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Source package: caffeine-ng
Version: 3.4.2-alt2
Build time:  Oct 15, 2020, 11:12 AM
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License: GPLv3 and LGPLv3
Summary: Prevent screensaving and powersaving
Caffeine is a little daemon that sits in you systray, and prevents the
screensaver from showing up, or the systems from going to sleep. It does so when
an application is fullscreened (eg: youtube), or when you click on the systray
icon (which you can do, when, eg: reading).

This is a fork of Caffeine 2.4, since later versions dropped support for the
systray icon in favour of only automatic detection of fullscreen apps only,
which resulted rather controversial.

The intention of this fork is to also evolve on its own, not only fixing issues,
but also implemented missing features, when relevant.

Caffeine-ng was shortly know as Taurine, a play on its successor's name, since
taurine is a known stimulant, commonly found in energy drinks. However, this
name did not last, since the artwork would not match adequately, and changing it
was undesirable.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
caffeine-ng (noarch)

Maintainer: Anton Midyukov

List of contributors:
Anton Midyukov

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    2. python3-module-setuptools
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    4. python3-module-setuptools_scm
    5. rpm-build-gir
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    7. git

Last changed

March 19, 2019 Anton Midyukov 3.4.2-alt2
- fix freezing on exit (Closes: 36003)
- Update Url
Feb. 3, 2019 Anton Midyukov 3.4.2-alt1
- new version 3.4.2
July 28, 2017 Anton Midyukov 3.4.0-alt3
- Added missing requires.