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Source package: perl-Crypt-TripleDES
Version: 0.24-alt2.1
Build time:  Sep 18, 2021, 11:40 PM
Category: Development/Perl
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License: Artistic
Summary:  Perl module Crypt-TripleDES implements 3DES encryption
This module implements 3DES encryption in ECB mode. The code is
based on Eric Young's implementation of DES in pure perl.  It's
quite slow because of the way  Perl handles bit operations  and
is not recommended for use with large texts.
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
perl-Crypt-TripleDES (noarch)
Maintainer: Nikolay A. Fetisov
List of contributors: 
Igor Vlasenko
Nikolay A. Fetisov
    1. perl-devel
Last changes:
Nov. 22, 2010 Igor Vlasenko 0.24-alt2.1
- repair after perl 5.12 upgrade using girar-nmu
Sept. 22, 2006 Nikolay A. Fetisov 0.24-alt2
- Fix file list in spec
April 23, 2006 Nikolay A. Fetisov 0.24-alt1
- Initial build for ALT Linux
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