About repository c10f1

The specialized repository based on the p10 platform is designed for the release and the life cycle maintenance of the certified distribution ALT SP (ALT 8 SP, LKNV.11100-01) according to the requirements of the FSTEC of Russia. It mostly includes packages with fixed vulnerabilities.

According to the form, you have to get updates from the following repository: http://update.altsp.su/, which is a copy of the repository mentioned above. The up-to-date link to the distribution repository is specified in the file /etc/apt/source.list.d/altsp.list

Please note that all questions on ALT SP update, packages, vulnerability fixes (cve/bdu) and others should be asked strictly through «Basealt» LLC's technical support.

Support start date: Aug. 7, 2023

Support end date: Aug. 10, 2028