Maintainer Mikhail Efremov in the c9f2 branch: Information

Maintainer name: Mikhail Efremov (sem)
Built source packages in this branch: 122
Last changes
#281757 sent by by Mikhail Efremov Aug 18, 2021, 12:19 AM Message: bugfix
iputils-20190709-alt3 built by Mikhail Efremov
Utilities for IPv4/IPv6 networking
Aug. 3, 2021 Mikhail Efremov:
- ping: Fixed -W/-i options in case of setlocale() error.
#270602 sent by by Mikhail Efremov May 11, 2021, 07:54 PM Message: security_fixes
datefudge-faketime-0.3-alt1 built by Mikhail Efremov
datefudge-like wrapper for faketime
March 22, 2021 Mikhail Efremov:
- Don't use rpm-build-licenses.
- Use exec to run faketime.
gnutls30-3.6.15-alt2 built by Mikhail Efremov
A TLS protocol implementation
March 22, 2021 Mikhail Efremov:
- Fixed gnulib tests.
- Fixed CVE-2021-20231, CVE-2021-20232
    (fixes: CVE-2021-20231, CVE-2021-20232).
- Fixed testpkcs11.
- Dropped self-provide from devel subpackage.
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