Package freecol

Source package: freecol
Version: 0.11.6-alt2
Build time:  Oct 19, 2020, 04:21 PM
 in the task #260091
Category: Games/Strategy
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License:  GPL-2.0+
Summary:  FreeCol is opensource Colonization clone.
FreeCol is a turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization and similar to Civilization.
The objective of the game is to create an independent nation.
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
freecol (noarch)
Maintainer: Aleksei Nikiforov
List of contributors: 
Aleksei Nikiforov
Mikhail Pokidko
Last changes:
Oct. 19, 2020 Aleksei Nikiforov 0.11.6-alt2
- Applied security fix from Debian (Fixes: CVE-2018-1000825).
- Updated license tag.
Nov. 14, 2017 Aleksei Nikiforov 0.11.6-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 0.11.6.
Sept. 5, 2011 Mikhail Pokidko 0.10.2-alt1
- v0.10.2 (stable)

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