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  • 0.5.5-alt14.M60P.1
  • 0.5.5-alt14.M60P.16
  • 0.5.5-alt14.M60P.16
  • 0.5.5-alt0.M51.11
  • 0.5.5-alt0.M50P.10
Group :: Graphical desktop/Other
Source RPM: lxde-common
Raw spec file

%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1
%define theme_virt_dir lxde

%define theme_name upstream
#define theme_version 0.1

%define theme_fullname lxde-settings-%theme_name

Name: lxde-common
Version: 0.5.5
Release: alt14.M60P.1
BuildArch: noarch

Summary: Basic infrastructure for LXDE.
License: %gpl2plus
Group: Graphical desktop/Other
BuildArch: noarch

Source: %name-%version.tar.bz2
Source1: lxde.wm

AutoReq: yes,nosymlinks

Requires: lxde-settings
Requires: wm-common-freedesktop

# Automatically added by buildreq on Wed May 05 2010

BuildRequires: docbook-dtds docbook-style-xsl xsltproc
BuildPreReq: rpm-build-licenses

Pprovides infrastructure for LXDE components

%package -n %theme_fullname
#Version: theme_version

Summary: provides unmodified LXDE configuration from upstream
Group: Graphical desktop/Other
Provides: lxde-settings

### GRRRR!!! for appliance-desktop-lxde

Provides: lxde-default-theme

%description -n %theme_fullname
Default graphics theme for LXDE.

This package contains unmodified configuration from upstream.


sed -i 's,lxde.conf,LXDE.conf,'
sed -i 's,XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pcmanfm,XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pcmanfm/LXDE,;s,pcmanfm/LXDE.conf,pcmanfm/lxde.conf,;s,default/LXDE.conf,pcmanfm.conf,;'
sed -i '/XDG_MENU/ a\\n# Since shared-mime-info-0.90-alt3 XDG_DATA_DIRS not exported. We need to define\n# the set of base directories explicitly.\nexport XDG_DATA_DIRS="/usr/share/lxde:/usr/share:/usr/local/share"'
sed -i 's,pcmanfm --desktop,pcmanfm --daemon-mode --desktop,' autostart

%configure --enable-man



install -m644 -D %SOURCE1 %buildroot%_x11sysconfdir/wmsession.d/20LXDE

pushd %buildroot%_datadir

mv lxde %theme_fullname

mv %buildroot%_sysconfdir/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf %theme_fullname
ln -s %_datadir/%theme_virt_dir/desktop.conf %buildroot%_sysconfdir/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf

mkdir %theme_fullname/pcmanfm
mv %buildroot%_sysconfdir/xdg/pcmanfm/LXDE.conf %theme_fullname/pcmanfm/lxde.conf
ln -s %_datadir/%theme_virt_dir/pcmanfm/lxde.conf %buildroot%_sysconfdir/xdg/pcmanfm/

mv lxpanel/profile/LXDE %theme_fullname/lxpanel
ln -s ../../%theme_virt_dir/lxpanel lxpanel/profile/LXDE

mkdir -p %buildroot/etc/alternatives/packages.d/
cat > %buildroot/etc/alternatives/packages.d/%theme_fullname << __EOF__
%_datadir/%theme_virt_dir %_datadir/%theme_fullname 1

%find_lang %name

if [ -d %_datadir/lxpanel/profile/LXDE ] && [ ! -L %_datadir/lxpanel/profile/LXDE ] ; then
rm -fR %_datadir/lxpanel/profile/LXDE

%files -f %name.lang
### themeable


%files -n %theme_fullname
%config /etc/alternatives/packages.d/%theme_fullname


* Mon Sep 05 2011 Radik Usupov <radik at> 0.5.5-alt14.M60P.1
- backport to p6

* Mon Sep 05 2011 Radik Usupov <radik at> 0.5.5-alt15
- Fixed export XDG_DATA_DIRS, thanks naf@! (closes: #26223)

* Mon May 30 2011 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt14
- starting pcmanfm with --daemon-mode (closes: #25687)

* Tue Apr 26 2011 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt13
- added /usr/share/lxde to XDG_DATA_DIRS

* Sun Apr 17 2011 Radik Usupov <radik at> 0.5.5-alt12
- added requires (Closes: 25305)

* Thu Mar 03 2011 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt11
- upstream changes merged
- fixed handling of pcmanfm config (closes: #24549)

* Wed Dec 01 2010 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt10
- libfm.conf handling

* Thu Sep 02 2010 Radik Usupov <radik at> 0.5.5-alt9
- package is now noarch

* Wed May 05 2010 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt8
- stupid error fixed

* Wed May 05 2010 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt7.1
- spec cleanup

* Wed May 05 2010 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt7
- package layout revisited to allow concurrent branding packages

* Tue May 04 2010 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.5-alt1
- new upstream version

* Sun May 02 2010 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.0-alt7
- graphical theme updated

* Mon Dec 28 2009 Nick S. Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.0-alt5
- default configs updated

* Tue Dec 22 2009 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.0-alt4
- icon-theme in separated tarball

* Sun Dec 13 2009 Mykola Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.0-alt2
- fixed lxsession crash while trying to autorun

* Sat Dec 12 2009 Nick S. Grechukh <gns at> 0.5.0-alt1
- new version

* Fri Jul 24 2009 Nick S. Grechukh <gns at> 0.4.1-alt3
- openbox / lxpanel configs fixed

* Wed May 20 2009 Nick S. Grechukh <gns at> 0.4.1-alt2
- Packager fixed

* Tue May 19 2009 Nick S. Grechukh <gns at> 0.4.1-alt1
- new version

* Fri Jan 09 2009 Eugene Ostapets <eostapets at>
- Change default terminal emulator to lxde-lxterminal
- remove obsoletes %%update_menu and %%update_wms macros

* Fri Jul 18 2008 Eugene Ostapets <eostapets at>
- First version of RPM package for Sisyphus.
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.