Package disc-cover: Specfile

%define Name Disc-cover
Name: disc-cover
Version: 1.5.6
Release: alt3.1
Summary: Makes covers for audio CDs using CDDB info
Summary(uk_UA.CP1251): \xc2\xe8\xe3\xee\xf2\xee\xe2\xeb\xe5\xed\xed\xff \xee\xe1\xea\xeb\xe0\xe4\xe8\xed\xee\xea \xe4\xeb\xff \xe0\xf3\xe4\xb3\xee-CD \xe7 \xe2\xe8\xea\xee\xf0\xe8\xf1\xf2\xe0\xed\xed\xff\xec CDDB-\xb3\xed\xf4\xee\xf0\xec\xe0\xf6\xb3\xbf
License: %gpl2plus
Group: Sound
Patch: %name-cvs-20070116.patch
Patch1: disc-cover-1.5.6-alt-perl5.22.patch
Requires: %_bindir/latex, %_bindir/pdflatex, %_bindir/dvips, %_bindir/convert
BuildArch: noarch
Packager: Led <>

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-licenses

Provides an easy way to produce covers for audio CDs. It scans audio
CDs and uses information from the CDDB database to build a back and
front cover for the CD. The cover output is in LaTeX, DVI, PDF or
Postscript. This little gadget lets you produce covers without typing
in all the information yourself. An easy way to replace all those lost
covers ;-)

%patch -p1
%patch1 -p1

bzip2 --keep --best --force CHANGELOG

install -d -m 0755 %buildroot{%_bindir,%_datadir/%name/templates}
install -m 0755 %name %buildroot%_bindir/
install -m 0644 templates/* %buildroot%_datadir/%name/templates/


* Mon Nov 30 2015 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.5.6-alt3.1
- bugfixes for perl 5.22

* Wed Oct 07 2009 Grigory Batalov <> 1.5.6-alt3
- Replace tetex dependence with latex/dvips binaries.

* Mon Nov 03 2008 Led <> 1.5.6-alt2
- fixed License

* Wed Jun 21 2006 Led <> 1.5.6-alt1
- 1.5.6
- fixed spec
- removed %name-1.5.5-version.patch
- added THANKS to docs

* Mon Jun 19 2006 Led <> 1.5.5-alt1
- 1.5.5
- added %name-1.5.5-version.patch
- added uk_UA Summary

* Thu May 04 2006 Led <> 1.5.4-alt1
- initial build