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  • 0.4.1-alt1.M80C.1
  • 0.4.1-alt0.M70C.1
Group :: Разработка/Прочее
Source RPM: libshell

2017-04-27 Anton V. Boyarshinov 0.4.1-alt1.M80C.1

    - tests disabled

2015-11-24 Alexey Gladkov 0.4.1-alt1

    - New version (0.4.1).
    - shell-ini-config changes:
      + Return error if config file does not exist (ALT#31151).
    - shell-getopt changes:
      + Fix getopt option completion (ALT#31480).

2015-05-30 Alexey Gladkov 0.4.0-alt1

    - New version (0.4.0).
    - New utilities:
      + shell-git-config: New functions to read/write git-config-like config files.
    - shell-getopt changes:
      + Detect ambiguous long options properly (break compatibility).

2015-02-24 Alexey Gladkov 0.3.0-alt1

    - New version (0.3.0).
    - Fix bootstrap (ALT#29584).
    - shell-ini-config changes:
      + Add ini_config_is_set() function.
      + Take care about lines without values (ALT#30713).
    - shell-unittest changes:
      + Add TESTCASES variable to list individual testcases (ALT#27059).
      + Add TESTTRACE variable to run testcase in debug mode (ALT#27059).

2013-11-08 Alexey Gladkov 0.2.0-alt1

    - shell_var_trim: Check for empty string (ALT#29562).
    - Add missing sources.

2013-11-07 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.9-alt1

    - Add functions to daemonize process.
    - Add logger support.
    - Reimplement shell_var_trim function (ALT#29557).

2012-11-14 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.8-alt1

    - shell-ini-config changes:
      + Fix empty lines at EOF (ALT#27974).
      + Indentation in the ini-file can be configured by
        shell_ini_config_prefix (ALT#27915).

2012-04-01 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.7-alt1

    - Packaged -single subpackage with all libshell functions bundled into
      the single shell-lib file.
    - New utilities:
      + shell-cmdline: New functions to parse /proc/cmdline.
    - shell-error changes:
      + Add optional timestamp to messages.
    - shell-run changes:
      + Add SCRIPT_ERROR_FATAL var to control execution interrupt
        on error (thx Ildar Mulyukov).
      + Fix execution order of scripts in run_scripts() (thx Ildar Mulyukov).
    - shell-args changes:
      + Add opt_check_exec().
    - Other changes:
      + Generate SYMS and DEPS files.

2011-07-27 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.6-alt1

    - shell-ini-config changes (ALT#25946):
      + Fix comment formatting (thx Vladislav Zavjalov);
      + Add section if it is not exists (thx Vladislav Zavjalov);
      + Fix error at adding values to the last section (thx Vladislav Zavjalov);
      + Fix error of adding values into incorrect sections (thx Vladislav Zavjalov).

2011-05-15 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.5-alt1

    - shell-quote changes:
      + Fix depends.
    - shell-var changes:
      + Fix depends.
      + Fix shell_var_unquote function.
    - shell-ini-config changes:
      + Rewrite all functions in shell.
    - Other changes:
      + Update tests.
    - Spec:
      + Add check section.

2010-11-03 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.4-alt1

    - shell-signal changes:
      + Fix return status and rewrite tests.
    - shell-source changes:
      + Remove bashisms.
      + Reduce size of internal function.
    - Other changes:
      + contrib: CRC32 implementation.

2010-04-29 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.3-alt1

    - shell-signal: Reimplement signal_handler function.
    - shell-ip-address: Add ipv4_ip_subnet, ipv4_mask2prefix and
      ipv4_prefix2mask functions.

2009-11-17 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.2-alt1

    - shell-unittest: Increase performance.
    - shell-unittest: Allow to set unittest_show_condition variable
      prior to executing test-running
    - shell-ip-address: Fix unbound variable.
    - shell-mail-address: .travel TLD is lost when shell_mail_address_strict is unset.
    - shell-getopt: Fix for FreeBSD-7.2.

2009-10-08 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.1-alt1

    - New utilities:
      + shell-run: New functions to scripts from directory.
      + shell-source: New functions to source shell code under some conditions.
    - shell-quote changes:
      + Allow \t as delimiter.
    - Other changes:
      + Protect IFS variable when 'set --' executing.

2009-04-24 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.0-alt2

    - Fix shell-var installation.

