Package checker: Specfile

Name:     checker
Version:  0.7
Release:  alt2

Summary:  checker for unsafe settings
License:  GPLv2
Group:    Other

Packager: Denis Medvedev <>

Source:   %name-%version.tar

BuildArch: noarch

This program provides timer units and script for checks for unsafe user and filem settings.


mkdir -p %buildroot/usr/sbin
mkdir -p %buildroot/lib/systemd/system
install -Dm 0700 checker/ %buildroot/usr/sbin/
install -Dm 0600 checker/checker.timer %buildroot/lib/systemd/system/
install -Dm 0600 checker/checker.service %buildroot/lib/systemd/system/


* Thu Dec 06 2018 Denis Medvedev <> 0.7-alt2
- shell script cleaned, permissions fixed

* Mon Jun 25 2018 Denis Medvedev <> 0.7-alt1
- fix bug with missing / in find

* Wed Dec 13 2017 Denis Medvedev <> 0.6-alt1
Initial release