Package kernel-source-ipt_netflow: Information

Binary package: kernel-source-ipt_netflow
Version: 2.6-alt1
Architecture: noarch
Build time:  Oct 14, 2021, 11:48 PM
Source package: kernel-source-ipt_netflow
Category: Development/Kernel
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License: GPL
Summary:  Netflow iptables module for Linux kernel
Ipt-netflow is very fast and effective Netflow exporting module for
Linux kernel. Designed for Linux router with heavy network load.
This is netfilter/iptables module adding support for NETFLOW target.
Maintainer: Kernel Maintainer Team
List of contributors: 
Anton V. Boyarshinov
Last changes:
Sept. 3, 2021 Anton V. Boyarshinov 2.6-alt1
- v2.6
- kernel 5.14 compatibility from upstream
June 3, 2020 Anton V. Boyarshinov 2.5-alt2
- kernel 5.7 compatibility from upstream
April 28, 2020 Anton V. Boyarshinov 2.5-alt1
- v2.5
- kernel 5.6 compatibility
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