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Group :: Graphical desktop/GNOME
Source RPM: mail-notification

2011-11-29 Ildar Mulyukov 5.4-alt4

    - update ru.po by Evgeniya Sinichenkova (closes #26637)

2011-04-21 Vitaly Kuznetsov 5.4-alt3

    - fix build

2010-11-30 Ildar Mulyukov 5.4-alt2

    - fix a small imperfection in desktop file

2010-08-24 Ildar Mulyukov 5.4-alt1

    - 5.4
    - cache-crash-fix patch is no longer needed
    - gmime-2.4 support added
    - borrow some debian patches
    - disable evolution plugin

2008-04-10 Ildar Mulyukov 5.2-alt0.3

    - added Fix made by Jean-Yves Lefort for bug #210915 (Patch1)
    - a little fix in the spec

2008-04-09 Ildar Mulyukov 5.2-alt0.2

    - merged specfile of Alexey Rusakov <ktirf@>

2008-04-09 Ildar Mulyukov 5.2-alt0.1

    - 5.2
    - %name-alt-build.patch for as-needed env.
    - new (ugly) build system by the author

2008-01-14 Alexey Rusakov 5.0-alt1

    - New version (5.0).
    - Added an explicit dependency of evolution-plugin-m-n on the main package.

2007-12-29 Alexey Rusakov 5.0-alt0.rc1

    - New version (5.0-rc1).
    - Removed Debian menu support.
    - Specfile cleanup; removed %__ macros; use more path macros.
    - Updated description from the website.
    - Use %make_install instead of %makeinstall.
    - Introduced a subpackage with a plugin for Evolution.
    - Added a hack to (un)install scripts to notify GConf daemons about a new
      schema (RPM macros of GConf should be fixed about this).

2006-12-29 ALT QA Team Robot 2.0-alt2.1

    - Rebuilt due to -> soname change.

2006-01-26 Alexey Rusakov 2.0-alt2

    - Corrected buildreqs for 7.0

2005-08-14 Alexey Rusakov 2.0-alt1

    - New upstream version.
    - Removed excess BuildReqs.

2005-04-06 Alexey Rusakov 1.1-alt1

    - Initial Sisyphus package.
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.