Package geany-themes: Specfile

Name:		geany-themes
Version:	1.24
Release:	alt1
Summary:	A collection of syntax highlighting color schemes for Geany
Group:		Development/Tools

# Some of the color schemes are clearly stated as GPLv2+, some are BSD
License:	GPLv2+ and BSD

Source:		%{name}-%{version}.tar

Requires:	geany >= 1.24
BuildArch:	noarch

Geany-Themes is a set of syntax highlighting color schemes for the Geany IDE.
Simply install this package, restart Geany and find the themes in
View->Editor->Color Schemes.


# Nothing to build here. We just have to place some configuraton files into the
# proper directory..

install -d %buildroot/%{_datadir}/geany/colorschemes
install -pm 644 colorschemes/*.conf %buildroot/%{_datadir}/geany/colorschemes


* Sat Sep 22 2018 Alexey Appolonov <> 1.24-alt1
- Initial ALT Linux release.