2009-04-15 Alexey Gladkov 0.1.0-alt1

    - New utilities:
      + shell-var: New functions to handle shell parameters.
    - shell-quote changes:
      + Major changes in quote_shell_args().
      + Rewrite quote_shell_args() from scratch, to avoid the dangerous
        shell constructions.
      + Fix Usage for quote_shell_args.
      + Add quote_shell_args().
    - shell-unittest changes:
      + Add default comment initialization.
    - shell-args changes:
      + parse_common_option(): Option --quiet cancels option --verbose.
    - Other changes:
      + Update COPYING.
      + UnitTest: Add tests for quote_shell_args() function.
      + shell_var_unquote(), string_quote_remove(): Fix "'" unquote
        for bash.

2009-02-27 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.9-alt2

    - shell*-config changes:
      + Fix dependency.

2009-02-19 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.9-alt1

    - shell-getopt changes:
      + preserves the options order.
    - Other changes:
      + Add .gear/changelog file.
      + contrib/shell-sort: Implementation of sorting the array.
      + contrib/shell-array: Reimplement arrays.

2008-12-03 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.8-alt1

    - shell-getopt changes:
      + Fix regression.
    - Other changes:
      + shell-quote: *_variable(): Fix internal namespace.
      + Add tests for quote_sed_regexp_variable() and

2008-11-30 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.7-alt1

    - shell-getopt changes:
      + getopt(): OPTIND should be local.
      + Fix messages compatibility with getopt(1).
    - shell-signal changes:
      + signal_handler(): Fix SIG_DFL special action.
      + signal_handler(): Remove SIG prefix from a signal symbolic name.
      + signal_handler(): Fix quoting.
      + module is no longer a experimental.
    - shell-quote changes:
      + Add quote_shell_variable() and quote_sed_regexp_variable()
      + Use an internal quoting function to avoid unnecessary subshells.
    - Documentation changes:
      + Add shell-error.
      + Add man-page for shell-error.
      + Add libshell man-page.
    - Other changes:
      + Add makefile.
      + Add unit tests for shell-signal.

2008-09-29 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.6-alt1

    - New utilities:
      + shell-ini-config: New functions to read/write
        ini-like config files.
      + shell-signal: Add signal handling functions (experimental).
    - shell-getopt changes:
      + Add env variables desciption.
    - shell-unittest changes:
      + registerTests argument is optional.
      + assertTrue() and assertFalse() should always display message
        if test failed.
      + Add new function to able register test functions automatically.
      + appendTests(): test function could be registered only once.
      + Add unittest_show_condition parameter.
      + runUnitTests should return 1 if some tests has failed.
    - shell-ip-address changes:
      + Add regular expression to IP address validation.

2008-06-05 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.5-alt1

    - Add shell-unittest for writing Unit tests.

2008-05-28 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.4-alt1

    - Add shell-ip-address to IP address validation;
    - Add shell-mail-address to mail address validation;
    - shell-getopt:
      + Handle first '-' in short options;
      + Fix POSIXLY_CORRECT mode.

2008-03-13 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.3-alt1

    - shell-getopt: getopt():
      + Add --alternative handle;
      + Allow empty arguments;
      + Improve getopt(1) compatibility;
      + Ignore first '-' in options.
    - shell-config:
      + Add shell_config_del() and shell_config_comment() functions.

2008-03-09 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.2-alt4

    - shell-getopt: Move getopt(), getsubopt(), getopts() and getoptex()
      from experimental state.
    - shell-quote: Move string_quote_remove() from experimental state.

2008-02-27 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.2-alt2

    - shell-config: shell_config_set():
      + Fix value quoting.
    - shell-getopt: getopt():
      + Fix return codes;
      + Fix params handling.

2008-02-22 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.2-alt1

    - Add shell-version to trac API changes.
    - Add shell-getopt. This is getopts(1), getopt(1) and getsubopt(3)
      shell implementation (if __libshell_experimental is set).
    - Rename shell-regexp to shell-quote.
    - shell-quote:
      + Add string_quote_remove() to remove ' or " symbols from start
      and end of string (if __libshell_experimental is set).
      + Remove unquote_sed_regexp(), unquote_shell() functions.

2008-01-28 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.1-alt4

    - Add shell-config to read and write shell-like config files:
      + shell-config: shell_config_get() read value from config file;
      + shell-config: shell_config_set() change or write value
        to config file;
    - shell-args:
      + opt_check_read(), opt_check_dir() Fix error message.
    - shell-regexp:
      + Add new functions: unquote_sed_regexp(), unquote_shell().

2007-09-20 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.1-alt3

    - Workaround quoting for ash.

2007-07-06 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.1-alt2

    - shell-error: Rename info() to message().

2007-02-22 Alexey Gladkov 0.0.1-alt1

    - Initial revision.
The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.