Maintainer Alexey Tourbin in the p5 branch: Bugs
Total bugs in all products :
144 (9 | 135)
37693 rpmpeek Sisyphus REOPENED normal kiber_pank4 rpmpeek требует для работы fakeroot который не включён в его зависисмости.
33828 dillo Sisyphus NEW normal Michael Shigorin не работает https (складывается dpid)
31395 perl-devel Sisyphus NEW minor Ivan Zakharyaschev policy: rpm-build-perl should be required by perl-devel pkg
29739 tig Sisyphus NEW normal Ivan Zakharyaschev tig is fooled by .git/.git/refs/ (via "git-ls-remote .git")
27836 perl-devel Sisyphus NEW normal Vladimir Lettiev проблема с изменением read-only файлов скриптов
27421 rpm-build-perl Sisyphus NEW normal Igor Vlasenko find-requires: fails on #!/usr/bin/perl -w -- -*-cperl-*-
26372 bootloader-utils Branch 5.1 NEW normal Ivan Zakharyaschev rebootin doesn't like special symbols in the label
23531 perl-base Sisyphus ASSIGNED enhancement Andrey Cherepanov perl(strict) и perl(warnings)
22123 qa-robot Sisyphus NEW enhancement Igor Vlasenko long options support and join mode old/new/updated formatters.
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