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Sisyphus: 1.6.4-alt5

Group :: Development/Other
Source RPM: openmpi-compat

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2018-04-12 Alexey Shabalin <shaba at> 1.6.4-alt5

    - rebuild with rdma-core-devel
    - build without udapl support

2018-02-08 Aleksei Nikiforov <darktemplar at> 1.6.4-alt4

    - Rebuilt with new toolchain.

2016-12-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.6.4-alt3

    - Package renamed to openmpi-compat
    - added subpackage with simlinks to old libraries

2015-02-04 Anton Farygin <rider at> 1.6.4-alt2

    - rebuild witch new libibverbs

2013-03-10 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.6.4-alt1

    - Version updated

2012-10-01 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.6.2-alt2

    - Rebuild with gcc 4.7

2012-09-27 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.6.2-alt1

    - New version

2012-06-25 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.6-alt2

    - Fixed overlapping with vt libraries

2012-05-31 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.6-alt1

    - Version updated
    - removed arm support added by sbolshakov due upstream support
    - fixed default hostfile path
    - enabled udapl and threads
    - moved from /usr/lib to /usr/lib

2012-03-21 Sergey Bolshakov <sbolshakov at> 1.4.5-alt2

    - arm support addded

2012-02-15 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.5-alt1

    - New version

2011-02-09 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 1.4.3-alt4.1

    - Rebuilt for debuginfo

2011-01-11 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.3-alt4

    - fixed #24839

2010-11-27 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.3-alt3

    - Rebuild with gcc 4.5 - #24645

2010-10-31 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.3-alt2

    - All components moved to main package (thanks stanv@ for report)
    - Include files for vampirtrace moved to corresponding package

2010-10-10 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.3-alt1

    - New version

2010-08-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.2-alt2

    - added examples package by Andriy Stepanov

2010-05-11 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.2-alt1

    - This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.4.1

2010-02-19 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4.1-alt1

    - Security / bug fix release

2009-12-09 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.4-alt1

    - Stable version 1.4

2009-10-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.3-alt3

    - Fixed name for openmpi-threads

2009-10-25 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.3-alt2

    - changed build scheme - now we have different openmpi packages
    selected by variables 'udapl', 'thread' and 'static'

2009-07-17 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.3-alt1

    - new version from upstream
    - bug fix release

2009-04-29 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 1.3.2-alt1.1

    - Add static libraries (NMU)

2009-04-24 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.2-alt1

    - new version from upstream

2009-04-13 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.1-alt2

    - fix for #19595 - realtime libraries moved into main package

2009-03-27 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.1-alt1

    - new version from upstream
    - bad elf symbol resolved

2009-02-01 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.0-alt2

    - added libdapl-devel as requirement for devel package
    - added -Rpath option by default for user-space programms

2009-01-20 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.3.0-alt1

    - This release contains many bug fixes, feature
    enhancements, and performance improvements over the v1.2 series,
    including (but not limited to):
    * MPI2.1 compliant
    * Valgrind support
    * Updated ROMIO to the version from MPICH2-1.0.7
    * Many other new runtime features
    * Numerous bug fixes
    - enbled valgrind support
    - enabled dynamic dlopen
    - package devel-vt for VampirTrace features

2008-12-17 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.8-alt2

    - Disable "--as-needed" by default for user's programms
    - Enable fortran-90 bindings

2008-10-16 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.8-alt1

    - New version.

2008-10-13 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at> 1.2.6-alt1.M41.1

    - fix udapl btl build
    - rebuild with OFED-1.3.1
    - build for 4.1

2008-08-28 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.7-alt1

    - New version.

2008-05-27 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.6-alt2

    - Fixed subdirectories packaging violation

2008-04-09 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.6-alt1

    - New mainly bugfix version

2008-02-06 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.5-alt3

    - changed mpi_prefix to /usr/lib

2008-02-01 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.5-alt2

    - added mpi-selector support by Stanislav Ievlev

2008-01-16 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.5-alt1

    - New version.
    - Many bug fixes.

2007-10-01 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.4-alt2

    - added autoreconf (tnx to Lost for advice)

2007-09-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.4-alt1

    - new version

2007-08-24 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.3-alt4

    - libdapl-devel to buildrequires by S.Ievlev's request
    - auto test of infiniband card

2007-08-23 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.3-alt3

    - added libibverbs to buildrequires by S.Ievlev's request
    - added /proc to buildrequires to build component linux:timer

2007-06-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.3-alt2

    - Added devel package
    - Added openmpi-alt-as-needed.patch
    - Fix of unresolved symbols

2007-06-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.3-alt1

    - This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.2.2
    release, but there are few minor new features.

2007-05-17 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.2-alt1

    - This release is mainly a bug fix release over the v1.2.1
    release, but there are few minor new features.

2007-04-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.1-alt1

    - This release is mainly a bug fix release over the
    v1.2 release, but there are few minor new features.

2007-03-22 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.2.0-alt1

    - This release contains many bug fixes, feature
    enhancements, and performance improvements over the v1.1 series
    - added echo variable for properly working libtool
    - added --disable-dlopen in configuration
    - taken ompi/mpi/man/man3/MPI_Status_c2f.3 from package 'lam'
    because of broken version in release

2007-03-21 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.1.5-alt1

    - Version 1.1.5 is expected (hoped) to be the last release in the v1.1 series

2007-01-31 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.1.4-alt1

    - The 1.1.4 release is what the 1.1.3 release should have been.

2007-01-30 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.1.3-alt1

    - This release is mainly a bug fix release over the 1.1.2 release.

2007-01-02 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.1.2-alt2

    - added /usr/share/openmpi/* to package

2006-12-26 Denis Pynkin <dans at> 1.1.2-alt1

    - Initial build for ALTLinux.

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