Package perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2: Specfile

%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1

Name: perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2
Version: 1.59
Release: alt1
Summary: A Mojolicious plugin that allows OAuth2 authentication
License: Artistic-2.0
Group: Development/Perl
BuildArch: noarch

BuildRequires: perl(ExtUtils/ 
BuildRequires: perl(Mojo/
BuildRequires: perl(Mojolicious/
BuildRequires: perl(IO/Socket/

Requires:  perl(IO/Socket/
Requires:  perl(
Requires:  perl(Mojolicious/

This Mojolicious plugin allows you to easily authenticate against a OAuth2
provider. It includes configurations for a few popular providers, but you can
add your own easily as well.

%setup -q -n Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2-%{version}


rm -f %buildroot%perl_vendorlib/Mojolicious/Plugin/README.pod

%doc Changes README

* Wed Feb 17 2021 Igor Vlasenko <> 1.59-alt1
- automated CPAN update

* Wed Jul 15 2020 Alexandr Antonov <> 1.58-alt1
- initial build for ALT