Package cdctl: Information

Source package: cdctl
Version: 0.15-alt1.qa1
Build time:  Sep 18, 2022, 12:31 PM
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License: Free for non-commercial use
Summary: Controls your cdrom drive
cdctl controls your cdrom drive under Linux.  It is an user-level
console application which gives the user access to the ioctl()
interfaces of the Uniform CDROM Driver of the Linux kernel.  It
can play audio CDs, control the drive's tray motor, change the
drive's volume levels, read the current type of disc in the
drive, and much more.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
cdctl (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
cdctl-debuginfo (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)

Maintainer: Michael Shigorin

List of contributors:
Dmitry V. Levin
Michael Shigorin

Last changed

April 17, 2013 Dmitry V. Levin 0.15-alt1.qa1
- NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.
Jan. 21, 2008 Michael Shigorin 0.15-alt1
- built for ALT Linux
- somewhat upgraded spec fashion. :)
- added Gentoo patch
March 26, 2000 Jason Spence <>
- First spec file for cdctl.