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Maintainer: Eugeny A. Rostovtsev

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [1601]

package versions age Url Summary
skip freeipmi 1.6.7-alt1 1.6.5-alt1 1.6.3-alt1 1.5.7-alt2.S1.0.e2k.1 1.6.2-alt1.S1 3 days ago GNU FreeIPMI - Intelligent Platform Management System
repocop patch
c-icap 1:0.5.8-alt1 1:0.5.6-alt2 1:0.5.6-alt2 1:0.5.6-alt1 1:0.5.5-alt1 3 days ago ICAP server
skip armadillo 10.2.0-alt1_2 9.900.1-alt1_1 3 days ago Fast C++ matrix library with syntax similar to MATLAB and Octave
skip eiskaltdcpp 2.4.2-alt1 3 days ago EiskaltDC++ - Direct Connect client
skip sqlcipher 4.4.3-alt1 4.4.0-alt1 4.4.0-alt1 4.3.0-alt1 4.2.0-alt1 3 days ago AES encryption for SQLite databases
skip mailutils 3.12-alt1 3.6-alt1 3 days ago GNU Mailutils
skip avogadro 1.2.0-alt8 1.2.0-alt7 1.2.0-alt6 4 days ago An advanced molecular editor for chemical purposes
skip qcad 4 days ago A professional CAD system
skip sane 1.0.32-alt2 1.0.30-alt2 1.0.30-alt2 1.0.29-alt1 1.0.27-alt4 5 days ago This package contains the SANE docs and utils
skip denemo 2.5.0-alt1 5 days ago WYSIWYG musical score editor, and frontend for Lilypond
skip btrfs-progs 5.10.1-alt1 5.7-alt1 5.7-alt1 5.4-alt1 5.1.1-alt1 5 days ago Utilities for managing the Btrfs filesystem
skip wxMaxima 21.02.0-alt1 20.04.0-alt1 19.02.0-alt2 5 days ago GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
skip gerbv 2.7.0-alt1 2.6.2-alt2 2.6.2-alt2 5 days ago Gerber file viewer
skip efax 0.9a051015-alt4 0.9a051015-alt3 0.9a051015-alt3 5 days ago A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem
skip grfcodec 6.0.6-alt1_16 6.0.6-alt1_8 7 days ago A suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files
skip nogravity 2.00-alt2_37 2.00-alt2_29 2.00-alt2_29 7 days ago Space shooter in 3D
skip nazghul 0.7.1-alt2_29.20120228gitb0a402a 0.7.1-alt2_23.20120228gitb0a402a 0.7.1-alt2_23.20120228gitb0a402a 7 days ago A computer role-playing game (CRPG) engine
skip rdiff-backup 2.0.5-alt1 1.3.3-alt1 1.3.3-alt1 7 days ago Backup software
skip octave 6.2.0-alt1 5.2.0-alt2 5.1.0-alt2 7 days ago GNU Octave -- a high-level language for numerical computations
skip python3 3.9.2-alt1 3.8.3-alt1 3.8.1-alt1 3.8.1-alt1 3.7.3-alt1 8 days ago Version 3 of the Python programming language aka Python 3000
skip kmymoney 5.1.1-alt2 5.0.4-alt1 8 days ago A Personal Finance Manager for KDE
repocop patch
blender 2.92.0-alt1 2.79b-alt7 8 days ago 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
skip hplip 1:3.21.2-alt2 1:3.20.6-alt1 1:3.20.6-alt1 1:3.19.6-alt1 8 days ago Solution for printing, scanning, and faxing with Hewlett-Packard inkjet and laser printers.
skip ImageMagick 8 days ago An X application for displaying and manipulating images
skip dwdiff 2.1.4-alt1 2.1.1-alt3 2.1.1-alt3 2.1.1-alt3 8 days ago front-end for the diff program that operates at the word level
skip celestia 1: 1.6.9.git-alt2 1.6.9.git-alt2 9 days ago A real-time visual space simulation
skip python 2.7.18-alt4 2.7.18-alt1 2.7.18-alt1 2.7.17-alt4 2.7.16-alt1 9 days ago An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language
skip zoneminder 1.34.23-alt1 1.34.16-alt1 1.32.3-alt3 9 days ago A camera monitoring and analysis tool
skip git-cola 3.9-alt1 3.6-alt2 3.6-alt2 3.3-alt1 9 days ago A highly caffeinated git gui
skip cmake 3.19.6-alt1 3.17.3-alt1.E2K.1 3.17.3-alt1 3.13.4-alt3 9 days ago Cross-platform, open-source make system
skip audacious-plugins 4.1-alt1 4.0.4-alt2 4.0.4-alt2 3.10.1-alt2 3.10.1-alt1 9 days ago Plugins for Audacious
skip audacious 4.1-alt1 4.0.4-alt1 4.0.4-alt1 3.10.1-alt1 9 days ago Media player which uses a skinned interface
skip libvirt 7.0.0-alt2 6.5.0-alt1 5.4.0-alt3 5.0.0-alt1.1 9 days ago Library providing a simple API virtualization
repocop patch
python-module-django 1.11.29-alt2 1.11.23-alt1 1.11.17-alt1 1.11.17-alt1 9 days ago A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
skip python3-module-django 2.2.19-alt1 10 days ago A high-level Python 3 Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
skip libsmbios 2.4.3-alt1 10 days ago Libsmbios C/C++ shared libraries
skip duplicity 0.8.18-alt1 0.7.19-alt1 0.7.19-alt1 10 days ago Untrusted/encrypted backup using rsync algorithm
skip asymptote 2.69-alt1 2.49-alt1 10 days ago Descriptive vector graphics language
skip ansible 2.9.18-alt1 2.9.10-alt1 2.9.10-alt1 2.7.10-alt1 11 days ago SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution system
skip aMule 2.3.3-alt1 2.3.2-alt3.1 2.3.2-alt3.1 11 days ago aMule - eMule client.
