Package vidix

Source package: vidix
Version: 1.0.0-alt0.2.1.qa1
Build time:  Apr 15, 2013, 07:16 PM
Category: System/Libraries
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License:  GPL
Summary:  VIDeo Interface for *niX
VIDIX - VIDeo Interface for *niX.
This interface was designed and introduced as interface to userspace
drivers to provide DGA everywhere where it's possible (unline X11).
What is it:
  - It's portable successor of mga_vid technology which is located in
  - Unlikely X11 it's provides DGA everywhere where it's possible.
  - Unlikely v4l it provides interface for video playback
  - Unlikely linux's drivers it uses mathematics library.
List of rpms provided by this srpm: 
libvidix (x86_64, i586)
libvidix-devel (x86_64, i586)
vidix-drivers (x86_64, i586)
vidix-drivers-debuginfo (x86_64, i586)
Maintainer: Repocop Q. A. Robot
List of contributors: 
Dmitry V. Levin
Igor Vlasenko
    1. libdha-devel >= 1.0-alt0.3
Last changes:
April 15, 2013 Dmitry V. Levin 1.0.0-alt0.2.1.qa1
- NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.
Nov. 2, 2009 Igor Vlasenko 1.0.0-alt0.2.1
- NMU (by repocop): the following fixes applied:
  * post_ldconfig for libvidix
  * postun_ldconfig for libvidix
Jan. 10, 2007 Led 1.0.0-alt0.2
- new SVN snapshot (revision 21861)
- updated vidix-svn-r21861-configure.patch
- updated vidix-svn-r21861-include.patch

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