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Source package: perl-CGI-Session-SQLite
Version: 1.0-alt4
Build time:  Sep 24, 2021, 07:14 AM
Category: Development/Perl
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License: GPL or Artistic
Summary:  Simple Common Gateway Interface class for Perl
This perl library uses perl5 objects to make it easy to create
Web fill-out forms and parse their contents.  This package
defines CGI objects, entities that contain the values of the
current query string and other state variables.  Using a CGI
object's methods, you can examine keywords and parameters
passed to your script, and create forms whose initial values
are taken from the current query (thereby preserving state
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
perl-CGI-Session-SQLite (noarch)
Maintainer: Alexey Tourbin
List of contributors: 
Alexey Tourbin
Igor Vlasenko
Denis Smirnov
Last changes:
Nov. 14, 2011 Alexey Tourbin 1.0-alt4
- rebuilt as plain src.rpm
Nov. 22, 2010 Igor Vlasenko 1.0-alt3.1
- repair after perl 5.12 upgrade using girar-nmu
Feb. 6, 2009 Denis Smirnov 1.0-alt3
- update for build with new CGI::Session
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