skip python-module-Cython 0.29.22-alt1 0.29.21-alt1 0.29.21-alt1 0.29.15-alt1 0.29.11-alt1 13 days ago C-extensions for Python
repocop patch
mongo 4.4.4-alt1 14 days ago mongo client shell and tools
skip audit 3.0.1-alt1 2.8.4-alt2.E2K.2 2.8.5-alt4.git.e4021a9 2.8.5-alt4.git.e4021a9 2.8.5-alt2 15 days ago User space tools for Linux kernel 2.6+ auditing
skip krb5 1.19.1-alt1 1.18.2-alt2 1.18.2-alt2 1.17.1-alt1 1.16.3-alt1 15 days ago The Kerberos network authentication system
skip python-module-certifi 2020.12.5-alt1 2020.6.20-alt1 2020.6.20-alt1 2016.9.26-alt1 15 days ago Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle
skip python-module-yaml 5.4.1-alt1 5.3.1-alt1 5.3.1-alt1 5.3-alt1 5.1-alt1 15 days ago PyYAML, a YAML parser and emitter for Python
skip python-module-cffi 1.14.5-alt1 1.14.0-alt1 1.13.2-alt2 1.12.3-alt1 16 days ago Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
skip lldpd 1.0.8-alt2 1.0.5-alt1 1.0.5-alt1 1.0.3-alt1 16 days ago Link Layer Discovery Protocol Daemon
skip zziplib 0.13.72-alt1 0.13.69-alt3 0.13.69-alt3 0.13.69-alt1 16 days ago Lightweight library to easily extract data from zip files
skip libpng 1.7.0-alt3.beta89 16 days ago A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files
skip R-base 4.0.4-alt1 3.5.3-alt1 3.5.3-alt1 16 days ago A language for data analysis and graphics
skip ffmpeg 2:4.3.1-alt5 2:4.3.1-alt2.E2K.1 2:4.3.1-alt2 2:4.1.4-alt2.rv64 2:4.1.3-alt3 17 days ago A command line toolbox to manipulate, convert and stream multimedia content
skip gsimplecal 2.2-alt1 2.0-alt1.git20140809 2.0-alt1.git20140809 17 days ago Simple and lightweight GTK calendar
skip xpa 2.1.20-alt1 2.1.15-alt1 2.1.15-alt1 17 days ago The XPA Messaging System
skip dolphin-emu 5.0.13671-alt2 17 days ago The Gamecube / Wii Emulator
skip system-config-printer 1.5.11-alt8 1.5.11-alt7 1.5.11-alt7 1.5.11-alt6 18 days ago A printer administration tool
repocop patch
python-module-pyuv 1.4.0-alt1 1.1.0-alt1.git20150619.1.1.1 1.1.0-alt1.git20150619.1.1.1 1.1.0-alt1.git20150619.1.1.1 18 days ago Python interface for libuv
skip feh 3.6.3-alt1 2.16-alt1 2.16-alt1 2.16-alt1 18 days ago Image viewer using Imlib 2
skip calibre 4.23.0-alt2 3.44-alt1 18 days ago A e-book library management application
skip alsa-plugins 1:1.2.2-alt2 1:1.2.2-alt1 1:1.2.2-alt1 1:1.1.9-alt1 19 days ago Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) plugins
skip kf5-kinit 5.79.0-alt1 5.70.0-alt1 5.59.0-alt1 5.54.0-alt2 19 days ago KDE Frameworks 5 helper library to speed up start of applications
skip exaile 4.1.0-alt1 4.0.0-alt0.2 19 days ago a music player aiming to be similar to KDE's Amarok, but for GTK+ and written in Python
skip subversion 1.14.1-alt1 1.14.0-alt1 1.14.0-alt1 1.9.2-alt3.3 19 days ago A version control system
skip libxml2 1:2.9.10-alt6 1:2.9.10-alt3 1:2.9.10-alt3 1:2.9.10-alt3 1: 20 days ago The library for manipulating XML files
repocop patch
python-module-shapely 1.7-alt2.b1 1.7-alt1.b1 1.5.17-alt1.post1. 20 days ago Planar geometries, predicates, and operations
skip eog 3.38.2-alt1 3.32.2-alt1 20 days ago Eye Of Gnome
skip kicad 1:5.1.9-alt1 1:5.1.2-alt2 21 days ago An open source software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams
skip meld 3.20.3-alt1 3.20.2-alt1 3.20.2-alt1 3.20.1-alt1 21 days ago Meld Diff Viewer
skip python-module-serial 3.5-alt1 3.4-alt1 3.4-alt1 22 days ago Serial port access for python
skip glib2 2.66.7-alt1 2.64.4-alt1 2.64.4-alt1 2.64.1-alt1.rv64 2.60.4-alt1 23 days ago A library of handy utility functions
skip geos 3.9.1-alt1 3.8.0-alt2 3.7.2-alt1 3.7.2-alt1 23 days ago Geometry Engine - Open Source
