Package browser-plugins-npapi: Information

    Binary package: browser-plugins-npapi
    Version: 3.0-alt1
    Architecture: e2kv5
    Build time:  Jun 21, 2022, 04:26 AM
    Source package: browser-plugins-npapi
    Category: System/Base
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    License: GPL3
    Summary: Netscape Gecko Plug-in API common files
    This package contains directories for storage of plug-ins
    for NPAPI(Netscape Gecko Plug-in API) compatible browsers.

    Maintainer: Alexey Gladkov

    List of contributors:
    Alexey Gladkov

    Last changed

    Oct. 7, 2009 Alexey Gladkov 3.0-alt1
    - Add npapi-files.req.list
    Sept. 28, 2009 Alexey Gladkov 2.0-alt1
    - Rename %_libdir/browser-plugins-npapi -> %_libdir/browser-plugins
    Nov. 22, 2005 Alexey Gladkov 1.0-alt2
    - package become an arch-specific.