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Source package: fonts-ttf-thai-scalable
Version: 0.7.2-alt1_1
Build time:  Jun 26, 2020, 08:56 AM
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License: GPLv2+ and Bitstream Vera
Summary: Thai TrueType fonts
fonts-tlwg provides a collection of free scalable Thai fonts.

Thai scalable fonts included here are:
- Kinnari, Garuda and Norasi from the National Font project
- DB Thai Text from DearBook
- TlwgMono, PseudoMono, Purisa by TLWG

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-common (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-garuda (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-kinnari (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-laksaman (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-loma (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-norasi (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-purisa (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-sawasdee (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-tlwgmono (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-tlwgtypewriter (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-tlwgtypist (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-tlwgtypo (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-umpush (noarch)
fonts-ttf-thai-scalable-waree (noarch)

Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko

List of contributors:
Igor Vlasenko

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    2. fontpackages-devel
    3. python3-module-fontforge
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    5. /usr/bin/fc-cache
    6. /usr/bin/mkfontdir
    7. /usr/bin/mkfontscale
    8. /usr/bin/mktexlsr
    9. /usr/bin/ttmkfdir
    10. /usr/bin/vptovf
    11. python-devel
    12. libfontforge

Last changed

June 25, 2020 Igor Vlasenko 0.7.2-alt1_1
- update to new release by fcimport
Aug. 7, 2019 Igor Vlasenko 0.6.5-alt1_6
- update to new release by fcimport
May 7, 2018 Igor Vlasenko 0.6.5-alt1_1
- update to new release by fcimport