Package mono-devel: Information

Binary package: mono-devel
Version: 2.10.11-alt3
Architecture: x86_64
Build time:  Apr 24, 2013, 05:22 PM
Source package: mono
Category: Development/Other
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License: GPLv2, LGPLv2 MIT/X Consortium MPL 
Summary:  Development tools and headers for Mono
This package includes all Mono library headers and completes the
Mono developer toolchain (with the mono profiler, assembler and
other various tools)
Last changes:
April 24, 2013 Alexey Shabalin 2.10.11-alt3
- fixed dllmap for libgdiplus
April 21, 2013 Led 2.10.11-alt2
- fixed build: removed configure options --disable-static and --with-static_mono=no
Feb. 25, 2013 Alexey Shabalin 2.10.11-alt1
- 2.10.11
- build with sgen support
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