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Maintainer: Eugeny A. Rostovtsev

List of packages which was built by this maintainer: [1601]

package versions age Url Summary
notice ALDConvert 0.06-alt2.1.1 0.06-alt2.1.1 over 9 years ago ALT Linux Documentation Project format converter
skip apt-blacklist 0.01.2-alt2 0.01.2-alt1 about 1 year ago Forbids installation of packages based on some criteria
notice arepo 1-alt10 about 9 years ago biarch repackager for Sisyphus packages
skip asoundconf 1:1.2-alt1 1:1.2-alt1 0.1-alt1 11 months ago utility to read and change the user's ALSA library configuration
notice emu51 0.0.3-alt1.1 0.0.3-alt1.1 almost 10 years ago 8051 emulator
notice fdclock 20071208-alt3.1 20071208-alt3.1 over 8 years ago Freedesktop logo clock using cairo
skip gmp 6.2.1-alt1 6.1.2-alt3 6.1.2-alt3 6.1.2-alt3 about 2 years ago gmp
notice gnustep-dirs 1.0-alt2 about 8 years ago Common dirs for GNUstep enviroment
notice harvester 0.1-alt3 0.1-alt2 almost 9 years ago OpenVZ stats harvester
notice haserl 0.9.3-alt2.1 0.9.3-alt2.1 over 8 years ago Html And Shell Embedded Runtime Language
notice juffed 0.10-alt3.git7746772 0.10-alt2 almost 3 years ago Simple tabbed text editor
warning krank 07-alt2.1 over 9 years ago Mouse magnet manipulation game with nifty graphics
skip libconfig 1.5-alt2 1.5-alt2 1.5-alt2 almost 3 years ago C/C++ Configuration File Library
skip libmtquery 0.0.1-alt3.1.qa4 over 5 years ago multitran translation query library
notice mkve 0.22-alt2 0.22-alt2 0.21-alt3 almost 2 years ago Package for initial managing of virtual environments
notice mpi-selector 1.0.3-alt3 1.0.3-alt3 over 3 years ago A simple tool to provide site-wide and per-user defaults for which MPI implementation to use
notice mt-utils 0.0.1-alt4.2 over 5 years ago multitran command line utilities
notice progsreiserfs 10 months ago Programs needed for manipulating reiserfs partitions
notice pyneighborhood-settings-desktop 0.1-alt1 0.1-alt1 over 13 years ago pyneighborhood settings for Desktop version
notice python-module-aiodns 1.1.1-alt1 1.1.1-alt1 about 4 years ago Asynchronous DNS resolutions
skip python-module-zc 1.0.0-alt6.2 1.0.0-alt6.2 1.0.0-alt6.2 almost 3 years ago The ``zc`` package is a pure namespace package
notice python-module-zope 3.3.0-alt8.5 3.3.0-alt8.5 3.3.0-alt8.4 almost 2 years ago The ``zope`` package is a pure namespace package
repocop patch
rpm-build-python 0.39.0-alt1 0.38.0-alt1 0.38.0-alt1 0.37.0-alt1 over 2 years ago RPM helper macros to rebuild python packages
skip rtmpdump 2.4-alt1_17.20190330.gitc5f04a5 2.4-alt1 almost 3 years ago An utility toolkit for RTMP streams
skip sven 0.6-alt3 0.6-alt3 over 1 year ago Sven - multimedia keyboard daemon
notice swig 1:3.0.12-alt8.0.mips1 1:3.0.12-alt8 1:3.0.12-alt8 1:3.0.12-alt6 almost 2 years ago Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG)
warning timeoutd 1.5-alt2.1 1.5-alt2.1 over 8 years ago timeoutd enforces the time restrictions specified for each or all users.
