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Source package: gparted
Version: 1.4.0-alt1
Build time:  Jun 22, 2022, 01:36 AM
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License: GPLv2+
Summary: GParted Partition Editor
GParted stands for GParted Partition Editor. It uses libparted to detect
and manipulate devices and partitiontables while several (optional)
filesystemtools provide support for filesystems not included in
libparted. These optional packages will be detected at runtime and
don't require a rebuild of GParted.
GParted is written in C++ and uses gtkmm as Graphical Toolkit. The
general approach is to keep the GUI as simple as possible.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
gparted (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
gparted-debuginfo (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)

Maintainer: Yuri N. Sedunov

    1. intltool
    2. libglibmm-devel >= 2.32
    3. gcc-c++
    4. libparted-devel >= 3.2
    5. polkit >= 0.112
    6. libgtkmm3-devel >= 3.4.0
    7. libuuid-devel
    8. libprogsreiserfs-devel
    9. rpm-build-licenses
    10. yelp-tools

Last changed

March 29, 2022 Yuri N. Sedunov 1.4.0-alt1
- 1.4.0
July 20, 2021 Yuri N. Sedunov 1.3.1-alt1
- 1.3.1
May 3, 2021 Yuri N. Sedunov 1.3.0-alt1
- 1.3.0