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name: ib-scripts
Summary:Scripts for runting infiniband 
Group:System/Kernel and hardware
Packager:Michail Yakushin <>
Source: ib-scripts.tar
Provides: udev-rules-hpc
Obsoletes: udev-rules-hpc
requires(post,preun): /sbin/service
Buildarch: noarch
Scripts for runing infiniband in HPC clusters

%setup -q


mkdir -p %buildroot%_udevrulesdir/
cp etc/udev/rules.d/90-ib.rules %buildroot%_udevrulesdir/

mkdir -p %buildroot%_sysconfdir/modprobe.d/
cp etc/modprobe.d/* %buildroot%_sysconfdir/modprobe.d/

mkdir -p %buildroot%_sysconfdir/rc.d/init.d/
cp etc/init.d/* %buildroot%_sysconfdir/rc.d/init.d/

%post_service ib

%preun_service ib

%attr(0755,root,root) %_sysconfdir/rc.d/init.d/*

* Tue Apr 23 2013 Repocop Q. A. Robot <> 1.0.0-alt1.qa1
- NMU (by repocop). See
- applied repocop fixes:
  * udev-files-in-etc for ib-scripts

* Tue Feb 26 2008 Michail Yakushin <> 1.0.0-alt1
- moved from kernel-image-hpc 
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