skip ogre 1.9.0-alt3 1.9.0-alt2 1.9.0-alt1.2 24 days ago Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
skip gmic 2.9.6-alt1 2.9.1-alt1 2.6.7-alt1 24 days ago GREYC's Magic Image Converter
skip asc 25 days ago ASC - a battle isle clone
skip 0ad 1:0.0.23b-alt6 25 days ago Free, open-source realtime strategy game of ancient warfare
skip mysql-connector-odbc 8.0.23-alt1 8.0.20-alt1 8.0.13-alt2 5.3.11-alt2 25 days ago MySQL Connector/ODBC - ODBC driver for MySQL
repocop patch
MySQL 8.0.23-alt1 8.0.20-alt2.0.mips1 8.0.16-alt1 5.7.24-alt1.E2K.1 8.0.15-alt1 25 days ago A very fast and reliable SQL database engine
skip remmina 1.4.11-alt1 1.4.7-alt1 1.4.7-alt1 1.3.10-alt1 1.3.4-alt2 25 days ago Remote Desktop Client
skip roundcube 1.4.11-alt1 1.4.7-alt1 1.3.9-alt1 25 days ago Browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface
skip reiser4progs 1.2.1-alt2 1.2.1-alt1 1.2.1-alt1 1.2.1-alt1 26 days ago Utilities for reiser4 filesystems
skip libunicap 0.9.12-alt2 0.9.12-alt1 0.9.12-alt1 0.9.8-alt4 26 days ago Library to access different kinds of (video) capture devices
skip pyside-qt4 1.2.2-alt4.git20140501 1.2.2-alt3.git20140501 1.2.2-alt3.git20140501 26 days ago Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework
skip shiboken 1.2.2-alt5.git20140422 1.2.2-alt4.git20140422 1.2.2-alt4.git20140422 26 days ago Generates bindings for C++ libraries using CPython source code
skip liblcms2 2.12-alt1 2.11-alt1 2.11-alt1 2.9-alt1 27 days ago Little cms color engine, version 2
skip faad 2.10.0-alt1 2.7-alt6 2.7-alt6 2.7-alt6 27 days ago FAAD is a Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder
skip darktable 3.4.1-alt1 28 days ago Darktable is a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographer
skip kde5-dolphin 20.12.2-alt1 19.04.2-alt1 29 days ago The file manager for KDE
skip GraphicsMagick 1.3.36-alt1 1.3.30-alt2.1 1.3.20-alt2.1.1.1 29 days ago An X application for displaying and manipulating images
skip inkscape 1.0.2-alt1 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt0.beta2.1 0.92.4-alt4 29 days ago A Vector Drawing Application
skip lilypond 2.22.0-alt1 2.18.2-alt2 30 days ago A program for printing sheet music
skip mkvtoolnix 53.0.0-alt1 47.0.0-alt2 23.0.0-alt3 about 1 month ago Tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files
skip supertux2 0.6.2-alt3 about 1 month ago Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a Super Mario style
skip jansson 2.13.1-alt1 2.12-alt1 2.12-alt1 2.7-alt1 about 1 month ago C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
skip pstoedit 3.75-alt1 3.70-alt4 3.70-alt4 about 1 month ago converts Postscript(TM) and PDF files to other vector graphic formats
skip libextractor 1.11-alt1 1.10-alt1 1.9-alt2 1.9-alt1 about 1 month ago libextractor is a simple library for keyword extraction
skip fotoxx 21.33-alt1 20.17-alt1 20.17-alt1 19.12-alt1 about 1 month ago Software for digital image editing, HDR composites, and panoramas
repocop patch
python-module-jedi 0.12.1-alt2 0.12.1-alt1.1 0.12.1-alt1.1 0.12.1-alt1 about 1 month ago An autocompletion tool for Python that can be used for text editors
skip python-module-bcrypt 3.1.7-alt4 3.1.7-alt3 3.1.7-alt3 3.1.4-alt1.2 about 1 month ago An implementation the OpenBSD Blowfish password hashing algorithm
skip qemu 5.2.0-alt4 4.0.0-alt2 about 1 month ago QEMU CPU Emulator
skip pitivi 2021.01-alt2 0.999-alt2 0.999-alt1 about 1 month ago PiTiVi allows users to easily edit audio/video projects

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.