Package rpm-build-ruby: Information

Binary package: rpm-build-ruby
Version: 0.3.0-alt0.M70C.1
Architecture: noarch
Build time:  Feb 15, 2018, 09:28 PM
 in the task #198797
Source package: rpm-build-ruby
Copied in the task: #200650
Category: Development/Ruby
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License: GPLv2 
Summary:  RPM helper scripts to calculate Ruby dependencies
These herlper scripts will look at ruby source files in your package, and will
use this information to generate automatic Requires and Provides tags for the
Last changes:
Aug. 11, 2017 Denis Medvedev 1:0.3.0-alt0.M70C.1
- backport to c7
May 16, 2017 Mikhail Gordeev 1:0.3.0-alt1
- Revert "ruby.req.files: clean ups" (from 0.1.2-alt1) because non-*.rb
  executable scripts were lost.
- ruby.req.files: parse file output case insensitive because now
  file prints Ruby capitalized.
March 13, 2017 Andrey Cherepanov 1:0.2.4-alt1
- exclude Ruby version from %ruby_sitearchdir provided pathes
- force newline to Ruby files to prevent output without newline ended
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