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Source package: python3-module-shiftschema
Version: 0.0.11-alt2
Build time:  Aug 9, 2021, 12:02 AM
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License: MIT
Summary: Python3 filtering and validation library
Filtering and validation library for Python3. Can filter and validate
data in model objects and simple dictionaries with flexible schemas.

Main idea: decouple filtering and validation rules from web forms into
flexible schemas, then reuse those schemas in forms as well as apis and
cli. Model validation and filtering rules should be part of the model
and your domain logic, not your views or forms logic.

List of rpms provided by this srpm:
python3-module-shiftschema (noarch)

Maintainer: Stanislav Levin

    1. python3-devel
    2. python3-module-nose
    3. python3-module-rednose
    4. python3-module-setuptools
    5. python3-module-setuptools
    6. python3(flask_wtf)
    7. rpm-build-python3

Last changed

Oct. 23, 2020 Stanislav Levin 0.0.11-alt2
- Dropped dependency on coveralls.
Feb. 2, 2018 Stanislav Levin 0.0.11-alt1.1
- (NMU) Fix Requires and BuildRequires to python-setuptools
Aug. 23, 2017 Aleksei Nikiforov 0.0.11-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 0.0.11.