Package freeswitch-webui

Binary package: freeswitch-webui
Version: 1.10.7-alt1
Architecture: aarch64
Build time:  Dec 2, 2021, 05:03 PM
 in the task #290606
Source package: freeswitch
Category: System/Servers
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License:  MPL-1.1
Summary:  Web-based UI for FreeSWITCH
FreeSWITCH is an open source telephony platform designed to facilitate
the creation of voice and chat driven products scaling from a soft-phone
up to a soft-switch.  It can be used as a simple switching engine,
a media gateway or a media server to host IVR applications using simple
scripts or XML to control the callflow.

This package provides simple web-based UI.
Last changes:
Nov. 26, 2021 Anton Farygin 1:1.10.7-alt1
- 1.10.6 -> 1.10.7 (Fixes: CVE-2021-41158, CVE-2021-41145, CVE-2021-41157,
  CVE-2021-41105, CVE-2021-37624, CVE-2021-36513)
Oct. 16, 2021 Anton Farygin 1:1.10.6-alt3
- built without silk support
Sept. 30, 2021 Anton Farygin 1:1.10.6-alt2
- fixed build with gcc-11.2
- removed build dependency to external gsmlib (removed from Sisyphus)
- disabled lto to fix unresolved symbols
- disabled endpoints/mod_skinny due to the quality of code

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