notice wmaker-theme-club01 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club02 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club03 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club04 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club05 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club06 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club07 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club08 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club09 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club10 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club11 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmaker-theme-club12 0.60.0-alt1 0.60.0-alt1 about 8 years ago WindowMaker theme
notice wmrand 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt1 about 8 years ago wmrand - programm select randomize theme for Window Maker
skip xqf about 2 years ago X11 QStat Frontend
notice flac 1.3.3-alt1 1.3.3-alt1 1.3.2-alt2 about 1 year ago Free Lossless Audio Codec
skip flac 1.3.3-alt1 1.3.3-alt1 1.3.2-alt2 10 months ago An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec
notice wxMaxima 21.02.0-alt1 20.04.0-alt1 19.02.0-alt2 about 2 years ago GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima
skip xpdf 4.03-alt1 4.02-alt1 4.02-alt1 3.03-alt2 about 1 month ago The PDF viewer and tools
skip tbb 2020.3-alt1 2020.2-alt1 2019-alt1.u8.1 2019-alt1.u2 2018-alt0.M80P.1.u1 11 months ago Threading Building Blocks
skip svgalib 1.9.25-alt2.5 almost 2 years ago Library for full screen [S]VGA graphics
skip supertux2 0.6.2-alt3 about 1 month ago Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a Super Mario style
skip rawtherapee 5.8-alt1 5.6-alt1 5.0-alt0.r1.M80P.2 about 1 year ago THe Experimental RAw Photo Editor
skip libtorrent-rasterbar 3:1.2.11-alt1 3:1.2.7-alt1 3:1.2.7-alt1 3:1.1.12-alt1 3 months ago libTorrent is a BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
skip qemu 5.2.0-alt4 4.0.0-alt2 about 1 month ago QEMU CPU Emulator
skip python-module-ldap 3.2.0-alt3 3.2.0-alt3 3.2.0-alt1 8 months ago An object-oriented API to access LDAP directory servers from Python programs
skip libprelude 5.2.0-alt1_3 5.1.1-alt2 5.1.1-alt1_2 5.0.0-alt2 11 months ago Secure Connections between all Sensors and the Prelude Manager
notice libpreludedb 5.1.0-alt1_2 5.1.0-alt1_2 5.0.0-alt1_1.1 over 1 year ago Framework for easy access to the IDMEF database
notice openssl10 1.0.2r-alt3 1.0.2r-alt3 almost 2 years ago OpenSSL - Secure Sockets Layer and cryptography shared libraries and tools
failure python-module-numpy 1:1.15.4-alt7 1:1.15.4-alt5.E2K.1 1:1.15.4-alt5 1:1.15.4-alt5 1:1.15.4-alt2 over 1 year ago NumPy: array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects
skip libnetfilter_queue 1.0.5-alt1 1.0.3-alt1 1.0.3-alt1 about 2 years ago Netfilter queue userspace library
skip libmpdclient 2.19-alt1 2.19-alt1 2.15-alt1 8 months ago MPD client library
notice libcuefile r471-alt1.svn20110618 r471-alt1.svn20110618 over 6 years ago cue and toc file parsers and utilities
notice libreplaygain r483-alt1.svn20131021 r483-alt1.svn20131021 over 6 years ago Analyzes input samples and give the recommended dB change
ok musepack r475-alt2 r475-alt2 over 6 years ago Portable Musepack decoder library
skip mxml 3.2-alt1 2.8-alt1 2.8-alt1 about 2 months ago Small XML file parsing library
skip libgdiplus 5.6.1-alt1 5.6.1-alt1 almost 2 years ago An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API.
