Package gap-corelg: Specfile

%define repo corelg

Name: gap-corelg
Version: 1.20
Release: alt1
Summary: GAP: computation with real Lie groups
License: GPL-2.0+
Group: Sciences/Mathematics

BuildArch: noarch

BuildRequires: rpm-macros-gap
Requires: gap >= 4.4
Requires: gap-sla >= 0.14
#Suggests:       gap-gapdoc >= 1.0

The CoReLG package contains functionality for working with real
semisimple Lie algebras.

%setup -n corelg


%files -f %name.files
%dir %gap_sitelib/%repo/

* Fri Jun 11 2021 Leontiy Volodin <> 1.20-alt1
- Initial build for ALT Sisyphus (thanks opensuse for the spec).