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Sisyphus: 0.16.e-alt30
p8: 0.16.e-alt30
p7: 0.16-alt17.svn708
t7: 0.16-alt17.svn708
Platform6: 0.16-alt15.svn611
t6: 0.16-alt15.svn611
Platform5: 0.16-alt10.svn567.M50P.1
5.1: 0.16-alt10.svn567.M51.1

Group :: Networking/Remote access
Source RPM: opennx

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2015-10-05 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16.e-alt30

    - fixed exit message: exit function now accept exit message
    - fixed 'no sessions' bug
    - fixed possible mistakes in code, added version dependency

2015-10-04 Anton Midyukov <antohami at> 0.16.e-alt29.svn724

    - Rebuilt for new gcc5 C++11 ABI.

2015-08-12 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16.e-alt28.svn724

    - fixed wrong cast, fixed 3.1.0 building

2015-08-11 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16.e-alt27.svn724

    - fix release for build in ALT Linux

2015-08-11 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16-eter27.svn724

    - add .gear in sisyphus branch
    - fix compiles in all versions of wxWidgets (2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1)
    - do autoreconf

2014-01-26 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16-eter26.svn724

    - fix build with libsmbclient from samba 4.0, fix symlink to libsmbclient

2013-10-03 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16-eter25.svn724

    - remove PidFile option from cups config (eterbug #9490)

2013-08-12 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16-eter24.svn724

    - use absolute path for links, fix requires

2013-08-05 Vitaly Lipatov <lav at> 0.16-eter23.svn724

    - add Num Lock state as a parameter to be send

2013-06-10 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter22.svn724

    - Add patch for translate

2013-02-11 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter21.svn724

    - Now all paths write to config after start

2013-01-18 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter20.svn724

    - Translate of Resume button correct
    - Update translations
    - Add translate for Wizard button

2013-01-17 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter19.svn724

    - Add copy icon in spec

2013-01-04 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter18.svn724

    - Add wizard button to start menu

2013-01-03 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter17.svn724

    - update from trunk opennx-

2012-06-01 Denis Baranov <baraka at> 0.16-eter17.svn708

    - Initial build
    - update from ALTLinux

2011-06-17 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt16.svn634

    - update from trunk

2011-03-02 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt15.svn611

    - update from trunk

2011-02-28 Lenar Shakirov <snejok at> 0.16-alt14.svn595

    - build fixed: disable opensc support by default

2011-02-15 Lenar Shakirov <snejok at> 0.16-alt13.svn595

    - lib{smbclient,cups}.so symlinks packaging fixed for x86_64

2010-11-18 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt12.svn595

    - update from trunk

2010-11-13 Lenar Shakirov <snejok at> 0.16-alt11.svn567

    - package nx-desktop.png (closes: #24467)

2010-09-09 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt10.svn567

    - update from trunk

2010-08-31 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt9.svn555

    - update from trunk

2010-08-02 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt8.svn547

    - update from trunk
    - fix build

2010-02-13 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt7.svn481

    - update from trunk

2010-01-25 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt6.svn450

    - update from trunk (work with proxy with authorization)

2010-01-16 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt5.svn446

    - update from trunk
    - add russian localization

2009-11-12 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt4.svn444

    - update from trunk
    - add symlink for nxproxy

2009-10-11 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt3.svn442

    - update from trunk
    - add symlinks for cups and samba

2009-09-24 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt2.svn427

    - update buildreq
    - fix repocop warning

2009-09-19 Boris Savelev <boris at> 0.16-alt1.svn418

    - intial build for Sisyphus

2009-04-19 Fritz Elfert <fritz at>

    - Set prefix to /opt/lsb/opennx for FHS compliance

2009-04-15 Michael Kromer <michael.kromer at>

    - Fixes for SuSE Plattform (openSuSE/SLES)

2007-01-07 Fritz Elfert <fritz at>

    - Initial package

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