repocop patch
mongo 4.4.4-alt1 15 days ago mongo client shell and tools
skip mailman 5: 5: 5: 5: 5 months ago Mailing list manager with built in web access
notice libstatgrab 0.92-alt1_3 0.92-alt1_1 0.92-alt1_1 0.91-alt1_1 0.17-alt1.1 over 1 year ago Make system statistics
failure graphviz 2.41.2-alt4 2.41.2-alt3 2.41.2-alt3 2.40.1-alt7.E2K.1 2.40.1-alt6 5 months ago Graphs visualization tools
skip libassuan 2.5.3-alt1 2.5.3-alt1 2.5.3-alt1 2 months ago IPC library used by some GnuPG related software
skip libtool_2.4 2.4.6-alt2 2.4.6-alt1 2.4.6-alt1 3 months ago The GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries
skip libsigsegv about 2 years ago Library for handling page faults in user mode
skip libffcall 2.1-alt2 2.1-alt1 about 2 years ago Foreign Function Call Libraries
notice gettext 0.20.2-alt2 0.20.2-alt2 0.20.2-alt1 8 months ago GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages
skip automake_1.11 1.11.6-alt9 1.11.6-alt9 almost 2 years ago A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
notice alacarte 3.36.0-alt1 3.36.0-alt1 3.11.91-alt1 about 1 year ago Menu editor for GNOME
skip libgtk-engine-aurora 1.5.1-alt1.2 1.5.1-alt1.2 almost 3 years ago Aurora GTK2 engine
skip GMT 6.1.1-alt1_1 5.4.5-alt1_1 4 months ago Generic Mapping Tools
skip gnustep-Toolbox 0.8-alt6 0.8-alt4 4 months ago Collection of tools for GNUstep
notice cppunit 1.15.1-alt1 1.15.1-alt1 1.15.1-alt1 1.14.0-alt1 over 3 years ago C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing
skip firebird about 2 years ago Firebird SQL Database, fork of InterBase
skip libetpan 1.9.4-alt2 1.9.4-alt1 1.9.4-alt1 1.9.3-alt2 5 months ago This mail library provide a portable, efficient middleware for different kinds of mail access
skip clementine 1.4.0-alt3.gitf1678fd33 1.4.0-alt1.rc1 1.3.1-alt7.1 about 2 months ago A music player and library organiser
notice claws-mail 3.17.8-alt1 3.17.6-alt1 3.17.3-alt3 almost 2 years ago Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client.
skip cgal 5.0.2-alt1.1 4.12-alt4 8 months ago Easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms
skip boost 1:1.75.0-alt2 1:1.73.0-alt3.0.mips1 1:1.73.0-alt3 1:1.72.0-alt2 1:1.67.0-alt8 about 1 month ago Boost libraries
skip blosc 1.18.1-alt1 1.18.1-alt1 1.15.1-alt2 1.12.1-alt1 11 months ago Blosc: A blocking, shuffling and lossless compression library
repocop patch
blender 2.92.0-alt1 2.79b-alt7 9 days ago 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production
warning kcollectd 0.11.99-alt1 0.9-alt5.1 7 months ago collectd graphing frontend for KDE
skip librsvg 1:2.50.3-alt1 1:2.44.14-alt1 1:2.40.20-alt1 1:2.40.20-alt1 about 1 month ago SVG rendering library
skip gtk-vnc 1.0.0-alt1 0.9.0-alt1 0.9.0-alt1 over 2 years ago VNC viewer widget
warning drwright 3.5-alt1.27.gfa0bade over 3 years ago A program that reminds you to take wrist breaks
warning gnome-panel 3.38.0-alt1 3.32.0-alt1.1 4 months ago The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment
skip totem 3.38.0-alt1 3.34.1-alt3 3.34.1-alt3 3.32.0-alt1 12 months ago Movie player for GNOME 3
skip rhythmbox 3.4.4-alt2 3.4.4-alt1 3.4.4-alt1 3.4.3-alt1 3 months ago Music Management Application
warning gnote 3.38.1-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.34.1-alt1 3.32.1-alt1 over 1 year ago Note-taking application
warning gedit-plugins 3.38.1-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.32.2-alt1 almost 2 years ago Plugins for GEdit
notice gnome-games 3.38.0-alt1 3.32.1-alt1 6 months ago Simple game launcher for GNOME
warning eog 3.38.2-alt1 3.32.2-alt1 almost 2 years ago Eye Of Gnome
warning eog-plugins 3.26.6-alt1 3.26.5-alt2 3.26.3-alt1 over 2 years ago EOG plugins
warning devhelp 3.38.1-alt1 3.36.1-alt1 3.32.0-alt1 12 months ago Developer's help program
notice accerciser 3.38.0-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.32.3-alt1 over 1 year ago Interactive Python accessibility explorer

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The Geyser project is based on code from Prometheus2.0, which had been made available under the MIT License.