Package Mesa

Source package: Mesa
Version: 12.0.6-alt0.M80P.1
Build time:  Jan 25, 2017, 03:50 PM
 in the task #177137
Category: System/Libraries
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License:  MIT
Summary:  OpenGL compatible 3D graphics library
Mesa is an OpenGL compatible 3D graphics library
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
glxgears (x86_64, i586)
glxgears-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
glxinfo (x86_64, i586)
glxinfo-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libEGL (x86_64, i586)
libEGL-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libEGL-devel (x86_64, i586)
libGL (x86_64, i586)
libGL-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libGL-devel (x86_64, i586)
libGLES (x86_64, i586)
libGLES-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libGLES-devel (x86_64, i586)
libgbm (x86_64, i586)
libgbm-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libgbm-devel (x86_64, i586)
libwayland-egl (x86_64, i586)
libwayland-egl-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libwayland-egl-devel (x86_64, i586)
libxatracker (x86_64, i586)
libxatracker-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
libxatracker-devel (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-intel (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-intel-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-nouveau (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-nouveau-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-radeon (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-radeon-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-swrast (x86_64, i586)
xorg-dri-swrast-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
Last changes:
Jan. 25, 2017 Valery Inozemtsev 4:12.0.6-alt0.M80P.1
- 12.0.6
Dec. 14, 2016 Valery Inozemtsev 4:12.0.5-alt0.M80P.1
- 12.0.5
Sept. 16, 2016 Valery Inozemtsev 4:12.0.3-alt1
- 12.0.3

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