.22-alt1

    - New release, many bugfixes

2004-02-17 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.21-alt1

    - New release

2004-02-03 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.20-alt1

    - New release

2004-01-24 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.11-alt2

    - Fix dependences

2003-11-15 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.11-alt1

    - New release

2003-11-09 Ott Alex <ott at> 2.01-alt1

    - New release
    - Rebuild with cedet

2003-09-15 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.96-alt1

    - New release

2003-07-17 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.95.1-alt1

    - New release

2003-07-12 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.95-alt1

    - New version

2003-06-23 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.94-alt1

    - New release

2003-04-27 Alex Ott <ottalex at> 1.93-alt1.1

    - Fixing spec file

2003-03-31 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.93-alt1

    - 1.93

2003-03-13 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.92.1-alt2

    - Fixing startup file

2003-03-09 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.92.1-alt1

    - New release

2003-02-25 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.92-alt1

    - New release.

2003-02-17 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.91.1-alt2

    - Fixing spec file

2003-02-13 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.91.1-alt1

    - New release. many bugfixes

2003-02-08 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.90-alt2

    - fixing spec

2003-02-07 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.90-alt1

    - New version of package

2003-01-13 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.80-alt5

    - fixinf spec file

2002-08-26 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.80-alt3

    - fixinf spec file

2002-08-22 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.80-alt2

    - Splitting on byte-compiled & source packages

2002-08-14 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.80-alt1

    - New version with many improvments

2002-08-12 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.70-alt3

    - Correcting spec file

2002-08-06 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.70-alt2

    - Adding right Requires to spec

2002-07-18 Ott Alex <ott at> 1.70-alt1

    - Initial build

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