Package libserf: Specfile

Name:           libserf
Version:        1.3.9
Release:        alt1.1

Summary:        High-Performance Asynchronous HTTP Client Library
License:        ASL 2.0
Group:		System/Libraries

Patch1:         libserf-norpath.patch

BuildRequires:  libapr1-devel
BuildRequires:  libaprutil1-devel
BuildRequires:  libkrb5-devel
BuildRequires:  openssl-devel
BuildRequires:  zlib-devel
BuildRequires:  scons
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig

The serf library is a C-based HTTP client library built upon the Apache
Portable Runtime (APR) library. It multiplexes connections, running the
read/write communication asynchronously. Memory copies and
transformations are kept to a minimum to provide high performance

%package        devel
Summary:        Development files for %name
Group:		Development/C
Requires:       %name = %version-%release
Requires:       libapr1-devel

%description    devel
This package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use %{name}.

%setup -qn serf-%version
%patch1 -p1

# Shared library versioning support in scons is worse than awful...
# minimally, here fix the soname to match serf-1.2.x.  Minor version
# handling should be fixed too; really requires better upstream support:
sed -i '/SHLIBVERSION/s/MAJOR/0/' SConstruct

scons \
      CFLAGS="%{optflags}" \
      PREFIX=%_prefix \
      LIBDIR=%_libdir \
      GSSAPI=%_prefix \

scons install --install-sandbox=%{buildroot}
rm -f %buildroot%_libdir/*{.la,.a}

# Use the libserf from $PWD
#LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD scons %{?_smp_mflags} check || true


%files devel
%doc CHANGES README design-guide.txt

* Wed Sep 12 2018 Andrey Cherepanov <> 1.3.9-alt1.1
- Rebuild with openssl 1.1.
- Disable tests.

* Wed Sep 07 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <> 1.3.9-alt1
- New version
- Change homepage URL

* Fri Aug 21 2015 Andrey Cherepanov <> 1.3.8-alt1
- Inital build in Sisyphus (thanks Fedora)