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Sisyphus: 56.0-alt1
p8: 56.0-alt0.M80P.1
p7: 45.9.0-alt0.M70P.1
t7: 45.9.0-alt0.M70P.1
Platform6: 17.0.11-alt0.M60P.1
t6: 17.0.11-alt0.M60P.1
Platform5: 10.0.12-alt0.M50P.1

Group :: Networking/WWW
Source RPM: firefox

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Current version: 56.0-alt1
Built: about 1 month ago
FTBFS: 3 weeks on x86_64
Size: 247 MB
Repocop status: ok

Home page:

Summary: The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser

The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser component,
written using the XUL user interface language and designed to be

Current maintainer: Alexey Gladkov

List of contributors: ACL: List of rpms provided by this srpm:
  • firefox
  • firefox-debuginfo
  • rpm-build-firefox
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2017-10-08 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 56.0-alt1

    - New release (56.0).
    - Fixed:
    + CVE-2017-7793: Use-after-free with Fetch API
    + CVE-2017-7817: Firefox for Android address bar spoofing through fullscreen mode
    + CVE-2017-7818: Use-after-free during ARIA array manipulation
    + CVE-2017-7819: Use-after-free while resizing images in design mode
    + CVE-2017-7824: Buffer overflow when drawing and validating elements with ANGLE
    + CVE-2017-7805: Use-after-free in TLS 1.2 generating handshake hashes
    + CVE-2017-7812: Drag and drop of malicious page content to the tab bar can open locally stored files
    + CVE-2017-7814: Blob and data URLs bypass phishing and malware protection warnings
    + CVE-2017-7813: Integer truncation in the JavaScript parser
    + CVE-2017-7825: OS X fonts render some Tibetan and Arabic unicode characters as spaces
    + CVE-2017-7815: Spoofing attack with modal dialogs on non-e10s installations
    + CVE-2017-7816: WebExtensions can load about: URLs in extension UI
    + CVE-2017-7821: WebExtensions can download and open non-executable files without user interaction
    + CVE-2017-7823: CSP sandbox directive did not create a unique origin
    + CVE-2017-7822: WebCrypto allows AES-GCM with 0-length IV
    + CVE-2017-7820: Xray wrapper bypass with new tab and web console
    + CVE-2017-7811: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 56
    + CVE-2017-7810: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 56 and Firefox ESR 52.4

2017-08-29 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 55.0.3-alt1

    - New release (55.0.3).

2017-08-13 Alexey Gladkov <legion at> 55.0.1-alt1

    - New release (55.0.1).
    - Fixed:
    + CVE-2017-7798: XUL injection in the style editor in devtools
    + CVE-2017-7800: Use-after-free in WebSockets during disconnection
    + CVE-2017-7801: Use-after-free with marquee during window resizing
    + CVE-2017-7809: Use-after-free while deleting attached editor DOM node
    + CVE-2017-7784: Use-after-free with image observers
    + CVE-2017-7802: Use-after-free resizing image elements
    + CVE-2017-7785: Buffer overflow manipulating ARIA attributes in DOM
    + CVE-2017-7786: Buffer overflow while painting non-displayable SVG
    + CVE-2017-7806: Use-after-free in layer manager with SVG
    + CVE-2017-7753: Out-of-bounds read with cached style data and pseudo-elements
    + CVE-2017-7787: Same-origin policy bypass with iframes through page reloads
    + CVE-2017-7807: Domain hijacking through AppCache fallback
    + CVE-2017-7792: Buffer overflow viewing certificates with an extremely long OID
    + CVE-2017-7804: Memory protection bypass through WindowsDllDetourPatcher
    + CVE-2017-7791: Spoofing following page navigation with data: protocol and modal alerts
    + CVE-2017-7808: CSP information leak with frame-ancestors containing paths
    + CVE-2017-7782: WindowsDllDetourPatcher allocates memory without DEP protections
    + CVE-2017-7781: Elliptic curve point addition error when using mixed Jacobian-affine coordinates
    + CVE-2017-7794: Linux file truncation via sandbox broker
    + CVE-2017-7803: CSP containing 'sandbox' improperly applied
    + CVE-2017-7799: Self-XSS XUL injection in about:webrtc
    + CVE-2017-7783: DOS attack through long username in URL
    + CVE-2017-7788: Sandboxed about:srcdoc iframes do not inherit CSP directives
    + CVE-2017-7789: Failure to enable HSTS when two STS headers are sent for a connection
    + CVE-2017-7790: Windows crash reporter reads extra memory for some non-null-terminated registry values
    + CVE-2017-7796: Windows updater can delete any file named update.log
    + CVE-2017-7797: Response header name interning leaks across origins
    + CVE-2017-7780: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 55
    + CVE-2017-7779: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 55 and Firefox ESR 52.3

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