Package mypaint-brushes1.0: Specfile

%def_disable snapshot

%define _name mypaint-brushes
%define ver_base 1.0

Name: %_name%ver_base
Version: 1.3.1
Release: alt1

Summary: MyPaint brush collection (v1.0)
Group: Graphics
License: CC0-1.0

%if_disabled snapshot
Source: %url/releases/download/v%version/%_name-%version.tar.xz
# VCS:
Source: %name-%version.tar

BuildArch: noarch

MyPaint is a simple drawing and painting program that works well with
Wacom-style graphics tablets. Its main features are a highly configurable
brush engine, speed, and a fullscreen mode which allows artists to fully
immerse themselves in their work.

This package provides MyPaint brush collection.

%package devel
Summary: MyPaint brush collection (v1.0) devel package
Group: Graphics
Requires: %name = %EVR

%description devel
Mypaint is a fast and easy/simple painter program. It comes with a large
brush collection including charcoal and ink to emulate real media, but the
highly configurable brush engine allows you to experiment with your own
brushes and with not-quite-natural painting.

This package contains pc-file for %name.

%setup -n %_name-%version




%files devel

* Wed Mar 18 2020 Yuri N. Sedunov <> 1.3.1-alt1
- 1.3.1
- renamed package to mypaint-brushes1.0

* Sat Apr 13 2019 Yuri N. Sedunov <> 1.3.0-alt2
- updated to v1.3.0-5-g2c567a1 (fixed build with automake-1.16)

* Mon May 14 2018 Yuri N. Sedunov <> 1.3.0-alt1
- first build for Sisyphus