Image for p10 repository: ALT Workstation 10

ALT Workstation 10 installed on a laptop or desktop provides a classic personal workplace allowing to:

  • work with internet (web, email, instant messaging);
  • create texts, spreadsheets and presentations (office suite);
  • isten to music and watch videos (multimedia);
  • create and improve raster and vector images;
  • perform mathematical computations;
  • develop software;
  • ... and much more!

The distribution is included into the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (under number: 1292) and contains system and applicable software. The distribution’s features are listed at the website of the vendor – Basealt LLC.

According to the license a downloaded version of the distribution can be used freely by physical persons only. Legal persons can use it for testing purposes, but it is necessary to obtain licenses or make a license agreement in writing in order to officially use it.

Source code of the free applications contained in these images can be found in src.rpm packages and Git repositories.

In order to write ISO images to a USB flash drive, follow the instructions.
The information on how to create a root filesystem image from an aarch64 archive is available here.

Please contact MCST JSC to get samples and repository for the Elbrus platform (e2k architecture).

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