Package tcl-incrtk4: Information

    Source package: tcl-incrtk4
    Version: 4.1.0-alt3
    Build time:  Sep 15, 2022, 08:01 PM
    Category: Development/Tcl
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    License: BSD
    Summary: [incr Tk] is a framework for building mega-widgets
    [incr Tk] is a framework for building mega-widgets.  It uses [incr Tcl]
    to  support  the  object  paradigm, and adds base classes which provide
    default widget behaviors.

    List of rpms provided by this srpm:
    tcl-incrtk4 (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
    tcl-incrtk4-debuginfo (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)
    tcl-incrtk4-devel (e2kv6, e2kv5, e2kv4, e2k)

    List of contributors:
    Vladimir D. Seleznev

      1. rpm-build-tcl >= 0.4-alt1
      2. tcl-pkgs-devel
      3. tk-devel >= 8.6.6

    Last changed

    Oct. 9, 2019 Vladimir D. Seleznev 4.1.0-alt3
    - Built against tcl-incrtcl4 from tcl-pkgs.
    - Adopted to new Tcl/Tk extension policy.
    Aug. 17, 2019 Vladimir D. Seleznev 4.1.0-alt2
    - Added missing dependencies to tcl-incrtcl4 and tk.
    - Disabled tests cause they required X11 runtime.
    April 15, 2019 Vladimir D. Seleznev 4.1.0-alt1
    - 4.1.0