Package libelf-devel: Information

Binary package: libelf-devel
Version: 0.159-alt6
Architecture: e2kv6
Build time:  Jun 21, 2022, 11:23 AM
Source package: elfutils
Category: Development/C
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License: GPLv2+ or LGPLv3+ 
Summary:  Development libelf library and header files
This package contains the library and header files to create
applications for handling compiled objects.  libelf allows you to access
the internals of the ELF object file format, so you can see the
different sections of an ELF file.
Last changes:
April 10, 2020 Andrew Savchenko 0.159-alt6
- Repackage for bettery compatibility with sisyphus's version:
  - split for libdw and libasm subpackages;
  - add pkgconfig files.
Feb. 6, 2016 Michael Shigorin 0.159-alt5
- Another lcc-specific hack...
Jan. 16, 2016 Michael Shigorin 0.159-alt4
- Applied redhat portability patch from debian.
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