Package libtinfo-devel

Binary package: libtinfo-devel
Version: 6.2.20210123-alt1
Architecture: e2k
Build time:  Jun 25, 2022, 10:02 AM
Source package: ncurses
Category: Development/C
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License:  MIT
Summary:  A low-level terminfo development library
The curses library routines are a terminal-independent method of updating
character screens with reasonable optimization.  The ncurses (new curses)
library is a freely distributable replacement for the discontinued 4.4BSD
classic curses library.

This package contains a low-level terminfo development library and include
Last changes:
Jan. 28, 2021 George V. Kouryachy 6.2.20210123-alt1
- Autobuild version bump to 6.2.20210123
- Add screen kcbt (shift+tab) field
Nov. 13, 2020 George V. Kouryachy 6.2.20201107-alt1
- Autobuild version bump to 6.2.20201107
- (Closes: #39129)
Oct. 29, 2018 Andrew Savchenko 6.1.20180407-alt2
- Move {screen,st,Eterm}-256color*, st to the base terms set.

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